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Re: The Gay Chat Thread

Originally Posted by safin-rules-no.1 View Post
This is the point - I think if people could choose not to be gay most wouldn't (well I wouldn't have anyway). I never understood why some people call it a lifestyle choice, it really isn't - I was born gay
Of course. Is a natural variant of human sexuality.
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Re: The Gay Chat Thread

Hi My name is Szymon (well maybe Simon could be easier ), I'm 21 years of age, living in Poland and well came out of the closet few years ago already. It was one of the best decissions I have ever made in my life. Well despite me being gay person I;m still a bit.. old-minded (not sure if it's the correct word though, still trying to improve my English). It takes me a lot of time to trust someone, let alone to love. Gays today and especially in my age are all about having sex, maybe some speed dating and short relationship while since I realised I was gay I was always looking for a long, life-lasted relationship, even when I was 15 or 16.

Well, rules and dreams are what they are, here are my few top favorites of hot men:
Luke MacFarlane

Craig Olejnik

Grzegorz Łomacz (polish volleyball player)

And well... Chris Evans

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Re: The Gay Chat Thread

Originally Posted by Mr.Gasquet View Post
Hi guys! My name is Brett and i am 27 years old. I am australian living in the most beautiful city in the world called melbourne , and was born with profound (worse than severe) deafness and proud of it!

Shame about Sophie Ferguson hanging up her racket.


One of my proudest accomplishments on WTAWorld was getting her subforum shut down

hingis. dokic. pliskova.

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Re: The Gay Chat Thread

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post

you think kids today aren't free to play? those lazy, spoiled fat-asses? They do nothing but play. The parents have to reward them to get them to clean their rooms -- 200 years ago those parents would have beaten them if they didn't clean the whole house.

Childhood is a modern concept. Children used to work. In the fields, in the factories, crawling through coal mine tunnels and chimneys. Farmers didn't have big families so they could watch children "play" -- they needed the labour to work the fields.

Ignorance of history beyond belief here.
Truth is hard to hear and your post is barely coherent if I may say so but understandable and you bring an interesting point. Parents reward (and punish) children as a form of control and control is completely counter intuitive to play. So what you may think is play is really not. Play is simply an activity where one engages completely freely and stops freely when they are tired or feel unequal or feel threatened. Today's world is all about authority, unequality and threats, particularly school and work and those things are expanding even more. Despite or because of technology, school hours and work hours are expanding while leisure time is minimized. People are fitted into someone elses world vision of them and in such a world there is no time to play and explore and make yourself autonomous and connected and equal.

Children and adults to some extent, play just like all the mammals. It's not a hobby but a requirement and the only way to learn long term skills. School and work today teach short term , dubious or outright anti social skills but nothing long term. I see it also when I see old people who look completely alone and without purpose.
Children hate school because they are not free to play and explore on their own and are completely controlled by authority. Most people who are honest hate their job. Play is seen as a waste of time or recreation or even laziness. Children are forced to learn things that they would forget if that wasn't the only thing that they must know. Hence children today don't know the basic skills that they would learn through play while their knowledge of the world is increasingly specialized, reduced and not connected to their environment.

What does this have to do with the subject? Well , if there is no play and it is severely curtailed as it is today, people don't learn how to survive on their own , how to control themselves, how to be independent and how to attach themselves to others. Homosexuality is one of the obvious consensquences of such a society.
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Re: The Gay Chat Thread

Originally Posted by Jeffery View Post
We live in a world where everyone is fast to judge, everyone thinks they know, but we are not born knowledgable, we are not born sexist, racist, judgmental, and so on.
We learn to become such labels, we choose to stereotype others. We are taught to hate. What we don’t seem to remember very often is that we are all actually from the same pile of mess called life.
Judging fast is essential for survival most of the time so it's there. Why try to change nature to fit your proclivity? I hope you understand that you won't win. Babies also judge quickly , even fetuses judge what's good for them and what is not. Babies hate threatening faces or people that they don't recognize. Hate is also essential to survival. Hoping everyone likes you is in vain and the consequence of self hate.

I would really hate to live in the world where sex and race is all one and everything is the same and nothing matters. This attitude is a threat to survival so it will get you a negative reaction. Once again I would reiterate that only good things are learned through play while school, government and media is more into brainwashing and controlling people into inhuman existence.
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