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Re: James News!

From James' interview:

I heard about it. The first thing that came to my mind is now I get to take my shirt off at Saddle Brook. I made a deal with Kevin O'Connor who runs the tennis program there, I saw Sampras come and practice there, Rios come and practice. They'd be practicing with their shirt off. It gets pretty hot in Tampa. Then myself or Mardy Fish go try to practice. No, no, no, you're not allowed. Other administrators come over and say you got to keep your shirt on. How come they can? If you get to top 10 in the world, then you're allowed to take your shirt off.

First practice back in Tampa, my shirt will be off. I'll be working on my tan.

Q. That's your motivation?

JAMES BLAKE: That's a big motivation, yeah. I get to take my shirt off at Saddle Brook.
I'm not as worried about the ranking or if I'm going to get to top five or any other more significant points. I don't think there's any more incentives like that out there. There's no -- I don't get to take my shorts off when I get to top five or anything. No other big incentives.

Awwww, c'mon James. We'll have to work on Saddle Brook. That would be a big incentive for me to see if you reach the top 5!!

And yeah, I don't think top ten has sunk in yet for him. That's a lot of pressure, like it or not. He's not ready in any way to even THINK he could be DC number one over Andy. In time, IF it should happen, he'll handle it. But not now.

First things first. He has to beat Federer today.

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