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Mr MTF 2010 - Contestants, Draws & Voting | finishingmove is Mr. MTF of 2010!

Confirmed Participants:

Seeding     Contestant        Cheerleader
#1             finishingmove           Nathaliia
#2             GustavoM_Fan            Ilovetheblues_86

#3             ExcaliburII             Tulipe          
#4             Machiavelli             «Ivan» (Chooper)

#5             Clydey                  TMJordan

#6             P. Antonius             -Eve-

#7             rodrigol 87             sher_rafavsroger

#8             Sammy01                 ~*Carlita*~

#9             Ilovetheblues_86        
#10            Goldenoldie             cobalt60

#11            adee-gee                l_mac

#12            2003                    
#13            Groove Dude             ~*BGT*~          

#14            habibko                 icecastle

#15            nicolaskiefer44         Kezzi

#16            bandtree                

#17            Commander Data          Nole fan

#18            EnriqueIG8              Rita

#19            Garson007  

#20            Hewitt =Legend          

#21            leng jai

#22            letsfixit   

#23            Lopez  

#24            rocketassist        

#25            ShotmaKer               Gretchen.

#26            Sillyrabbit             MsTree

#27            Straitup94    

#28            Xristos                 piratesswoop

Contestants and their intros:

1. finishingmove (Champion)

2. GustavoM_Fan (Rd 16)

3. ExcaliburII (Rd 16)

4. Machiavelli (Rd 16)

5. Clydey (RR)

6. P. Antonius (Finalist)

7. rodrigol_87 (Rd 16)

8. Sammy01 (SF)

9. Ilovetheblues_86 (QF)

10. Goldenoldie (QF)

11. adee-gee (QF)

12. 2003 (RR)

13. Groove Dude (RR)

14. habibko (QF)

15. NicolasKiefer44 (QF)

16. bandtree (RR)

17. Commander_Data (RR)

18. EnriqueIGB (Rd 16)

19. Garson007 (RR)

20. Hewitt =Legend (RR)

21. leng jai (RR)

22. LetsFixIt (RR)

23. Lopez (Rd 16)

24. rocketassist (RR)

25. ShotmaKer (SF)

26. Sillyrabbit (Rd 16)

27. Straitup94 (RR)

28. Xristos (RR)
Draw here

Because it will crack your screen if I post the table here.

Voting Rules:
1) Only one vote per round allowed.

2) Voters must have 300 posts or more. This is to make sure it's less likely for the voter to be a double account.

3) Reasons for your votes are highly encouraged but please keep it in the spirit of this contest, i.e. no bashing or insults.

4) Bold your choice from the match up rather than just write the names.

5) In the event of a tie in votes, a TB will be played. Best of 3 votes will be counted. Votes in the TB will only count from those who haven't voted in the matchup for the round and after I say that the tie break is open. All the other voting rules apply.

6) This thread is only for viewing introductions and voting. Please for chatter and campaigning, use this thread.

"If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy, I could have won."

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Re: Mr MTF 2010 - Contestants, Draws, Voting | DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD YET!!!

(Graphic by photoshop GOAT Gaybury, a.k.a. Brad)
Timeline and General OOP

Number of contestants: 32
Number of groups: 8
Group stages: 36 matches, 3 days.
Knockout stage: 15 matches, 4 days.


Stage 1 Betting (23h) is accepted from Friday, 2pm GMT until voting starts at:

Sat, 18/12, 1pm GMT. Voting lasts until: Sun, 19/12, 1pm GMT (24h)

Day 1
All Groups
Stage 1 - 12 matches

Final Results:
- List form
- Results breakdown

Stage 2 Betting (23h) is accepted from Saturday, 2pm GMTuntil voting starts at:

Sun, 19/12, 1pm GMT. Voting lasts until: Mon, 20/12, 1pm GMT (24h)

Day 2
All Groups
Stage 2 - 12 matches

Final Results:
- List form
- Results breakdown

Stage 3 Betting (23h) is accepted from Sunday, 2pm GMTuntil voting starts at:

Mon, 20/12, 1pm GMT. Voting lasts until: Tue, 21/12, 1pm GMT (24h)

Day 3
All Groups
Stage 3 - 12 matches

Final Results:
- List form
- Results breakdown
- Round Robin Recap

Rd16 Betting (4h) is accepted from Tuesday, 2pm GMTuntil voting starts at:

Tue, 21/12, 6pm GMT. Voting lasts until Wed, 22/12. 1pm GMT (19h)

Day 4
Rd16 - 8 matches


QF Betting (4h) is accepted from Wednesday, 2pm GMTuntil voting starts at:

Wed, 22/12. 6pm GMT. Voting lasts until: Thu, 23/12. 1pm GMT (19h)

Day 5
QF - 4 matches


SF Betting (4h) is accepted from Thursday, 2pm GMTuntil voting starts at:

Thu, 23/12, 6pm GMT. Voting lasts until: Fri, 24/12, 1pm GMT (19h)

Day 6
SF - 2 matches


Final Betting (28h) is accepted from Friday, 2pm GMT until voting starts at:

Sun, 26/12, 8pm GMT. Voting lasts until: Mon, 27/12, 8pm GMT (24h)

Day 7
F - 1 match


Winner announced on Monday the 27th of December 2010, at 8pm GMT.

"If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy, I could have won."

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My name is Arsen and I am here to represent the glorious nation of Serbia. Blue eyes, 180cm/69kg. I'm a programmer (beats proctologist anyday, plus you can still keep the humour), just fresh off my undergraduate studies, currently working as a freelance coder. One of my big passions is electronic music. DJ-ing is my biggest side occupation. Favourite genre of music would be trance, probably because it is energetic, euphoric and emotional, with strongly emphasized highs and lows, yet also calculated, precise and mathematically defined, all of which is a part of my personality. Also, glow sticks. Nuff said. In all seriousness, I know many people see it as just dancing music, but it changed the way I look at things. I enjoyed making a short 24 min mix set for this occasion, even though I was kind of rusty maybe some electronic music aficionados will enjoy it; others maybe give it a chance out of curiosity. Defining myself with one single song is, I would say, impossible. Every song can be perceived differently with each listen, if our state of mind has been altered in the meantime.

Well.. onto other things. Besides trolling this forum, I am here to support Djokovic (I see you chooper) because he helped me regain my faith in tennis, and also helped me out of my own slump at the time. Out of other tennis players that I support, I will mention only King Oscar. If you are posting here and don't know who that is, might as well find another sport to follow. I enjoy playing and watching tennis, as well as football (though neither watching or playing much lately when it comes to the latter). Red Star Belgrade supporter.

I'm also somewhat of a film enthusiast. My favourite movies are Fellowship Of The Ring, Gladiator, Taxi Driver and Raging Bull (amongst a plethora of other) because they explore our deepest, yet simplest emotions and remind me of values that are often neglected in today's society (selflessness, honor, or even just plain staying true to oneself). Favourite actor, and definitely one that influenced me the most with his work, is Robert De Niro.

If I win this contest, I promise not to take myself any more seriously.

And last but not least, I'd like to thank Nathii and Dini for convincing me this could be fun. Well, at least those two are having fun while we're on the ropes here


Discovering the wheel at age 3

First days of school (notice my name on the paper flower)

Recent ones

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Hi everyone! I'm Felipe, 21 years old - born and living in La Plata, Argentina, a city 50 km to Buenos Aires. I'm 1,86 meters and 72 kgs.

I discovered this site while looking for Gustavo Marcaccio 2006 entry lists (my username ). This guy is a legend , though more known for recording videos for the argentinian Tv programme Tenis Pro than for his skills on a tennis court. In my time on MTF I have participated mostly in Tennis Tipping (reaching number 2 in singles ranking), Challenger forum, NT (mainly kostas kastoria chat thread), Gamblers lounge (Y) and Chicos Latinos forum.

My fave tennis players are Nalbandian , Monaco, Baghdatis, Tsonga, Haas, Gasquet, Dustin Brown, Takao Suzuki, Chardy, Lu and of course Gustavo Marcaccio, as well as some young players like Berankis, Kontinen, Nishikori, Dimitrov, Dolgopolov Jr, Janowicz, Bhambri, etc.

About me:

I have always been curious to know as much as possible, reading newspapers every day. Comparing to an average person I think I have a good knowledge of general culture. In school i had decent marks without studying too much to be honest . My fave subjects were history, geography, chemistry, biology and physics. Currently I am in my 2nd year studying Business Administration at La Plata University, and had one of the best this 2010 after slow start at previous years

At this moment I am single and not specifically looking for a girlfriend, except if it's some beautiful (inside and out ) that can understand me.

Hobbies: Travelling especially. I have visited 16 countries in America and Europe (incl: Cuba, Panamá, Usa, Spain, France Belgium, Brasil ,etc). I am sure I would visit all countries in the world if I had time and money . My last travel was to Brasil 1 month ago to Buzios and Rio de Janeiro (you can see a pic there)

In my free time I like meeting friends, going out, and watching all type of sports, especially tennis and football (supporting Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata ). I am athletic, agile and fast but instead of focusing on only one sport I ended up playing a lot of them. In tennis my biggest problem is mentality and a lack of motivation. I'm also a good goalkeeper, having many amateur teams of my city often asking for my services .

Another hobby is probably eating chocolate . Luckily for some reason I have the advantage of eating a lot and always maintaining the same weight .

1 month ago in brasil

with prince graphite racquet

in the garden

18 years ago in Bariloche

A voice clip of me singing..

Thanks for reading! I hope you like my pictures.

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Hi, most of you know me I guess but I will write a bit about me for the purpose of this contest. My name is Pablo, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I still live there.
I am planning to travel to Germany for an internship to Mannheim. If everything goes fine Ill be flying by 29th December until end of June.

Roitman is one of my all time tennis idols, he probably still remembers me as the guy with the crazy hair who knows more about him than he knows about himself.

At the end of this video I ask some questions to Roitman.


My favourite all time player is and was probably Guillermo Canas, I have had the pleasure to know him personally and he is the greatest and most humble guy ever, and trust me, he is no drugger.
I mostly like big fighters on court, like Ferrer and Nadal just to name two.

I love sports, almost everyone of them. I am big big fan of golf, practice almost daily, I am two time club champion and scratch golfer.

Here are some videos I made:

My golf swing:


I practiced many other sports in my life apart from Tennis and golf, Rugby, Fooball, Athletics, Table Tennis, Squash, Chess, etc.

None of them compares to my first love golf, though.

I am big fan of movies and cinema. I think the movie of the year is clearly Inception. The top 3 all time: GodFather, Saawshank Redemption and Clockwork Orange.

Ive been asked to choose a song that represents me, I decided to make a strange choice:

As you can see I am an economist lover too, what I consider the only *workable economics*, free market, F.H. Hayek probably shows my exact thought about everything.

My biggest natural gift is my skill for maths and numbers, probably my biggest life achievement is thanks to this. I reached the national maths olympics final a couple of years ago.

I dont smoke or use drugs.

I also played the piano for a long time, but stopped like 3 years ago at least. One special user still convinced me to do a video playing piano, so I practiced for 20 mins or so before being able to play these 2 pieces(excuse me for my terrible playing, I barely touched the piano in the last 3 years):

Then Clementi's Sonatina N1, first piece Ive ever played, I think Ive learned this in 6th grade or so.

Divided in three movements: (Allegro, Andante, Vivace)
(Youtube is delaying sound in every video I upload, dont know why )

Part 3 - Vivace:


I'll upload only part 3, but you are free to listen to parts 1 and 2 here:


Part 2:

First Saint Nicholas from Schumann, I missed the middle part because I couldnt get it together:

If you read all of this and watched all the videos you are fucking amazing! You deserve seeing my pictures now

Pablin as a kid:

With Escopeta:

At my sisters wedding some time ago, I had to be neat then:

Messing around:


End of school trip:

Normal Pablin:

Last Week in Golf Ceremony:

Thanks for reading my long introduction.

I am counting on your votes to make MTF a better place

Yours Sincerely,

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Machiavelli - the unfinished journey of a young romantic

Some of my closest friends here know that my real name is Stipe, but the majority of you guys know me as Machiavelli here on MTF. People here would describe ma as a tennis and sports loving guy who has a passion for gambling. Since I joined MTF I had many ups and downs in my life, I am sure like everybody else, but every now and then, when i feel down, MTF is the place that brings me back. In this place you can find everything there is on the net, great match analysis and reports, interesting comments about tennis in general and other sports, but also chick fights between Fed and Rafatards or insane threads that only MTF can throw at you, I guess that's why we all love it...

Some facts about me:

- name: Stipe
- born: 03.04.1985 in Makarska, Croatia
- lived in Switzerland for 10 years (Zurich)
- I studied law and economics at the University of Zagreb, finally finished both..
- I have a passion for languages, I speak: Croatian, German, English, Italian and French....
- my dream was always to be a tennis player, I had potential, but the work ethics were not there
- I work as a sales and marketing manager, and i love my job
- I love to travel, I Know Europe inside/out (from Russia, UK to Spain) but I have never been outside of Europe
- I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, I adore kids, and I will have to find a girl/wife who feels the same, a minimum of 3 kids is a must
- I am single, a failed long relationship behind me, the ladies always come first for me
- I love to cook(all kinds of dishes) and I often host dinner parties for my friend
- favorite sports: tennis and football, after that basketball, handball and water-polo
- favorite club: Hajduk Split
- favorite movie: La vita e bella, The pianist, Forrest Gump,...
- favorite actress/actors : Monica Bellucci, Scarlet Johansson, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington...
- music: i listen to almost everything, from classical music to rock, R'n'b or Pop;
at the moment i can't get the song from Bruno Mars ''Just the way you are'' out of my head, and the song that would describe me the best is the one from Claudio Baglioni ''Piccolo grande amore''

With couple of pictures and a few lines I will take you through the world of Machiavelli....

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Makarska, a pearl of the Croatian tourism...

Already at a young age I knew hot to treat and please the ladies....(I'm on the right)

I started my football career in Switzerland at FC Albisrieden, transferred to FC Grasshoppers Zurich, but when we moved back to Croatia(Zagreb), football wasn't the same for me (war was still going on, no infrastructure etc.), that's when I started my tennis career, I played full time until I was 14/15, then it was either school or tennis, and school it was (a mistake maybe, i will never know)... They called me the ''Gerd Mueller from the Albis'', always wanted to be like Goran(left picture); I had a Pippo Inzaghi like feeling when it came to scoring (right picture),

I was way ahead of The Backstreet boys,N'Sync or Take That, I had my own boy-group in Switzerland called ''The Triemliboys'', we decided to call it a career early on, we could not handle the groupies and the fan-girls...

Me at my office

Where i feel truly at home, with the ladies, the main reason why i go to work and wake up every day

Why I think I am the right choice for the Mr.MTF 2010, to be honest, there are a lot of exquisite guys present in this contest and there are many others who refused to compete, but IMO, Mr.MTF should be a true gentleman, a nice guy with character, someone who treats his friends with love and respect(especially the ladies), so if you think I fit into this description don't hesitate to vote for me..

Kisses to you all from the snowy and cold Zagreb


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Hi, everyone. My name is James MacDonald. I'm going to tell you a little story about my life's journey and some of the obstacles I've had to overcome in my life.

What a lot of people don't know about me is that I was actually born half-otter.

I was never fully accepted by the other otters, however, and was eventually banished from the waters of Loch Lomond, a place I had come to know as home. I struggled for a few years afterwards, trying to fit in with the humans. But as I got older, I underwent a transformation that would eventually lead to me becoming fully human. I shed my fur and my whiskers and fled to the mountains in order to complete the change. The mountain's folk took me in and raised me as their own, as I changed from a half-otter boy into a man.

It was eventually time for me to leave my adoptive parents and enter the real word. I did so, but the transition was difficult and I struggled for several years. I gained a lot of weight as a result of alcohol abuse. Most worryingly of all, I was drinking alcopops and had become noticeably more ginger.

It was at this time that I looked within myself and found inner strength. I stopped drinking alcopops and began to exercise. I started to notice my weight coming down. My body became toned and, most startlingly of all, my hair colour changed from an unsightly ginger colour to a radiant blonde. I eventually met a girl in Australia and settled down. You all know her simply as leng jai's mum.

We had two kids together and moved to Scotland. Here they are in their 20s. Their names are Adrian and Xiomara.

We all lived happily ever after.

Clydey loves gays.

And if you're gay AND into cute things, I have a real treat for you.

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As per request.

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Hello people, my name is Rodrigo Adrian Lopez, or rodrigol_87 like you know me. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the most beautiful citys around the world, people who know Buenos Aires can tell you . I'm 22 years old, almost 23, because my birthday is December 26th. Well, I'm going to tell you some things about me. I study at Universidad (University) de (of) Buenos Aires. What do you study? Maybe you can ask. Well, I study medicine, and I have to admit, I really love it. I always admired medics, and now I can tell that every day I am one step closer from my dream. But medicine isn't all about me, at University I teach too. Yes, with my short 22 years old, I teach anatomy to educate new doctors. Ok, you discover that I really love what I do. University is the reason why I can't participate in the forum because I expend almost 15 hours of my day taking classes and teach. Ok, it doesn't sounds funny, but indeed it is, because I made a lot of friends and I really enjoy expend my time with them.
But University isn't all in my life. I love music too, maybe more than I love medicine. I play many instruments, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, piano, flute and hamonica (I think that it's the way to write this word). I really enjoy playing guitar more than any other thing, and I really enjoy listening to music. I like a lot of bands, like, Metallica, Stratovarius, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, and I like other styles, like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes.
What else about me? Oh, right, something interesting about me is that I dance TANGO, maybe most of you some day in your life heard "Por una cabeza" by Carlos Gardel, and maybe saw dancing tango. Well, I think that Tango is a very beautiful dance and, if you ask me, I think it is really hot and sensual.
I think you found that my english isn't too good, well, you are right, but anyway I did a show in Bristol, England. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I am a magician. Yeah! :rock:. I have been in Europe two times. And one of them I did a magic show in Red Land School in Bristol. It was a great experience!!!
After all my description, why am I in a tennis forum? It's a good question. Well I like sports very much, specially football and tennis. I'm a Racing Club supporter here in Argentina, but I like european leagues too! And tennis, what can I say? It's a beautiful sport. I like Nalbandian, but I love seeing a match between Federer and Rafa. They are great, yes, I can't decided who is the best, both of them are great!
Ok I think that's all about me. I am a student of medicine, I teach anatomy at university, I love music and magic, I dance tango, and I think that I'm a really positive person, but why? Ok, because last year wasn't the best of my life, but I smile every day because like Beatles said "We can work it out". Anyway, maybe in next rounds I tell you more about me, maybe what happen last year, but it's all for today!
I wanna thanks to all the people who nominated me for trust me, and all MTF because you give me nice moments... no, no, no... you give me great tennis moments .

A video of me playing guitar with the band:


Those were the days...

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Hey, so most people know me already on the forum, and for those who don't i'm Sam. I post here for both the tennis and for fun. I try never to take the forum too seriously hence me doing these sorts of competitions. I am nearly 22 now and have an amazing set of friends in my life that i see as family. I love tattoos, hence having 8 (they turn me on so fucking much lol) and i'm one of those gays lol. I lead a fairly simple life that revolves around tennis, friends and work. I love sex, but who doesn't, and i have no problems discussing my sexuality and sex life with anyone. I'm open about most things in my life. Thanks for taking the time to read, and i hope you like my pictures to

Me on Pink Petrova Pony lol

Why they call me super sammy lol

Little me

My body

Booty shaking video!/...=1411295486584



thanks for looking, listening and reading

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I am twice or three times the age of any other contestant and I have a very small penis, so the chance of me making any progress in this competition is significantly lower than that of San Marino or Montserrat winning the World Cup.

I didn't think many people knew me outside of Tennis Tipping, but I was delighted to get through two rounds of the pop contest, so I must be doing something right. I will be happy if I can pick up one or two sympathy votes here.

I am a convinced Christian, but I respect the beliefs of others, and always prefer agreement to argument. Not everyone gets my sense of humour, and sometimes my big mouth gets me into trouble, but no malice is intended.

I am an Andy Murray fan, but I don't hate Nadal or Federer. In fact I don't hate any player really, although sometimes I make an exception for Boggo.

When not on MTF I enjoy table tennis, singing, Scrabble and computer games, and anything that keeps my brain active - IQ was 135 when last measured.

My philosophy was stated perfectly by Jill Jackson Miller, "Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me."

(Sick bags available on application to the organizer)

My dog

My theme song!

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Name: Adam
Age: 26
Occupation: Healer, Optician, and retired (Jewish) Olympic Athlete
Location: A Scotsman living in London (begrudgingly)

Likes: Tottenham Hotspur. Tennis. Music, especially Muse and the song "Barbie Girl." The colour orange. Starbucks. World Peace. l_mac. Home Alone. Dumb and Dumber. Jack Bauer. Romanians. Beaches. Cats.

Dislikes: Arsenal FC. Roger Federer. English people. MTF. Cruelty to animals

Notable Achievements
  • World's Blondest Jew-Fro 1986
  • Mr MTF winner 2007
  • Competed in 2009 Maccabi Games
  • Spent months as a volunteer, healing the optically challenged orphans of South Africa

For some, their beauty is only skin deep; for others, sweetness of personality overcomes aesthetic shortcomings. For the rare few, physical beauty is matched by a kindness and purity of heart. adee-gee is such a man. Healer ... Olympian ... Hero - all words used to describe this legend of MTF. One of the Pillars on which the glory years of MTF were built, Adam is a forumite of whom we should all be very proud. [l_mac, December 2010]

"I just wanted to make a difference, to help in whatever small way I could. I think I did. I really hope I did." - adee-gee, January 2010

adee-gee Promotional Video


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I gleefully accept the multiple nominations for Mr MTF 2010/2011. This entire profile can be placed wherever it needs to go along with all the photos once the competition gets underway.

My name is James. I am 21 years old, living in Auckland, New Zealand. I work full time as an operations clerk in a family business. This allows me unique opprtunity to post on Mens Tennis Forums from my office any hour of the day or night, and has helped me contribute infinately to MTF over the last 2 years or so, being an avid reader of MTF for about 6 months before I joined up.

My favourite tennis player is Roger Federer. I used to love the 2007 version of Andy Murray, but he changed his game to a pusher style to I stopped liking him too much.

Theres nobody on MTF I hate or dislike, and have never given any user a bad rep, ever in history. How many gentleman on MTF could you say that about, ladies?

I am currently single, so a very elligable bachelor. Yes, I still live at home with the parents, but this enables me a very large disposable income, I have much money saved up for a house one day, so I can offer the prospective young (or mature) lady a bright future with me.

I am 5 ft 8, about 72 kgs or 160lbs in the old measurements. I am athletic, very fit, play a multitude of sports including Rugby and Touch Rugby, I work out a lot, and enjoy playing pool or 8 ball as a hobby, have my own beautiful 8 by four foot slate table at my house too. I like animals and have 2 cats, one is 4 years old, the other 14.

I am a virgin as many on MTF know, but have been around the block with some woman, so am not a total amature. I am warm, caressing, sensitive and definately down for anything.

I like music. Rock is my bag. My favourite bands are Pink Floyd, Queen, The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin and Dire Straits. A woman who appreciates my musical tastes is an instant gold match

Enclosed are some photos of me, some more recent than others, but none more than 2 years old, and I have not changed one iota since any of these photos were taken, bar the Mostache that is present in some. If facial hair isn't your thing, James is down to shave it off, but you must also bring something to the table, nothing for nothing

I enjoy quiet nights in, but am certainly partial to a good party or pub/club crawl. I enjoy drinking Red Wine, but beer or anything else will do nicely

So I am a financially secure, well rounded and gentlemanly 21 yearold seeking female companionship. Vote for me as Mr MTF for 2010/2011, I will enrich your lives every day with GM threads and my own personal annecdotes

Bye for now; James.

Me and an old girlfriend its the one closest to me. Her mother next to her. I could be in with both

Myself with another female.

Myself in dashing white suit at luxury wedding;

More photos;

As a 17 yearold in school uniform;

Myself and my sister at her wedding day;

"If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy, I could have won."

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My name is Jonathan and I am an American. An American in every sense of the word, seeing as my ethnicity is a mixed as they come. A total break down I believe would be: English, Irish, German, Portugese, Native American, African, and Haitian. At least, that I know of. My hobbies include playing tennis and pleasing women. My finest and most interesting traits would be the way I make people think and look at the world in a different view than they normally do. I ain't like most people. I was born in Alabama but grew up in Florida. I am part "southern gentleman", but also part "cocky south florida homeboy" as well.

Nadal is my favorite and has been for years, Roddick as well, and I've come around to appreciating Federer. Nalbandian and safin too. I live and die with the Miami Dolphins and Heat. I plan to be the #1 player in the world one day and FUCK OFF to anyone who doubts me.

I am an avid reader and writer. I wanted to be a journalis for a while, before I realized I wanted to play, not write about others playing I love to read book on philosophy and religion, really get my mind working. I also love music and would love to be an actor when my tennis career is over. Multi-talented, I know.

If I was to describe myself and my tennis game, take the fluid talent of a Federer, mix it with the pure physicality and mental strength of a Nadal, throw in a little Andy Roddick brashness but also some Edberg sportsmanship. Of course, you must mix in the irresistable charm of a Marat safin too, and you have who I am on court. I will be playing 2 futures in January and possibly more in the spring, depending on finances, of course.

I would like the voters to not judge me simply by the sex threads I start in NT. It is all in good fun. I've also got something of a dark high school past that some on here are aware of, but that I don't plan on expositing on anytime soon. Maybe in 10 years after my playing career I'll write a book. Any special talents I have? Well, I can't tell you everything, that would take away some of the excitement

I should win this coveted contest because I am clearly the best candidate for the title. I mean, it would just fit. It is like Nadal winning the Roland Garros.

If I should win this event, I would make the world a better place by continuing to leave good impressions on anybody I meet. In life, I feel the best way to get ahead is to help others get ahead as well. There is so much selfishness and greed in this world that someone with humility and a good heart with a tough outer shell like me is rare. At least, one that admits to it.

My inspiration and heroes include Vincent Chase, Jim Morrison, Johnny Depp, and a host of other good actors. I want to be an actor in my 30's once my tennis career is over. Other inspirations for me include any athlete that has overcome injury or lack of money or lack of height, seeing as I have to battle all 3 of those every single day. Also my mom. she raised me into the man I am today. Everything I have is because of her.

In closing, you should vote for me because I posess all the quality one should look for in a potential Mr. MTF. Not just in looks, but in personality and worth to the world. I cannot wait until I am a world famous globe trotting athlete, going around the world and representing my country well. I will be the lightning rod, I will be the swift kick in the ass that the ATP needs to jumpstart this sport's global popularity. This game will be much better off when I leave it than when I arrived. Not to mention of course the variety of women I plan to meet all over the world.

I will do the award justice and when the roll of honour is called and you see: 2010 Mr. MTF- Groove Dude, you can say: "Damn, what a legend."


From 4 months ago

From today

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theme song

your favorite Arab is back! after a disappointing showing in Mr.MTF last year where I narrowly lost in the RR stage, I hope to win it all this time as I plan to restore peace in the Middle East, bring democracy, freedom, and full women rights in Saudi Arabia, and end all injustice, poverty and terrorism in our world, all I need is this title to help me achieve these noble goals, yes we can


..what, what are you looking at?


theme song

so who am I exactly? well, the earliest I can remember are screams of: "OMG look at him, he's sooo cuuuuute", that's when my self-esteem started to raise up, I have to say I had a really happy childhood, I was very lucky to have all that I had back then.

while those pictures don't show it much, I was actually a large baby for my age, mom tells me that the first words the nurse told her when I was born were "big baby! big baby", I'm sure that's what my mom was looking forward to hear at that moment, not my health or if I was breathing or not, then again I still get the "oh look at you, did you get taller?" to this day instead of a simple "how are you?", being tall isn't as easy as you think...


theme song

then I grew up got taller, ah the teen years, with all the confusion and rebelling, actually I wasn't much of a rebel, I turned my focus into excelling in my school and reading in my free time, while the lifestyle I led is that of slightly outgoing geek, I was never shy of speaking in public or assuming leadership rules or having fun with a big group, I was always a star in my school due to my academic excellence and - along with my height - it meant that people looked up to me both literally and figuratively, you can clearly see it in my smug look here


theme song

then I got even taller (believe it or not), so I decided to go to Japan to compare my height with them Japanese people, it boosts the confidence to look down upon a whole nation I tell you, no matter how smart, good, successful and proud they are, they had to look up to me, hehe..

this is a real samurai outfit btw, I tried it out right outside a samurai museum, this is the biggest size they had and it still barely fit me :/


theme song

......then I took a shower.


theme song

then I had a cute little bunny! I loved it and he loved me, see how cuuuuuuuuute he is?

hopefully this will get me votes from the animal loving population of MTF..


theme song

a quote I read lately and I liked says: "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind", I admire authenticity and people who have the strength to live, think, feel and act to their full potential without worrying about what others might think or say, and that's the way in which I try to lead my life.


theme song

I'm very optimistic with a more respectable showing this year, why you ask? because I'm coming with a better "form" this year! yes ladies and gents, I've worked my ass off days and nights, through blood, sweat and tears with only Mr.MTF in sight, and like a proper cheesy commercial you get to compare yourself:


thanks for voting me in advance, if you didn't...




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