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Re: 2006 Davis Cup Thread

I think that Gaston's excuses are not viable anymore. He should take a side and stick to the possible consequences: he cannot say "I would like to win the DC" or " We have good players to win it" or "We all play on the same side". Nobody believes that anymore. And personally (I will be trashed for saying this) since many articles have been questioning GG's choice of autoexcluding himself of the DC team once again, they all have a point. You cannot expect the media to always write pink stuff about Gaudio, he make mistakes and sometimes good writers point that out.
It is true, Gaston's tennis present is not good, but he's not injured. "Go out and play man! Maybe things change, and you come out victorious or maybe you lose 0-6 0-6 0-6, so what? At least you had the guts to play and say: watch me, I represent the present history of tennis" (Quoting Guillermo Vilas talking about Gaudio after MAlaga shock in a Espn interview in december 2005).
I hope Gaston won't play next time (if the team now wins) in clay only because it's clay, because that would not be fair for the guys who have been struggling when nobody wanted to do so. It's all I expect. I'm sorry but if Argentina wins the DC this year (very unlikely) Gaston had NOTHING to do with it, and that's how it shold be if it will.

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