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Re: Madrid Final: Juan Carlos Ferrero def. Nicolas Massu 6-3 6-4 6-3!

Ferrero: "I'm proud of being in top of both rankings"

Q. A very special feeling to win a big title in front of your own countrymen?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah, of course is a special win for me here in Madrid. You know, I was in front of all my crowd, you know, all the people of Madrid and the rest of Spain. Of course, is a special win, as well, because this is the first tournament that I win in indoors. So it's very important.
Q. You told us in Monte-Carlo then that you were very keen to show you could play on all surfaces, not just clay.
Q. Do you think by your performances here and at the US Open, you've done that now?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Of course, yes. I believe in me all the time, and I believe that I can play very good also in grass, you know, and also in indoor court. I think right now I'm showing to everybody, and I'm going to try to give my best also in Davis Cup on grass.
Q. You had a narrow escape earlier in the week. Do you think that's going to lift your confidence for the remaining two or three weeks of the year now with so much more important things at stake? Will it help you, just the fact that you did get out of that?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah, of course. To win this tournament is going to help me a lot. You know, I'm taking a lot of confidence after winning this match, after winning this tournament. Of course, it's going to help me to play in Paris, Houston and Davis Cup.
Q. I think we all expected you to do well this year, but have you actually possibly exceeded what you expected to do this year? Has the progress been faster than perhaps even you expected?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: No. I was expecting that I'm doing, you know. I expect that I can play very good on grass, and I did four round in Wimbledon, you know. After winning Roland Garros, that is pretty difficult to play good on grass.
You know, I was expecting that I can -- I wanted to play good on indoor courts. I think I did it very well here in Madrid. I hope to play at the same level in Paris and Houston, as well.
Q. Looking ahead to Wimbledon, I know next year is a long time, but you will have a grass court to practice on here. Is that something that you think will be of use to you? You always said that you think you have a good chance when you're at Wimbledon.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah. What do you think (laughter)?
Yeah, I think I can play very good on home. I have a synthetic court in my academia. I think it's good to try to practice well. I think if I have enough time to practice well, I can do it well.
Q. Is there a reason why you think you've had such a good year? Have you improved physically, mentally? Is everything better than it was before?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I think so. I think mentally I improve a lot in the difficult moment, you know, in the match. Also after losing, you know, I think is very important to be calm, you know, not that I was before, maybe a little bit nervous after the final or important tournament, I have to learn that, of course, I'm going to be sad if I lose the final, but I have to be relax, you know, calm and keep going.
Q. I saw you had your leg taped. Did that disturb you?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah, I have a little problem in my adductor. I feel a little bit pain, you know, before the match maybe because I have a lot of sets, I play a lot of sets during the week. Yesterday was a difficult match against Federer.
Today I felt with a little pain in my abductor. You know, I think I need to put the tape to play, I need it, yeah.
Q. You didn't look happy at the end of the match. Do you think you should have done better? Were you satisfied with your match today?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah, I'm satisfied. Of course, I'm happy. But I'm like this. You know, I'm not smile guy all the time. But, of course, I'm pretty happy. Believe me.
THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish.
Q. Could you compare this triumph to Roland Garros?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: It's difficult to compare. They're different tournaments. That's a Grand Slam, this is indoor. This is very fast. That one is clay, this one is a different surface.
It's very special to win here at home for me after having played indoors and having found great difficulties as I found in the beginning. It was special also to win on clay, because I was looking for that. I've been looking for that for years, so it's difficult to answer.
Q. Yesterday you said if you won today, it would be a turnover in your career because we would know that you're able to play indoors, not only on clay. Could you comment on the words you said after the match?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: This title of being a player on clay is not nice, I don't like it, because I think I got rid of it years ago. Regarding this tournament, I think it's been a very important victory to me because I've been to Shanghai, Bangkok, those finals. I couldn't win them. But here I've been able to. So it's been important to me.
I'm able to say I've been able to win on all surfaces.
I think the words I said after the victory, I think my father also deserves those words. I thought I could change the ones of Roland Garros.
Q. Highlighting your career this year, quarterfinals in Australia where you fought till the end, very important Grand Slam. You also won at home in Valencia. A Grand Slam is a Grand Slam, but what do you think?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Every title is important, in fact. But if you play in your country, in your city, that is something you feel closer maybe, something you're happy about. Maybe it's true, I'm born in Valencia, so that's important to me, too. Every tournament is important.
Q. Despite numbers and figures, Massu is a tough rival, don't you think?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yes, in fact, we played long points. Since the beginning of the match, he's been a good rival. He fought until the end. Even when he had a double break, it was difficult to turn the match over, to recover.
I was surprised with his strength, his psychological strength. I think he's improved a lot. He's defeated people such as Kuerten, Roddick, El Aynaoui, who are players that are very important. I think he played a great tournament.
Q. This victory puts you as leader of both rankings. That's very important now. You have an open way before you? What about Basel?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah, it's true now I'm calmer and I have a better place in the ranking, the best one. But I would like to keep the No. 1 until the end of the year. That would be another triumph after the year I've played. I hope to achieve it.
Talking about Basel, I've decided not to go because of my leg, the abductor. It's hurting a little bit. Right now after the match, it does hurt a little bit more. I wouldn't really want to go to Basel to force myself and my leg, especially after what I've done. It's not only because I've won the tournament, but I need to recuperate. I will need a few days for that. I don't really want to force myself.
Q. Could you perhaps put into words, either Spanish or English, what it is like to be not only the No. 1 player in the world but also leading the Champions Race at the same time?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I think it's very important. It means that I've been playing well throughout the year. That's why I'm No. 1. I've won important tournaments, like one Grand Slam and a few other tournaments.
For me, the fact of being top in both rankings is very important. I'm very proud.
Q. What are you going to do next week?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I'm going to rest until Wednesday, at least. Let's see how my leg is recuperating with the therapy. Then I will train indoors in Villena, in the academy, in order to prepare for Paris as best as possible.
Q. Are you going to party tonight?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yes. Victories must be celebrated always. So tonight there's a celebration, I can assure you that.
Q. After having won this week, and Feliciano's good tournament, do you think the subject of the altitude in Madrid can stop being a problem?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: To tell you the truth, I was very surprised the first day because of the court and how fast it was. It doesn't affect, the altitude. But I'm lucky to train in Villena at 500 meters. But even after training in Villena, I noticed this court is fast. I think other players do notice it, too.
It's difficult to play here with this altitude and on a hard court and fast court. You have to train hard. Your reflexes have to be even faster than usual because if you're not, you realize in the moment that you've almost lost the match.
Q. Regarding your goal of ending the year No. 1, who do you feel the most pressure from, Roddick or Federer?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Both, because Roddick is very close. But if Federer does well, he'll be there, too. There's still two indoor tournaments left. Besides, the semifinals is in the Masters, so maybe Roddick has not so many points to defend. But their games are dangerous, both of them.
Q. The other day a colleague asked you about Houston and Melbourne. To what extent are you motivated because of your victory here in Madrid? Does that help you have more confidence going into those tournaments?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Of course, to win a tournament always helps to accumulate energy for the rest. But I think I'm doing well. I hope to win more triumphs throughout the year, Davis Cup included.

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Re: Madrid Final: Juan Carlos Ferrero def. Nicolas Massu 6-3 6-4 6-3!

damn it!

i knew he will do it

first, kicking ferreira's ass!!!

second sending home the seeded thai..

third, well, whipping federer's butt!

and then, sending home Nico Massu with of course, being a runner up

and what's best, whipping andy roddick's fcking butt by being no. 1 at both rankings!!!!

VAMOS JUANCUI< you'll always be the no. 1 in the world!!!

p.s. i'm the one who's obsessed with this!!!
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Re: Madrid Final: Juan Carlos Ferrero def. Nicolas Massu 6-3 6-4 6-3!

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Le Poulailler de Poussin! (Simontarded.)

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Re: Madrid Final: Juan Carlos Ferrero def. Nicolas Massu 6-3 6-4 6-3!

Ahh!! Well done JC for winning...i'm soo proud of u and i'm sure everyone who is a fan of urs is too!! Good luck for Paris in 2 weeks time and I hope ur leg gets better! happy he won a tournament indoors...he definately deserves it. Well Done again Juan Carlos numero uno! (Lets hope A-Rod doesnt win Basle..he wins everything!)
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Re: Madrid Final: Juan Carlos Ferrero def. Nicolas Massu 6-3 6-4 6-3!

someone stop andy in Basel plllleassssse

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Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick are arrogant pigs
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