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Re: Rafa's Official Website

Originally Posted by supersexynadal
You know, Supersexynadal, I am a tennis fan (because I worked so many years in the tennis area), and a Rafa fan (not a groupie). I am not a fan of a special website. I would never tolerate that someone here would say something bad about website, because this Website is just tremendous and is certainly the best unofficial website dedicated to an athlete (whatever the sport). It is very professional and we find there a huge amount of information. The administration, the mods and the members who post articles, pictures, translate those articles are doing and incredible job, no doubt about it and it's obvious for me that is here to stay. But all the fans of Rafa have the right and the freedom to go on the site they want. Some members of post here, like you. Some will post on, on, on MTF and on WTF, and I know people who are also members of Fed's website.

If you are a true fan of Rafa, I don't think you would start to say bad things about his own official website,would you ? If he knew that, how do you think he would feel ? The just started to move on few weeks ago and they are moving fast and I am sure that in the future, it will be a great website. Rome was not built in one day, you know. When started two years ago, Rafa was not knowned and there was certainly not as much members as now and not as much information and it's very normal. The fans came with the fame ! And that's why it's time for him, like all the other great athletes, to have his own official website. That will not cast a shadow over because is built on solid bases.

And I do think that it's normal that Rafa has its official website, like Federer, like Baghdatis, like so many other tennis players and athletes in other sports. And there is a lot of place, on the huge web, to have two sites dedicated to the number 2 tennis player in the world.

Starting a war between two websites dedicated to the tennis player we love and admire would be a little bit silly, don't you think so ? Are we here for a specific website or for Rafa ? I am here for Rafa (and I also follow the career of other good tennis players who are working hard).

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