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Re: Zoltan83 vs. MisterQ: a.k.a. Battle of the 10-point Scrabble Letters

Originally Posted by zoltan83
Well... *take the paper where Matt wrote every places we went*

DAY 1 : Port authority (because I went to NY in bus), Times Square, Herald Square, Caroll Gardens (Brooklyn), Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge, a little bit of downtown, Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, West Village (Greenwich), Washington Square Park, "Noho", The 1st classic tennis match, drink a belgian beers . Then we ate some Thai food and after the that we went in a mexican bar (drink some strawberry margaritas). After the that, we wanted to go to the Empire States Building for seeing NY during the night. But we changed our mind as there was rain.

DAY 2 : Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center (Upper West Side), Strawberry Fields, Central Park, 5th Ave, Trump Tower, F.A.O. Schwartz, 53nd Street to United Nations, United Nations, 42nd St. (Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building), 5th Ave. NY Public Library, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Little Brazil, Greenwhich village for eating some mexican foods, a small concert and beers at Peculier Pub.

DAY 3 : The 2nd classic match. Then I went to Wall Street, City Hall, New York Stock Exchange, Liberty Plazza Park, Trinity Church, Ground Zero, Chamber of commerce of the state of NY, Staten Island Ferry. And I saw the statue of liberty but I didn't go in the island where she is.

I think that's all.
Dayum, that's quite an itinerary! New York in a box. Love the place but I can't live there. You two had so much fun.

I didn't know I was that close to Q when I visted a few of these places last summer lol.

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