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Re: The Leander Paes Torture Chamber

LMAO!! I love the thread title too! Yeah, we've seen Paes act like a jerk too. In Cincinnati last year when he was playing with Zimonjic, he got pissed because he thought their opponent was aiming for him, trying to hit him. (Sound familiar? Another comment he made about Mike after the AO final.) Anyway, they got into a huge shouting match in the middle of the match and he continued complaining about it AFTER the match. He went up to the guy and started yelling again after they won. He also did that in TMC this year against Bob and Mike.

Hello Leander, that's the name of the game! EVERYONE goes for their opponent. It's the easiest way to win the point. Not much chance of it being returned. Plus, doubles is so fast paced, it's gonna happen...get over it!

And the chest bumping thing...yeah, that pissed me off when I was watching it. Course, the second they did it I knew it was a mistake. I knew it would just serve to fire Bob and Mike up. It did too! I was steamed when I read their transcript though...there's no need to say stuff like that in the press. Keep it in the locker room. If you got a problem with someone, take it to them, not to the press.
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