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Re: Loving the mud! (the Clay Season thread)

Originally Posted by Noelle
morningglory, we're really not that happy clay season is around, but what can ya do, right?
Even though I bash the clay and it's elitist snobs in GM a lot, I actually like the clay season. After months of fast court playing and seeing the same players over and over again, the clay season is nice respite from the usual. Plus Roger won't be as dominating as he is throughout the rest of the year. And it will be interesting to see if Nadal can defend all his points.

Clay season is the only time I actually pay attention to players like Puerta and Mutis, and it's short enough so that I don't start to get bored with them (hardly any of them have any kind of personality, save Nadal). I also like the fact that they keep playing even when it rains, as opposed to Wimbledon where two raindrops shuts all the courts down for five hours.

Noelle, re: your comments about keeping your blog updated, it's hard work isn't it? No wonder Pro Tennis Fan said she was going to give her blog up this year, it's a lot more work than I thought, and probably more for you because you are covering tennis in general, both men's and women's, while I focus mostly on Andy. Still, it took me two days to finally update my blog about the Ferrer match and when I did I got messages from people asking why it took so long and if I was mad at Andy for losing. No, I wasn't mad. It's been very busy at work, and I like to get my thoughts organized before I spout off on my blog, anyway. Plus, finding all those links and photos makes my eyes go cross-eyed.

Re: FamilyCircleCup, I don't see anything wrong with Andy & and the Bryans doing an exhibition five days before Rome?

Daring prediction: watch Andy get Verdasco again in the second round.

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