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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

my greatest weapons is my return because i can hit outright winners. i have a wicked backhand slice, my forehand is for ball bashing. backhand can be a weakness but can also be a strength because i can put a lot of junk on it. dependable second serves and can not be easily attacked because my serves are not for power but for placement and setting up points ( i once played a match and had 16 aces and all i did was slice serves with massive movement). my approach shots are awesome but my volley sucks big time. overhead is dependable but it can break down. i tend to kill my strings in 2 hours or less so i need to change stings often but due to financial contraints i just adjust my game according to the string condition. i have a tendency to break down mentally. my fitness is questionable. signature shots running one hand backhand

the Fed vs anderson IW 2014
Originally Posted by SheepleBuster View Post
Fed ... don't F this up. You got the break. Just finish this. I got work tomorrow, I got kids... wife needs affection. Give me a break man.
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I held a racquet perhaps like 7-8 times in my life, total playing experience of like 10 hours.

I can hit a forehand. Nadal-style, lasso over my head.

Backhand (two-handed somehow felt 'natural' to me).... hmm, I succeed in getting it over the net, maybe once in ten attempts.

I can hit a slice backhand IF I'm really really lucky. Otherwise I just swing the racquet below the approaching ball.

I actually manage to serve, double-faulting only like 30% of the time.

I guess I can 'move' around the field, but I think Karlovic definitely moves way better.

Seeing the ball can be a challenge, sometimes, so if a ball travels right at my feet, chances for me to actually get a racquet on it are extremely low. It has to hit the ground at least 5 metres in front of me, then I can swing at it with some success.

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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I've played the game for close to 10 years. This should come as no surprise to many.

MTF Rivalry Terminology:

Nadal + Fedull = Nadull
Muger + Murray = Mugray
Fakerer + Djokovic = Fakervic

The Great Exposures of the Open Era
Muger Fedull: An Overpriced Haircut and Marketing

Fan of the game.
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I play 3 years, obviously Fed fan but so far I can just cry like him and dress like him
I can hit good topspin and flat forehand, have pretty good serve (60% in) and weak 2nd serve (just working on my kick serve). Playing lot of doubles lately so I can improve my volleys to use more net play in singles. My worst shot is definitelly backhand, I started with one-handed, could not improve so I tried DH backhand but it was even worse and I did not feel comfortable so I got back to OH backhand. Slice works pretty well though.
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Originally Posted by EnriqueIG8 View Post
Played a match on Monday against a classmate from uni on Artificial Grass.

Crushed him 6-0 6-1 6-1.
astroturf? how does it play speedwise and bouncewise, esp compared to clay?
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I haven't written anything in the thread for ages but thanks for contributing, people .

The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Originally Posted by Rocket Rod Laver
Roger is like a good red wine, he’s getting better with age.
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Nice thread idea, Looner.

I play quite often, have been doing so for a few years now, and play really good tennis at times, but most of the time it's quite average or sometimes poor. I have a double-handed backhand, and play a moderate, baseline-orientated game, but I will come in and change-it-up a lot with drops outs and slices. I suffer from a lack of topspin I think.


+ Cross-court backhand. I can really rip it, very flat, over the lowest part of the net, and create surprisingly good angles.
+ Cross-court forehand. I don't have the topspin to create very good angles with this shot, so I just aim for the left baseline-tramlines corner and it's effective.
+ Return of serve. I've got very good reactions, but sometimes that is compromised by a lack of control in the return. Still consider it a strength, considering the amount of big first serves I can get back into play, despite not being that flexible and quick.
+ Net game. Perhaps not a major strength but I have good feel, I can really execute drop volleys well, but sometimes I miss some sitters. Solid enoughI though.
+ Drop shots and slices. Major part of my game which is usually pretty good.
+ Down-the-line backhand. Usually pretty sound. Precision and not power is my motto here, unlike the cross-court backhand.


- Inside-out and inside-in forehand. I find it difficult to control the ball here. I suffer from a lack of topspin.
- Down-the-line forehand. It's a streaky shot but more often than not I hit the tape or send it long.
- Serve. Not a big first serve, I can get a few free points via service winners and aces, but not enough, considering how awful my second serve is.
- Movement and defence. I don't move well and defend pretty poorly, and it's a problem because I don't have it in me to play controlling tennis from the baseline.
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I've played for around 4 years now. Considering that and my lack of coaching ever, I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

-Massive forehand for my level of play. Can hit basically every shot with my favorite being the inside in. I've worked to be able to put a bit more spin on this shot, and it's definitely paid off and made it much more "heavy" but I still love flattening it out and going for broke every now and then. Only weakness is really creating angles crosscourt. I'm not good at putting sidespin on the ball and still having pace.

-Terrible backhand, 2H. It's basically a baseball swing. No spin, can't create angles. On a good day I can stay in a point until I can't hit a forehand and take control of the point. I have added a slice recently which is decent, but nothing to write home about.

-Decent serve. I have my days where it's solid, but really nothing special. My second serve is definitely attackable, but very few people know how to step into second serves, plus I love redirecting pace when they do, so it's not a terrible liability.

-Movement is bad. I have slow footwork, except on the forehand unsurprisingly.

-My whole strategy is basically stand at the baseline and refuse to move back and play defense. If I entice my opponent into a ballbashing contest I will probably win the match. And lets face it, ballbashing is fun!

Penn State '14
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Old school - serve than rush on net and what happens happens..
Above average volleys, everything rest is below par.


Originally Posted by SliceAce View Post
Basically, Queerey is a disgrace to the human race.
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I've been playing about three years now fairly regularly (once or twice a fortnight). Started late in life so my improvements have been slow and gradual - I'm not a natural sportsman.

Strongest shot is my flat forehand, which I can hit for winners on either side on a good day. Sh*t two-handed backhand which is just a stay in the rally shot for me - I think I've hit two outright winners with it in the last year. But it's better than my OH backhand which is terrible, often failing to clear the net. Fairly decent first serve, although not enough percentage in. Second serve is weak. Volleying is ok on a good day, can play the occasional decent drop shot. Overhead smashes even worse than backhand.

Love playing though, and thinking about having some coaching to improve my game.
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I'm Fedalovic all together combined
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I don't play tennis often
But when I do I make more doublefaults than winners.
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Awesome Inside-out and DTL forehand, shitty cross-court FH

Great 2 handed backhand down the line and jumping bh down the line, average cross court backhand

Shitty serve

Excellent footwork and speed when I want to

Mentally good when behind, shitty when ahead

Shitty overheads

Average volleys for modern tennis

Good endurance and fitness

Excellent backhand returns, shitty forehand returns

PAW Singles Ranking - 396
TITLES (TMS Rome 04', Rolland Garros 04', Wimbeldon 04')
RUNNER-UP (Rosmalen 04' US Open 04')
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Parfect forehand, parfect backhand, and the parfact serves and volleys.

I am the Roger Federer. Hello
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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread


Federer / Haas / Safin / Gaudio / Kuerten / Youzhny / Nadal / Gonzalez / Ljubicic / Hewitt / Soderling / Wawrinka / Coria / Nalbandian / Kohlschreiber
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