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serena's feet are gross. i shuddered when they showed them when she got a blister treated...

worst women (that i've seen)- 1. steffi graf. dare i say that they are deformed from so much tennis... plus rankness factor. 2. serena's- i've seen enough. 3 (RUMOR) martina hingis... plus she had all those sho problems...

worst men (that i've seen)- 1 marat safin-- couldn't get any worse.
2. carlos moya 3. lleyton hewitt

best women-- tie 1. monica seles-- i saw her diane dawyer interview a few years ago, and she was interviewed on the beach, shoeless.
1 jennifer capriat-- when i met her, she had sandals on, and her feet weren't gross at all... not great, but not gross.
3 venus-- hers were nice on tv

best men-- the only one who didn't appall me was when i met federer, he had sandals on and he had normal looking feet...
(i've only seen so many feet...)

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