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Re: Roddick Fires Goldfine!!!

He hit poor forehands/volleys/backhands/serves? Any common reason for those problems?

Lack of knee bend.
Not maintaining a trim body.
No desire to win tournaments (satisfaction with a quarterfinal/semifinal finish)
Everyone laughs at his disastrous techniques

Confidence gets you nowhere without long hours with repetitive tennis lessons and many matches. A great sparring partner didn't show up?
You think he's interested in winning Slams year after year by:
1 Giving lame excuses like "I have to help my friends" + "I didn't plan to be a pro player" +
+ "I have to rest for Davis Cup" and "I can do nothing. You've gotta applaud opponents"
2 being a sobbing, spoiled brat who can't get free trophies.
Andy loves being a fool in front of opponents
(Indianapolis, Indian Wells, Miami, Cincinnati, US Open --ring a bell?). Ljubicic loves this.
3 Treating tennis as a joke hobby
(nonchalantly arrive late at tournaments because team competition/TV shows are bigger priorities,
play with injuries to embarrass himself,
throw away matches,
donate points, games, etc.)
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