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Re: "Andiamo alla Bella Roma!! Capisci??" ROME HERE WE GO!!!!!!

May I present to you the latest brainchild of the pharmaceutennistical industry


Indications for use:
  • calming down frazzled fan nerves during a Safin match (especially if said fan is getting jekyll-hydish, starting to yell obscenities or being uncommonly violent)
  • calming down frazzled umpire nerves during a Safin match
  • calming down frazzled opponent nerves during a Safin match
  • knocking out "OAF" nerves in Safin's brain

(Please consult your friendly pharmacist if you'd like to use Safinalium for matches OTHER than a Safin match, we don't call it SAFINalium for nothing dude )

Do not take this medication if you are already on a full strength DENIAL therapy.(too much of a good thing can be a bad thing ya know )

1 tab to be taken at the start of a Safin match (or other matches as advised by your friendly pharmacist) and thereafter, 1 tab for every 2 hours the match proceeds for.

Adverse Reactions:
  • mistakenly cheering for the opponent
  • waltzing around the room in front of the scoreboard
  • sitting on the couch in a daze, watching the live telecast in only your underwear

So what are you waiting for!!!! Hurry to your nearest pharmacist today!!!

and remember! "The pharmacist is always right (except when she says she's not)"

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