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Re: Favourite Marat Quotes

I know this thread is about our favorite Marat quotes but how about we post some quotes about Marat by other players or even magazines cos there are so many great ones out there.

I'll start

French Newspaper 'Liberation' (01.26.02): "The saviour of the Australian Open, and maybe at term of the male tennis, is Hercules with the face of an innocent. Safin is a star. A champion; a superb player and a clown. With the journalists Marat is the funniest, the most unpredictable tennismen, flinging a barrage of awful things while turning red like a young girl (or tossing off loads of outrageous remarks while blushing like a young girl.). In summary, at one moment the masculine tennis is looking for an equal for a golden pairing like Agassi-Sampras, Safin is the real treasure. He has the tennis ability and athletic quality of Sampras, the cold-bloodness of Agassi, the arrogance of Kafelnikov, the humour and the crazyness of Ivanisevic, the sense of spectacle and party of Noah Yannick. With a little extra, something so russian: the look of danger, of mystery, that he redeems. Well, Marat is a credible hero."

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