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Re: Martina Hingis Tested Positive For Cocaine!

Originally Posted by celia View Post
I believe the word for her is 'slut'. Check my name-calling thread in Polls & Quizzes.

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

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Re: Martina Hingis Tested Positive For Cocaine!

Originally Posted by ClayBuzza View Post
Sensible post.

I'd like to add my 2 cents on this matter as well, in a serious manner.
Apart from it being true or not - and as I have quite a high trust in dope controll, I fear it is - Martina is not the only high-level player who could have succumbed to the attraction of drugs. It's only human.

I understand it's difficult to comprehend for many, but believe me, people under high strain - and Martina sure felt the high expectations set on her - are often inclined to take certain drugs, if only to combat their own deeply felt inadequacy to deal with those high expectations. Don't judge this, if you've never felt those high expectations set on yourself as well!

I can't blame her at all, in fact.
Just look at her - a child prodigy (being awfully pushed by her mother BTW, who even named her after Navratilova!), achieving AMAZING results at a very young age, then becoming plaqued by injuries, loss of concentration, etc. - and finally, deciding to make a come-back at a relatively old age (yeah, 26 is 'old' in women's tennis!). She did very well for a while, even coming back to a #6 ranking in the WTF, and then suddenly, AGAIN a nasty injury. And another one...

And on top of it, her engagement with Stepanek ended. I know, a lot of people made jokes about it, but why not believe - if only for a second - that she indeed LOVED the guy? It's not all about looks in the Real World, you know - I happen to think she was very true in her feelings and just received another major BLOW when her engagement ended.
And then, Wimbly - getting beating by a player much lower than her...

I can well understand that on a bad night, she suddenly felt this feeling "What The FUCK!" at disgust about all that happened to her, just decided to party herself out of her mind, and took a bit of coke. It's not THAT unusual to happen (Wilander was caught as well, remember?).

I have this feeling that she might have just allowed 'others', 'powers-that-be' (i.c. the doping controll committee) to pull the trigger in the end, as she perhaps not felt capable of doing it herself. The fact that this comes after having been 'caught' after Wimbly supports my view in this case. The fact that she seems to have chosen not to battle against the accusations even more.

Of course, all I say here is only a theory - but in any way, I rather feel PITY for her more than anything else, and hope she'll get out of this as good as possible, given the circumstances. All the best to her in the rest of her life - and I'll remember her as a wonderful, very talented player.

Whatever happens, she will be missed, and I will always have fond memories of her!

Here's to you, Swiss Miss!
This post made me sad. What a terrible shame for tennis, Martina, and her fans. She's only human after all.

And she isn't a slut.
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Re: Martina Hingis Tested Positive For Cocaine!

never liked her

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Re: Martina Hingis Tested Positive For Cocaine!

Come back wasn't a successs but this isn't the way a player of such calibre had to go out. She had more dignity when she retired in 2002.

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Re: Martina Hingis Tested Positive For Cocaine!

Originally Posted by Black Adam View Post
Come back wasn't a successs but this isn't the way a player of such calibre had to go out. She had more dignity when she retired in 2002.
As a self-confesssed Hingis devotee, I don't think there was much "dignity" Martina left behind when she quit back in '02. Not many people - at least those who know their tennis - believed Martina's foot injuries were severe enough to push her out of the sport permanently. Lo and behold, they were right.

And now, she's "retired" again, but with a bit more scandal involved. Although it's sad to see her leave in such circumstances, it's a major disappointment as well. She's such a talented athlete, it's tragic to see her potentials not being reached. Sometimes I think she rose too fast and too early. If she had developed her game more, she might've made a smoother transition from a finesse-era into a ball-bashing-era.

A lot of people would realise that cocaine is destructive, and therefore no athlete would use it to "enhance" their performance. That's why I don't think there's a strong link between the drug test and Martina's decision to quit. There might be a connection, but not as profound as the main reason she left before - her confidence being battered. As painful as it is to say, I suspect it was a bruised ego, due to so many bad results, that's again convinced her to exit. Martina's not stupid, she wouldn't use cocaine during WIMBLEDON (of all tournaments) - it was probably a front to detract from the real reason.

That being said, no-one should take this as an opportunity to kick Martina when she's down. Whatever's happened, she should at least be commended for her achievements and bringing such a beautiful game into the sport.
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Re: Martina Hingis Tested Positive For Cocaine!

On the other hand, this puts the 1999 French fiasco against Steffi in a whole new light. Yes, Martina has long been a loser.

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Re: Martina Hingis Tested Positive For Cocaine!

Martina Hingis is innocent. Martina Hingis forever!

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