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MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO] [CANCELLED]

I've been running this idea in my head for about 6 months now. I propose a new competition for MTF's off-season where quality posting is crowned.

The MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year format will work like this:

1. Candidates are proposed for one week (anyone is accepted) within the competition.
2. The accepted candidates are entered into 8 groups for the Quote Round and the competition begins.

3. Each group is played for 24 hours. Within the group, anyone except the target candidate is allowed to present a quote from a post made by the target candidate in which he/she shows tennis knowledge or shows lack of tennis knowledge. The vote will look like this:



4. The vote can be given by anyone on the forum except the target candidate. But he/she is allowed to vote only once for a knowledgeable candidate and once for a not-knowledgeable candidate from each group. And may only present ONE quote for each category.
5. The presented quote(s) must be from a post made within THIS year and is only accepted once. Beware of subjectivity and fan hate though. Quotes presented with subjective intentions will not be validated as points.
6. For each knowledgeable quote a poster receives 1 point and for each lack of knowledge quote a competitor loses 1 point.
7. At the end of the phase, the top candidate from each group advances to the next Round, the Challenge.

8. The 8 candidates are pitted against each other, like in a tennis match, in a random selection. All matches are played at the same time, in 4 parallel threads.
9. In each match lasting 48 hours, one candidate begins by assigning a question to the other candidate and a time limit larger than 20 minutes for receiving an answer.
10. The question must be related to tennis in 2013 obviously and should be designed to put the adversary in difficulty. The question will look like this:


TIME LIMIT: 22 minutes

11. Once the question is answered, the competitor answering the previous question continues with another question towards the other candidate and the cycle repeats.
12. Each candidate is allowed 2 daily breaks of a maximum of 12 hours each, and they have to announce it publicly while no question is asked towards them. Also, candidates can announce Timeouts. They are allowed 3 such timeouts lasting no more than 1 hour.
13. At the end of the 48 hours, anyone from the forum can present impressions as to which candidate did better than the other and must present a case motivating why.
14. Again, votes MUST only have an objective remark on the target candidate, and only one vote/match from the same poster is accepted.
15. The voting stage will last another 24 hours.
16. The 4 winners of each challenge advance to THE FINAL ROUND.

17. Within a time frame of 48 hours, any non-competitor on the forum can step in and name one player from the Top 100 of the 2013 YE rankings and one target competitor from the final 4.
19. The target competitor will be forced to describe everything about 2013 for that player: game, progress, playing style and most significant results within the year within a time frame (> 1 hour) given by the asking poster.
20. The style of posting is decided by the competitor and he/she is free to use humor or any other technique with no cost to objectivity.
21. Rule 12 applies to the competitors in this round as well.
22. A post asking competitor X about Tommy Haas would look like this:

FOR X - PLAYER: Tommy Haas
TIME LIMIT: 1 hour

23. Once a target candidate is asked about a player, no other reports are accepted within the time frame given by the non-competitor.
24. After the answer is given, the non-competitor decides if the report has been satisfactory or not, and will rate it from 1 to 10. Objectivity is mandatory.
25. After a player receives a rating, he/she is again eligible for another question from another non-competitor.
26. The ratings will NOT be given inside any post and will not be made public. The rating will be given to the competition organizers so that nothing is known about the progress of any of the 4 competitors.
27. The non-competitor will inform the general population inside the competition thread that a rating has been given and that the competitor is now free to answer another question about another player.
28. The same player will not be used for another competitor or the same competitor within the final round.
29. At the end, the competitor with the most points is proclaimed MTF MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE POSTER OF THE YEAR.

30. Candidates are allowed to retire once they are nominated as per Rule 1. Non-competitors not following the rules of the game or of the forum may not participate in any section of the competition.

I am gonna need the help of 2 others with organizing this competition though, so anyone who wants to help is welcome to PM me please, so that we can keep a 24 hour watch.
Also, the help of Moderators and Admins is more than welcome.
Suggestions as to time period modifications or other small modifications are welcome within the next 2 weeks.
The start of the candidate selection is scheduled for November 25.
Quote Round: December 2.
Challenge Round: December 10.
Final Round: December 14.
Winner Announced: December 16.

This competition has been approved by the Moderator team. No nominations are allowed until November 25.

Some random guy just watching tennis.

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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

Great idea

After Nadal beat Monfils at Doha, before AO 2014
Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
lol, who will beat him? Wawrinka? Berdych? Gulbis? Rosol? Federer?

Only Del Potro can take him out before the semis, and he won't. Nadal is winning the AO, bet your house on it.
Somewhere out there, there is a homeless person who once took betting advice from GSMnadal
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

I think it's a good idea, but you're making it to complex, which may make some people lose interest in it. Something like the ACC format would be better IMO.
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

As long as an unbiased analyst wins then it's a legit contest.

unbiased analyst extraordinaire
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

too much work to do.
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

kind of complicated. why don't we just go ahead and vote Statsracket we know he will probably win

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------------------------ <3 Richard Gasquet <3

Rafael Nadal
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

My brain hurts. I'd rather conduct a PhD thesis.

Tomic [tom-ic] [tom-ic-ing]
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

Litotes, StatRacket or Voo De Mar would probs win

Mark Lenders banged your girlfriend, I'm sorry to tell you that mate.
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

This is a little like sacrificing Jeux Sans Frontieres in favour of Mastermind.

(Apologies to those who are not familiar with these TV game shows, but look in Wikipedia and you will see what I mean)

M. T. F.
The biggest source of bullshit since cattle were domesticated.
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

Originally Posted by ProdigyEng View Post
Litotes, StatRacket or Voo De Mar would probs win

Originally Posted by Abel View Post
Dimitrov will never win anything above 250 level.
Rome R1 Zverev def. Dimitrov -
Originally Posted by augus View Post
I never wrote this about active player after lost match but seriously - Dimitrov should retire from tennis.
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

Pfl has an unbeatable knowlegde of talented shotmakers outside the top 100. He should be the favourite.

Stan Wawrinka
2014 Australian Open Champion | 2014 Monte Carlo Masters Champion | 2015 French Open Champion | 2016 US Open Champion

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

I am nominating myself
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

This is going to be impossible. GM alone has thousands of knowledgable, unbiased and pure tennis connoisseurs.

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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]


RIP Henry Chinaski. A true MTF legend
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Re: MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO]

I don't think you'll find enough unbiased analysts around here who know their stuff.
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