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Re: Bizarre, Obscene, and Funny Pictures of Andy!

Originally Posted by tangerine_dream
Oh, I like him without the hat, too! It just takes some getting used to.

BTW, I'm desperately trying to find a pic of Andy picking his nose to post here (I told you some of these would be obscene ). I swear to God this really happened!! It was during his QF with Younes at AO this year. I forget what set it was but he was distracted by something and -- forgetting the cameras were watching -- just kind of wiped and picked at his nose then stuck his fingers in his mouth! Eewww! My husband cracked up; he was like, "Did he just eat his boogers?" I'll bet Andy'd be mortified if he knew what he did.

I know it's on my DVD, I've just got to figure out which set it was during. Wish I knew how to do screen captures for the web.
OMFG i remember this, i got it on tape, deb GET IT FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he didn't really pick his nose, if memory serves me correctly. it was more like scrathcing it, then he was biting his nail. eww no he wasn't picking his nose then munching on some boogers. he KNOWS there are cameras, but then again he picks his privates so but no i dont think he was eating the green stuff

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