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Diamonds & Pearls

I was browsing the country celebration thread and Mountaindewslave gave me an idea, it's this post: THE Country Celebration Thread

Imo, it's good to have a separate thread for posts that especially made you laugh, frown or whatever, you know, the "special" ones that should not be missed. I remember some of them, especially some dialogues, I'll try to find them and put them here. Also, it could be the place for great posts through and through.

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Re: Diamonds & Pearls

I know safin-rules is banned now, but this little piece made me
Featuring Punky

Originally Posted by safin-rules-no.1 View Post
All the gay poster being banned. Big John, Filo V, Hian-GOAT, <<Ivan>>, Clay Death....MTF is no place for diversity
Originally Posted by Punky View Post
I didnt know Clay Death was gay, ru sure?
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Re: Diamonds & Pearls

I think this post by sexy beast is a very nice and simple independent insight
certainly a fine piece of writing for a tennis forum even if you don't agree with the contents...

Originally Posted by sexybeast View Post
All superpowers that ever existed have behaved like that, from the brittish empire to Sovjet union and the earlier ones like Spain in its golden era or obviously Japan/Nazigermany in 2nd world war.

US is not nutty enought to do anything stupid, that is an exageration beyond disbelief. US is not controlled by nuts but by very intelligent machiavelic figures, it never was controlled by George Bush or Obama or any other idiot you see on your tv screen. US and Russia thankfully has never had any nut with absolute power and neither will the super pragmatists who control China.

So dont worry about US nukes, I would worry about iranian, israeli and paquistan nukes. Russia, China and US all having a heavy loads of nukes establishes a status quo that on the contrary forbids truly great wars to break out, all of them are reasonable and dont want to start anything that would explode the world.

There is no reason to belive China wont use military strength to secure resources, investments, allies they have put in power in Africa and the middle east. Already you see these kind of global games beeing played out, where China and Russia defend with vetoes and loads of weapons to their monsters in Sudan, Syria and other countries while the US and the west defend with vetoes and selling weapons other monsters like terrorists throughout the middle east and handpicked dictators.

This is not about some good vs evil struggle, just the eternal game of power, securing resources, allies and investments. China will put their corrupt leaders all over Africa, handpicked by the communist party and then they will put investments, move chinese workers to those countries for neocolonialism and when they have enought military force to back up this tactical gaining of resources they will use it when rebels and democractic ellections risk all they have invested and risk chinese lives in Africa. Thrust me, this will happen before or later and China will behave as ruthlessly as they do in Tibet when they have hangar ships to defend their resources overseas.

The war in Afghanisthan is the last great war US will fight in a very long time, thrust me on this one. There is no more money to do anything with the debt building up by Washington at the moment. So dont you worry about US, the game is over for them. They couldnt even go into Syria when the press was doing everything to have Nato involved over there showing everyday in a year children's corpses and the media and israeli lobby doing all they can to get US to stop Iran from getting nukes. US is done as world police and the world will be the same when they are gone.

However, what I want to say is that there is nothing uniquely evil about the nature of power in the united states. It is universal in all countries that grow to have great power, an elite grabs it and holds it at all cost, goes to war for resources and tries to expand power. There is only one solution and that is to stop centralising power in big countries, regionalism is the way to go to fight corruption, lobbyism and militarism. Like the US in the late 19th century, people didnt know, didnt care and didnt ask anything from the president far away in Washington. People built their own communities, every city built and organised not by Washington and goverment but by the community. There was no central bank and people were free to trade in gold, silver or whatever other currency they chose. Ofcourse now that Washington has gained so much power it wont ever let it go.
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Re: Diamonds & Pearls

Your new advertising slogan you came up with as Serbian Minister of Travel and Tourism is great!

Originally Posted by ssin View Post
generally, Serbian men and women are tall and handsome

See it for yourself: Visit Serbia before Serbia visits you

Novak Djokovic nº1!
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