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James Blake said something good about Jarkko at the press conference in Miami. Sorry if this has been post.
Q. Are you looking forward to a stadium match where you can use the technology, considering some of the line calls you got?

JAMES BLAKE: Yeah, I definitely am looking forward to it. It's pretty funny. I mean, it says something about how good a guy Jarkko is. After a match, most people aren't very talkative at all and don't really want to see the person they just lost to. He was just talking to me in the locker room and said, "There was a couple close calls out there." And he said, "I think I actually got a couple breaks going my way."

On one of them I think the crosscourt backhand I hit to end the game on one-- at one point he said he was actually ready to play the ball because he thought it was in and they called it out. What can you do? I mean, that's not his job, and it is really nice of him to say that after the match
because*-- but, you know, I think it all evens out in the end. I got lucky with a couple let cords, too. Both of us got a couple breaks going our way.

It still came down to who, I think, played better in the end. And I got to*-- I took advantage of the points that I had, the chances that I had in the third set.

It will be fun to challenge and see how I do. I think I might be a little nervous to challenge. I felt like I was right on those, but if I end up looking stupid if I'm wrong, I don't know, I've got nothing to complain about then.
I think both of them are very nice guys.
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