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And now replying to the off-topic, but highly interesting conversation we were all having about doing the tennis "en masse.."

I have decided to go solo mostly because I have found that I meet more players when I am alone versus with a group. I got to have dessert with Fernando Vicente only because the others in Montreal were back at the tennis and werent hovering about. He's my new best friend, lol. It was rather ironic, because the first thing we talked about was the "group" and where were they. He said he had thought that I was French because he had heard me speaking with Caro and Amelie (the French girls that came to Montreal this past year) and to the waitstaff in French and that I wasn't loud like the rest of the ladies in the group. He said that Americans are too loud for him and was I sure they wouldn't be coming back? (It was 1 in the afternoon...they were at the tennis, I was back at the hotel.)

I have been to player parties, have had the best fun when it was only two of us. Even then, I still felt like I was responsible for someone else (I spent most of the night trying to set her up with a certain tennis player and then ended up on the dance floor with him myself!!!)

So, I now travel almost alone, but pick and choose verrrrrry carefully who I sit with and travel with at tournaments. Miami I am hoping to have one of my French friends (she runs a DiP site which is fab!) with me-we were at Bercy together. I remember one time at Miami, taking pics of Tommy Haas all by my lonesome, nobody else watching him practice...I was getting great smiles, etc. until someone that I knew came along and practically started yelling/making a commotion which distracted him. I ended up just leaving because I was so embarrassed.

So its just me and my superduper zoom lens....(soon to be replaced with magnificent digital SLR camera!!!!) I like it better that way.

And it also has helped that I am blonde (LOL!!!) and look about ten years younger than I actually am (sometimes I still get carded!)
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