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Originally Posted by adee-gee
there's a lot of different careers I could go into. Although to be honest, I'm not really sure what I want to do when I finish uni. The thing is, in Britain most people don't go down the same career path as the course that they've taken at university. As long as you get a good degree, many employers look upon you favourably, even if the degree has nothing to do with the job you're going for.
Wow that's odd. Waste of time and brain space I considered alot of stuff (art) til I finally settled on nursing Everyone says it's gonna be HARD I am SO up for this. Y'all probably won't see me very often, if at all. All be somewhere buried under a ton of books @.@

BIRTHDAY TO ME! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! HAPPY BIRTDAY DEAR MEEEEEEE!....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Woot! I'm gonna get so much money today! LMAO! I dunno if any other countries do this, but in the USA, people walk around with money pinned to them so everyone knows it's their birthday and give them money I got 3 dollars yesterday at work, and I'm going out tonight! "I love to sing-a...about da moon-a and da June-a and da spring-a...I love to sing-a..." I'm 20 I can't sing "Teenage dirtbag" anymore!!! My last day as a teenager was ok I guess. Ha! Now I can sing "I AM! Smellin' like a rose that somebody gave me on my birthday deathbed!..." Ok blah blah blah....

Someday, we'll all be free.

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