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Re: DENIAL is hawt, y'all!

Originally Posted by BelgianWaffle
You know I actually look forward to the end of the exams so I can clean my room out. During the exams there are piles of papers on the floor and post-its stuck everywhere and empty water bottles. And dust. KILOS of the stuff.
After 6 years I'm surprised I didn't get black lung.
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Originally Posted by foul_dwimmerlaik
Has anyone experienced DENIAL today?
Absolutely: I spent the day looking @ the computer screen, and no I wasn't ing, and yes people pay attention to me
And just now the doubles will start, and Dima and Marat will double-bagel sexy Radek and Leander so that I can go to sleep not too late. Thank you guys

Originally Posted by suertelina
ohhh thank you!! I love this idea! Maybe I will try it if my A-Plan is not enough...
I have past up an (je ne sais pas comment on dit "petite annonce"...) advert with his phone number on the wall of the University's corridor ... so I guess I'll try out DENIAL soon
you're ish. I like it

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