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Re: *+*+*+* Kicking Off 2006: Davis Cup QF *+*+*+*

Originally Posted by Puschkin
I totally share this impressions, that is a problem. But as I said earlier, I have faith in his coach and the other people around him, plus learning from defeats is a part of maturing and in this department, there is still a lot to do.
Yes you re right.Still a lot to do.

One day hopefully, will come when he will feel real good, everything will be on track, knowing how to play such or such opponents,how to deal with pressure,expectations from the french medias.

Yes he will feel much more pressure with years coming, like amélie mauresmo.Everyone in France expect him to win a slam and especially Roland Garros.23 years since a french won this slam, its just crasy the years passing.

he seems to be able to win one slam one day and everybody, also himself want Roland Garros victory.

He must not put pressure on him because of all these expectations.It could affect him and also his game.I hope for him that he doesnt pay too much attention of what medias can say about him.It would be just ridiculous and useless because medias are just stupid, one day you are a HERO and the day after you 're NOTHING.

I know it by following amélie mauresmo carreer, she just was so sensitive about what people can say about her, she didnt have a good vision of herself and didnt trust about her capacities to win a slam.She had talent, evrything to succeed and win many slams but she didnt trust in herself.

she needed to fall very low, two tough loss in first rounds of tournaments to realize that she cant continue that way anymore.She didnt drop the business and played quickly another tournament and won it whereas allmedias were spitting to her, adviced her to change completely her game,that she is not strong enough mentally etc...CRAPS.

she won the Masters,beating great players and then won her first slam at the Australian Open.She is n°1 right now.

I think every player has his own way to see his game,himself, feel doubts, can fall very low but real Champions always find a way to come back stronger learning about their weaknesses.

Hopefully richard crew will comfort him, advice him the better way. He must trust in himself, always.

Come Back Tournament: HAMBURG.

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