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Re: Tennis Tipping | Managers Thread

Originally Posted by $@M
OK, been working my ass off for the past hour on it and now I've achieved a pretty good looking format of an Excel file , specially just for TT !!!

Should be very easy... just need to put in the draw of the 32 players in the tournament and keep it update. Put in whatever the tips are accordingly in the second page, and the spreadsheet will match the winners on the first page with the tips; if not the same, then it's 0; if the same, then 1... end of the row is the sum of correct tips...

Difficult to explain like this... if anyone want my TT excel file, just send me a PM with your email and i'll attach it to you... Once you see it, you should understand how it works... but maybe i should get Deccy's approval first.

One thing, my file is created just for 32 players tournament, so more will need to be done for Masters, GS and DC.


Just seen this post and I've also created an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the scores - it sounds very similar to yours though. If you give me your email I can send it to you. I'll pm you mine.
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