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Re: Denial: The Land Where None Of Your Problems Exist

Originally Posted by Wednesday Addams

You can kill people in DENIAL and not be prosecuted. Time, space and death are relative here.
oooooooooh now I like it
Originally Posted by atheneglaukopis
We of DENIAL need to send missionaries to the Tommy Haas forum. There is desperate need of some serious DENIAL there. In the land of DENIAL there are no injuries, no food poisoning, no worry over jinxes, and no evil, rigged draws. Your favorite player looks good in a ponytail, but when he decides to get it cut, he does not twist his ankle because there are no dangerous hills in DENIAL. Shortly after removing said ponytail, he looks even better, and he proceeds to beat Federer.

I must confess, I'm feeling quite at home here.
Welcome home
*edit* you can advertise DENIAL in Tommy's forum, everyone should experience DENIAL at least once

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