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Re: Bryan Twins

Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan
Saturday, January 28, 2006


4‑6, 6‑3, 6‑4

Q. Bob, what is the feeling like after winning this?

BOB BRYAN: Unbelievable. I had nothing left in my body by the end of that match. It was so emotional. You know, there was a lot of energy there, they were doing chest pumps, we were doing chest pumps. We were hanging on. It was just pure balls at the end. We were down breakpoints pretty much every game in the third. It was just pure relief and happiness and excitement at the end. Not many words can describe the feeling.

Q. Mike, your feelings, as well?

MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, I mean, the whole match, we're going so hard, I was just in a zone. I had every type of emotion: pissed off, jacked up, you know, just let it all hang out. You know, by the end there, we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, which was nice.

You know, it feels good to get this notch because over the last two years, came up a little short. But, you know, there's nothing more special than winning a Slam with your brother. So this is going to feel good for a long time.

Q. You say "pissed off." What were you pissed off about?

MIKE BRYAN: Well, I mean, it was getting really competitive out there. You know, it's never fun seeing someone steal your move and do a chest pump at you (smiling).

But that fired us up. I mean, it made for great tennis.

Q. Can you talk about how it might be extra special winning something like this with your brother, with someone you know inside out?

BOB BRYAN: Yeah, I mean, it's unreal. I mean, we have one trophy case at our house. We put all our doubles trophies in there. We share everything.

MIKE BRYAN: We share a car, share a house. We've basically had the same goals. We've been going about them since we were, you know, six, seven years old. You know, finally they're coming true. It's pretty unbelievable doing it with your brother, getting to share it with him.

BOB BRYAN: Yeah, it's much more satisfying than any singles accomplishment that we've ever had.

MIKE BRYAN: We stay together. We can go back and talk about it, talk about it forever, so it's great.

Q. When it gets tight in a match like this in the third set, you have been playing together forever, they started playing together last week or the week before, do you have an X factor that gets you out of the line there?

BOB BRYAN: I think we have something. We read each other so well. In these big moments, we bring just a lot of positive energy. We haven't been letting each other down in these big moments. We've been always just pulling each other up.

In the past when we were lower ranked, we would get on each other. The brotherly, you know, rivalry would hurt us. But now it's helping us win these big titles.

MIKE BRYAN: We have so many matches in the bank. We've been through everything. You know, I can tell Bob one word. When he was serving for it at the very end there, I gave him a few references to the past. I said, you know, we were serving for the match in Indian Wells a few years ago and we blew it against Leander. I just said, "Indian Wells." I think that sparked him.

We've just been through so much together. That's our advantage over most teams.

Q. What is your goal for the year now? Obviously you've won a Grand Slam. You've reached the finals of all these others. Do you seriously think in any way that the Grand Slam itself might be possible in a single year?

BOB BRYAN: I don't think so. You know, we're going to take one set at a time. But there's so many good teams. This tennis is so even. I feel fortunate for every one of these we win. To put four in a row together, that seems pretty impossible.

But who knows. We're working hard. Woodbridge is retired. As long as guys keep retiring, we'll be the only guys left, maybe one of these days (smiling).

That's going to be really tough.

MIKE BRYAN: The margins are pretty slim in doubles. One break of serve and it could be it. I thought it was pretty remarkable to get to the finals of four. I mean, but the Grand Slam, I think that's out of reach.

BOB BRYAN: We'll see.

Q. Doubles has undergone a lot of change on the ATP circuit in recent weeks. There's been the announcement of the new advertising campaign, certain new rules as well. Just occurred to me that here, third set, that was an incredible set. That's going to be lost in the new system. It's going to be a champions tiebreak, all those advantage games and so forth. What are your thoughts on that?

BOB BRYAN: I mean, there's two ways you can look at it. I mean, you got the breakpoints, the deuce games. There's a lot of excitement there. We're going to lose that in the ATP events. We're going to give it up for a 3‑All point, which could be exciting, too. It's a one point do‑or‑die situation. We're not too used to it. It's something that we're giving a trial period. I think we're all going to try to get behind this scoring system for a year and see if it can make doubles better. Who knows, it might happen in the Slams in a couple years.

But I think we're just going to have to wait and see. In Sydney, the fans got behind it. We'll see how they respond in Europe and in the States. I think all the players have to get behind the scoring system and see if we can make doubles better.

MIKE BRYAN: I mean, the president has a vision. Etienne has a vision. He wants to promote doubles more. Now there's a huge contrast between singles and doubles. Doubles is quick, more exciting. But, you know, like today, they needed the doubles out there. It was a short singles match. I think the fans liked to see more tennis.

Q. Must have been a buzz out there, too, with a full stadium.
MIKE BRYAN: Yeah. I mean, the third set worked well today. We'll see how the third‑set breaker goes.


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