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Re: What should Andy do next?

Fantastic stupidity. Amazing how he trusted his serve---"I'm a big server".
Honestly, he was told "the harder he served, the better he returned the ball".
"The ball hit the board! Good Andy!"

So pitiful. In fact, he didn't bother to change body position.
He just jerked his arm up immediately + smacked it blindly

NOT varying the ball toss. Not looking at the opponent's behavior and position... . He was bored of tennis, for sure.
He didn't care about the next shots after serving. He was irritable even when he served at 65% in the 1st set.

He thought everything depends on his 1st serve %,

....why don't you hang around the challenger circuit and see what tennis really is, spoiled brat Andy?

He pushed a slice 4 ft in the air; moonballed badly. No flexible arms and legs anymore. He didn't and couldn't move at all

--hitting everything late, and joking at the net like there's nothing special about his game.
He was not thinking about winning....
He surrendered in the 1st set.

He didn't set up winning shots in practice, so he did nothing.
I saw this behavior in 2003 too. The bandwagon jumpers didn't notice.

The cash he raked in for doing nothing, obsession with partying
and tragic genetics didn't bother him or his clan.
He knows he won't have a mentor and genius coach.... that's ok with him because being "nice guy" is most important.

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