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Re: ~Davis Cup 2006~

From what i understand, Forget feels (or pretends he feels) as if when he was ready to give Santoro a chance again and was actually even excited and enthusiastic at the idea of captaining him again, Fab refusing to go in training camp on time like the others but just after he'd be finished with this exhibition tournament in Tarbes he has commited to one month ago ...*breathe*... ruined everything suddenly...

And now he said he can't accept this and he's stubborn and he says he prefers staying on the best moments and the best DC memories he has with Fab as a partner and as a coach and not ruin this as well, so he thinks that's better to end the story there...

Then, you've got Santoro who says that he's got a clear conscience, that he's not doing anything wrong because it's not for the money (DC brings a lot more...) but for someone who worked his heart out to organize this with Rafa Nadal, children dreaming of this since a long time, young players of the very well-known there 'Tournoi International Junior des Petits As' etc...and that it is ludicrous to refuse him a selection for that because what he would miss apparently would be only a dinner with the team or something...

(source: Infosport yesterday, plus the articles posted here)

You're in big sh*t guys!
Good luck! What an atmosphere to be preparing this tie, trying to keep the team spirit alive and everything!...
They're not really mad at each other, just both pretending the other one is behaving in a childlich manner and they think that's sad and everything (and Santoro is right...)...

I can't help having the feeling that Forget is the stupidest one there, jumping on this occasion to have a reason not to select Fab when he obviously deserved his place because of his recent results, his experience and his unconventional game which is always an asset anyway so he was trapped, he had to select him and this gives him a (very tenuous...ridiculous) reason to push him out...I hope i'm wrong though. We'll never know what happened between them when they stopped having their old excellent relationship anyway...Why do Forget "hate" Fab so much? What happened then?

But well, it add some spice! You should take it like that...
Germany-Russia next round, huh? (kidding! almost not...)

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