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Re: Why Gen Y yuppies are unhappy

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
It seems corporate taxation is so complicated that it is almost unique in being impossible to Google. I know it is relatively low in Canada.

As for the government paying for health care, does it matter from which tax the money comes from? I don't think it can be said to come from sales tax.
And I know that in Canada we pay higher income tax, a federal sales tax, a provincial sales tax, a personal tax on dividends that a company pays out AFTER it has already paid its corporate tax, and high import duties.
There is no tax on food, yet Canadian food costs are way higher than US food costs. I wish I lived on the US border. For example, while there is no tax on dairy products, the government controls the prices. Cheese in Canada costs about twice as much as cheese In the US. And only the government sells beer, wine and spirits. So prices are controlled by the government.

So my main complaint is that while there is universal medical care, the fact that the medical profession is a monopoly with no competition allowed, leads to poor service. Doctors are paid by the number of patients they see, so they just want 5 minute visits and a fast turnover. They are so well paid that they can take tons of time off. I am still trying to understand the system. Apparently there are doctors with their own offices, but so few of them that it is almost impossible to find one that will take you on as his patient. After Four years in Toronto I still have no doctor. So I can only go see a doctor in a walk-in clinic. And if it is anything more serious than prescribing a drug, an appointment will be made to see a specialist. These appointments are usually 3 months away and sometimes can be years away! These walk-in doctors have no interest in your medical history, nor in follow-up visits. They just want another tick on their patients attended to sheet, to maximize their pay.

Which has little to do with the thread, I suppose. But I have concluded that Canadian health care spends a lot of the taxpayer's money and provides a poor service. I would like to use my own money to get quality care, but the government does not allow it. In every other area the government allows me to spend unlimited amounts of my own money on what I please, but if it pleases me to spend it on bettering my health, they say NO!
I'm familiar with the inherent problems that arise when an industry is dominated by a monopoly and have heard many complaints about wait times and perverse incentives for doctors in the government-owned health services in Canada and the UK. Things get extremely complicated at this point, but I suspect that I'd prefer the model that I've heard the Dutch and Swiss use where there's a competitive health insurance market operating within the larger framework of a government funded universal system.

Whether it's employers or individual taxpayers who foot the bill matters because health insurance costs invariably rise when the pool of people being covered is smaller. A government funded system taxes each individual, thus spreading the economic pain to everyone rather than punishing successful companies, and has a massive pool of people being covered with a usually good healthy to sick person ratio. An employer-provided plan has a small pool of people (most of them 30-65) and thus a greater likelihood of having to pay for medical care; the costs of coverage are prohibitive for smaller firms which creates an entire class of uninsured working adults. A universal system also has greater leverage with pharmaceuticals; I believe this is why Canadian drugs are cheaper than those available in the USA.

And I know that Canada has higher taxes overall than the USA; my understanding is that these taxes are largely shouldered by individual citizens rather than corporations. I'm also pretty sure it's a federal sales tax that pays directly for Canadian healthcare because it's been pointed out that the funding mechanism is not progressive and that it's a funding mechanism that simply does't exist in the USA (we only have state sales taxes, none at the federal level). That Canadian voters/taxpayers (and most other developed countries besides the USA) have chosen to pay higher taxes in exchange for more services doesn't strike me a problem in and of itself so long as they're satisfied with the services rendered (I understand that you're not), maintain an internationally competitive business climate and are able to keep their budget balanced. We have the following unenviable situation currently in the USA: no universal health insurance and massive private medical costs combined with a shadow/skeletal (but very real) welfare state that many voters demand keep paying out while either not understanding how it's funded or simply not being willing to pay for it. I'd personally prefer a Canadian-style consensus where voters seem to know what they want from government, understand what it costs and are willing to pay for it.

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Re: Why Gen Y yuppies are unhappy

Originally Posted by HowManyTimes View Post
Screw the world.
There are definitely some insightful, albeit pedantic responses so far but I think this statement cuts to the chase.

I think what the poster means to say on some level is "should corporations be more fair in what they pay workers in the face of record profits, and should there be profit sharing?"

I mentioned earlier that at Ford Motor Company, the labor portion of cost of goods sold (COGS) is only 6%, and yet they want employees to make concessions despite record profits.


Is it fair for a company to be so profitable, and yet pay workers wages which barely meet living expenses? In the 3rd world, the exploitation is even more egregious.

Should Gen Y rise in revolution? Lenin and his Bolsheviks were misguided but they had guts and passion (revolution is not to be confused with "unfriending" on FB).

Why is Gen Y so apathetic?

Why do they live mostly in cyberspace and not the real world?

What will they do when their laptops are taken away? Will they find other places to pretend they're ostriches?

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