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Re: 2006 Tournaments

Originally Posted by Fee
Actually, it has happened more than once that people confuse Jan-Mike and Justin, maybe even more so lately because of my association with both of them. On another tennis board one person even posted to congratulate Jan-Mike for qualifying for the Memphis draw last February (that was Justin of course). Funny thing is, they are almost the same age, share the same initials, and have been playing each other since they were about 12 years old, but they look nothing alike and play completely different tennis. Don't feel bad.
At least I'm not the only person to confuse them. I know I have never seen Justin play. And I don't think I have actually ever seen JMG play, but his name has just always stuck with me for some reason And, of course, you do post about them both. But at least I never posted a congratulations to the wrong player

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