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Re: Ranking Watch

Like Fee says Tommy earned 175 points for winning this tournament.
Because these 175 points are now among his best five optional events (a player can only cumulate points to his ranking of the five best optional events), his San Jose SF points (75 points) from last year will not count anymore to his ranking beginning from tomorrow (they would have fallen off the week beginning Feb. 13th anyway).
175 points - 75 points = 100 net points won this week
He entered the week with 940 points, so he should have 1040 by tomorrow (Monday) when you check the ATP site and the updated rankings there. And I can't think of any player around Tommy having some impact on his ranking, so what Pricebaseliner said that he will be #29 should be correct (lets see), but the 1040 should be correct, I guess.
That's all the maths for this week, Mae.

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