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Re: Which board hosts the dumbest tennis fans?

AOL has tennis boards? Are they free? I dumped my AOL account a while ago.

Another board I found that is pretty lame is Eurosport's. They're Eurocentric but not as bad as the BBC. They seem to spend most of their time ranting about Eurosport's crummy tennis coverage. Eurosport's coverage is a lot worse than ESPN's.

blosson, I didn't add the boards to the list because I was trying to think of general tennis messageboards, not fan boards.

The fan boards over at Federer's site used to be as bad as's but both groups seem to have matured a bit in the past year. Neither are as teenyboppery as they used to be.


Continuing from the "Andy's pullout" thread in tennis-x, mimi responded to me and I responded in kind:

Originally Posted by mimi
Tangerine, is there no end to your distorted views on anything having to do with Roddick? Obviously, he's your favorite and all, but you seem to lack the ability to find any fault with him.
There's plenty of faults with him and if you think all I do is "kiss Roddick's ass" than you, or Beer Me or whoever, needs to take a remedial reading class if you actually get this idea from my blog.

From what I've seen here so far, none of you have fingered any of Roddick' weaknesses, all you do is whine about stuff that doesn't matter, such as him pulling out of tournaments and actling like it's a crime against God and nature. I've never seen any discussion on this board that actually examines a players' game. All you people do is snark all day long trying to one-up each other to show how clever you all are. I come in here to stir things up and give you a different perspective and now people are whining that they need an "ignore" feature here because they can't handle a different opinion that doesn't live to bash on Roddick, Hewitt, or any of your other favorite targets. Aw.

Originally Posted by mimi
Each time a player loses, tangerine, the "upside" is that he/she has extra time to rest for the next event. Roddick, therefore, hasn't simply gone from tournament to tournament start to finish. He hasn't gone deep in that many tournaments this year, so there shouldn't be any fatigue...He's had breaks, not "constant playing."
Traveling to and from different tournaments is also fatiguing. Firing a coach you like and then having to wing it in tournaments is mentally fatiguing. Losing badly is mentally fatiguing and it takes a while for an unconfident player to recover from that. There are so many other factors at work here besides the physical aspect.

And again, there is no reason why Roddick should play DC and also three tournaments straight which would jeopardize his IW points. He probably won't successfully defend his points anyway but at least he's giving himself a head start and some time to regroup. This is not a lame excuse. It's a smart move on his part and Bellamay should have expected Roddick's pullout.

I do agree that Roddick complaining about the schedule and then overscheduling himself is questionable logic on his part and makes him look like a hypocrite.

Originally Posted by mimi
Stop taking the Roddick attacks so personally. It really makes you look quite foolish in your constant attempts to "defend his honor." I must say it is entertaining however.
I don't take attacks against Roddick personally. My goal is to correct incorrect information from tennis "news" sites and their sheep posters who believe everything they read.

I'm glad I entertain you. The feeling is mutual. Tennis-x was boring until I came along and pissed everyone off. I like it here so I'll be staying for a while. Get comfy. 8)

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