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Re: Week 1: Doha, Adelaide, Chennai

Xavier in the interview after the match :

Xavier, what happened in the second set?

(Malisse) Nothing. I think I got a little pissed because my backhand didnít go really good and I tried to hit it harder and I think, you know, as soon as you try to hit it harder itís going to go wrong. No, but I picked it back up in the third. I felt pretty good about my strokes for the first match but itís going to be a little bit rusty in the beginning, but it was pretty good overall.

It was good tennis for your first match of the season.

(Malisse) Yeah, I feel really happy because I hadnít played for three months. But itís going to be some ups and downs in the beginning, but I felt everything was good Ė just I have to work a little bit more on the backhand and then I think if that gets in place then Iíll feel pretty good.
Xavier, in the second set you seemed a bit unhappy with a line callÖ

(Clijsters) The foot faults!

Öthe foot faults, what was the situation there?

(Malisse) No, there were some in my advantage and disadvantage but there was always on the same line with the same person so I just made it clear to the referee that itís always complaints from the same person. I mean itís the first match too, of course youíre going to get into it. But, Iíve got to let it go. If itís a foot fault thereís nothing I can do. But there were some bad calls, but you know, thatís how it goes.

Was that a distraction from you Ė did your mind wander a bit there during the second set?

(Malisse) Yeah, I think a little bit because at one-one and up 30-15 thereís a bad call Ė thereís a big difference between 30 all or 40-15. If I go 40-15 and then Iím a good chance to go 2-1 up in the second, you have a better chance of getting there and getting confidence. Instead it goes the other way and you get a little anxious and a little mad and then it goes the wrong way.

Is that something youíre working on with your coach Ė when you are on top to keep dominating and not to have a flat patch during the second?

(Malisse) Yeah, definitely. I think last year was a good example. I started getting it under control and I started really enjoying tennis. Itís the first match so Iím going to be a little bit rusty even in tennis and mental part. But thatís why weíve got all these matches to get confident and to get everything under control.

Any tips for Xavier how to beat Lleyton?

(Clijsters) Umm, I donít know. I donít know, well, I think a lot of players have difficulties beating Lleyton so itís going to be a tough one. For me as well against Alicia, you know, she has a great serve. It will be interesting. You know, itís very hard. People have been asking me, you know, how do you look forward to Wednesday and everything and what do you think is going to happen. You know, itís a new experience and Iíve never been in that situation so far to comment on that.
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