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Re: The "Don't get hurt for the 3rd year in a row AND STOP SUCKING!!" Memphis thread!

Mama's boy fought himself mainly.
He used only his arm to moonball every backhand off a 100 mph spinning serve.
Hit kept missiing it and continued to do it.

Idiot tried to serve aces instead of setting up winners/volleys.
Any match outside America, especially on clay/rebound ace will help his fitness.
He was so sluggish; it was painful to watch....
He signed autographs,
walked out fast after his desperate, macho, arrogant showcase on the court (he called the umpire arrogant.
Also, after his US Open loss on his birthday, he lectured the fans about showing gratefulness for being alive.

All the Davis Cup hype + Pat McEnroe butt-kissing are useless. You never saw Sampras and Agassi sucking on John Mc's ass.
Andy's loss of talent and listlessness came after the 2003 US Open.
He had little "muscle memory" due to no work on "body positions" and no problem solving/no tactics in practice and matches.
You need to face different "situations" on court. Not just acing and ending a point with 2 shots.

His facial expression & cluelessness revealed a lot.
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