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Re: Denial: The Land Where None Of Your Problems Exist

Originally Posted by BelgianWaffle

See? Exactly the reason why I hate group projects. You always have 90% of the people who try to do a good job and there is the 10% that takes the easy way and lets the rest of the group do the work.
If I'm gonna suck, I'd rather suck alone lol.

*edit* Oh and you know what the best part was? When we finally got together another girl of my group that handed in the assignment well on time (she's a 'streber'.. you know one of those people who do everything aaaaaaaaages in advance) got adressed by the doctor that was leading the discussion: "did you hand it it in on time? says here that you're the only of the group that didn't?" she got all embarrassed and defensive while I was rotflmao.
(me thinks they put a reminder on the wrong name as she's -alphabetically- behind me on the list mwahahahahaha )
I hate group projects too.

And you wisely said nothing

Джиетка: why are you swiss?
Gabrielle: to show my support to federer you know, the slump, the career threatening illness..;
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