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Re: the "Kiwi- thanks for the win! BUT WE WANT MORE!!" Miami 2006 thread !!!

Well i am back.I already have a cold here.i am not made to stay in i am sorry but this year no computers in miami.i was surprised by that.anyway,i am now going to resume what went on in miami.of course i am writing what i can cause i have to respect his private i arrive on monday 20th and i saw him late and he did a scene at the reception.he was mad,i don't know why so i was like not tonight.he left with sasha.the next day i saw him,he hugged and kissed me.we talked for a while about how he had a terrible draw and other stuff.the next day i had breakfast with him,like each day after.i introfuced him to my aunt.i was nervous that,how he was going to act.well all week he was adorable with her,even helping her orderring breakfast because she only speaks french.i saw him almost each night at starbucks.i was at all his practices.even one day,i was like where are you going? He said to grab his bag and follow.during one practice,he stopped and sasha was like what? There was a huge reptile on court and hrbaty was chasing it around the court,nicolas was signed autographs and took pics all week long,he was nice.his matches were intense.sasha didn't like me at first.i told nicolas and then sasha changed,even tried to say words in we were in the elevator,he was eating an ice cream and he told me to stop shopping.i was like..what? Me? Lol.he left on thursday,we said our was sad but he was so happy to go back home.we talked about the world cup and his car came.i thanked him for a great month.that was back in hell.if someone has question please email me.this is a short resume.
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