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March 10–19, 2006

How to play Suicide Tennis:
  • You don't have to sign up anywhere first to play this game, just show up and make a pick!
  • Go here to read the FAQ.
  • You have until beginning of the day's match play to pick your player. Once matches have started, you cannot pick a player. Go here to see the GMT for when matches begin play.
  • Pick one player per day (not per round) to win; if he wins, you are still in the game, if he loses, you are out.
  • If you pick a player who retires during matchplay or suddenly withdraws before a match, you are out.
  • If you pick a player whose match is rescheduled for the next day, your original pick still stands.
  • No changing your mind! Once you've picked a player, it sticks.
  • Please make your pick in a timely fashion. Game hostess reserves the right to disqualify a participant if she feels that the late pick rule is being abused.
  • In order to avoid confusion, please name your pick by the player's last name. NO NICKNAMES or first names. In the case where players share the same last name (Rochus, Johansson, Lopez, etc.) please include the player's first name/initial as well (e.g. "O./liver Rochus").
  • Here's a tool to help you figure out time zones (Los Angeles)
  • VCASH AWARD FOR WINNER(S)! Bank Of MTF is offering a vcash award to the lucky winner(s) of Suicide Indian Wells. Multiple winners will split the prize.
  • in order to win this vcash pot, the winner(s) must have picked a player to win every day of the tournament; no sick/off days allowed.
  • no stragglers allowed in after the first day of match play is completed.
  • no doubles matches will be included in this game.
  • for the complete draw for Indian Wells click here.
  • Good luck

REMEMBER: Once you pick a player you cannot pick him again for the rest of the tournament. Matches begin at 10:00am local (Los Angeles) time. You have until then to make your pick.

INDIAN WELLS OOP - DAY TWO - Saturday, March 11, 2006
** The following matches have been rescheduled for Saturday due to the rain delay:
K Kim vs M Youzhny
J Tipsarevic vs S Warburg
A Calleri vs N Massu
G Rusedski vs S Wawrinka
L Horna vs D Bracciali
A Pavel vs J Morrison

Saturday, March 11, 2006
S Querrey vs J Blake
B Pashanski vs R Schuettler
C Moya vs M Safin
J Acasuso vs A Roddick
G Rusedski vs S Wawrinka
W Moodie vs P Srichaphan
J Bjorkman vs C Rochus
A Seppi vs P Mathieu
A Murray vs N Davydenko
J Gimelstob vs F Lopez
F Verdasco vs I Karlovic
K Kim vs M Youzhny
A Pavel vs J Morrison
F Gonzalez vs R Soderling
T Robredo vs K Carlsen
V Spadea vs C Berlocq
A Calleri vs N Massu
X Malisse vs F Santoro
L Horna vs D Bracciali
P Capdeville vs D Sanguinetti
D Tursunov vs I Andreev
J Tipsarevic vs S Warburg
J Benneteau vs N Djokovic
K Vliegen vs L Burgsmuller

Remember: If you picked a player who's match was rescheduled due to rain, your original pick still stands. You may go ahead and pick for Day Two but if your Day One pick loses his rescheduled match, you are out and your Day Two pick will be null.

SUICIDE INDIAN WELLS DAY TWO PICKS (previous days' picks are in parenthesis):
$@M - (Tipsarevic) Spadea
Aguante_el_Gato - (Goldstein) Spadea
Aiken Drum - (Henman) Blake
am&a - (Clement) Pavel
bad gambler - (Tursunov) Spadea
bavaria100 - (Henman) Blake
Bubba08 - (Tursunov) Youzhny
buzzy - (Henman) Robredo
coreyschucky - (Henman) Spadea
coup3z - (Massu)
Forever-Delayed - (Henman) Tipsarevic
Four:Love - (Schuettler) Pavel
Gavnich77 - (Kohlschreiber) Lopez
gaynor - (Clement) Blake
Golfnduck - (Safin) Spadea
greatkingrat - (Tursunov) Vliegen
Grofica - (Murray) Tipsarevic - (Acasuso) Spadea
JerrySeinfeld - (Safin) Calleri
KalleOnAir - (Karlovic) Tipsarevic
keqtqiadv - (Henman) Vliegen
Labamba - (Henman) Spadea
LaTenista - (Henman) Spadea
linus – (Murray) Vilegen
Mara_M - (Murray) Pavel
Mashik - (Goldstein) Blake
mickymouse - (Schuettler) Djokovic
NyGeL - (Tursunov) Spadea
ostm89 - (Henman) Tipsarevic
Peta Pan - (Murray) Robredo
PinkFeatherBoa - (Tursunov) Spadea
Princesa! - (Tursunov)
RaDiCaLgIrL©TR - (Fish) Wawrinka
renee_chin - (Fish) Spadea
Rosie - (Henman) Blake
Sandra - (Tipsarevic) Tursunov
savestheday91 - (Goldstein) Djokovic
scythe19pro - (Goldstein) Spadea
Sheva - (Henman) Blake
Shotgun Blues - (Henman) Spadea
Siders - (Goldstein) Blake
silverwhite - (Tipsarevic) Spadea
skykisser - (Acasuso) Spadea
Solid_Snake - (Safin) Wawrinka
superhoops - (Murray) Pavel
SwissMister1 - (Henman) Tipsarevic
Tangy - (Fish) Blake
Truc - (Henman) Youzhny
vamos israel - (Safin) Blake
vincayou - (Henman)
virex - (Henman)

Congrats to Andy Roddick, 2017 Hall of Fame!

"I beat him the last time. He's lucky I retired." — Andy Roddick on RF

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