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Re: Which board hosts the dumbest tennis fans?

Originally Posted by tangerine_dream
Noelle!!! I didn't even know that you'd left. TW is poorer without you now.
Thanks. I didn't mean to be so dramatic about it and all--and now I'm even considering returning. I need to detox badly from that place, though.

It's comments like what I'm going to quote that make me think twice about returning to TW.
Originally Posted by equinox
I'm sorry guys, but you're all wrong about why noelle left. She left because i crictised her for flaunting her new moderator powers and i advised her that people may leave if she abuses her powers.

Anyways she can't stay away for any major length of time.
Because she adores being the center of attention
, just like aykhan.
Geez. As if I needed to create more drama.

On hiatus, just because.
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