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Re: Roger news and articles


May 5, 2004

A. COSTA/R. Federer
3-6, 6-3, 6-2


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Roger.

Q. You seemed to start very well the match, much better than yesterday, and then suddenly things turned around in the second set. What happened?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I missed my chances really, I thought, you know, early in the first set a little bit, but also the same at the start of the second. I knew it will be a tough match, you know. I played really aggressive in the beginning; it worked well. And, you know, also volleyed some great shots, which, you know, which kept me holding my serve. So I was trying to play as good as I could in the second also, but he got into the game, he got the break and started to feel how he should play me. That's what cost me the match in the end.

Q. At the end you seemed to be little bit in a rush. Were you losing confidence or control or what?

ROGER FEDERER: No, it was just tough match, you know, for me. I tried everything I could. He didn't miss any easy returns anymore. He didn't give me much. It was up to me to really do something extra; not him. He knew what he had to do. I was trying to find out what I had to change, and that was difficult. I missed my chance when I came back in the third. The one long, tough rally cost me the set and the match in the end. But that's a pity because up until then, I thought I was playing okay, you know. Still, I was missing many, many shots, but I knew that would happen in the beginning of the clay court season.

Q. What does your coach, Mr. Federer, say you have to do now?

ROGER FEDERER: Go on the practice courts, very simple. Because I haven't been playing well in practice, haven't been playing good in the matches. So all that's going to bring my confidence up is to practice what I thought was terrible today, and that's what I'm going to do. Hopefully, I'll be ready for the French, because so far I'm not really happy with my game.

Q. What was terrible in your mind?

ROGER FEDERER: Oh, too many things. I'm not happy with my serve, my return, my forehand sometimes, even though, you know, obviously it's my biggest weapon. But the movement also, at the same time. I feel I'm not quite where I should be, maybe. And, you know, I knew Rome will be a tough challenge for me. It's a huge tournament, great players, you know - Costa, everybody knows how good, how strong he is on clay. Just, yeah, couldn't get through this one. It was too tough.

Q. What changes do you think you will have to make in your play before France?

ROGER FEDERER: Not much. The game plan is all right. You know, I know how I have to play on clay, you know. But the thing is just what I want to do, I can't really do it the way I want. Obviously, the opponent has something to do with it, but at the same time, you know, it's also little bit of lack of confidence because clay courts -- the clay plays differently than the rest. I just have to, you know, go on the practice courts and really do drills. And hopefully then, you know, I'll feel better on certain shots.

Q. It's just a problem of confidence, do you think?

ROGER FEDERER: I don't know. If you can tell me the answer, tell me. But I have to go on the practice courts, that's all I can tell you.

Q. Is this the down side of having to take a break, almost a forced break, on the Tour?

ROGER FEDERER: No, I mean, definitely, you know, I didn't play my best, but I think my opponent, he played well. I think people are looking at this as too dramatic, you know. I think this is an open match on any surface. I lost to him in Miami a year ago on hard court, and here I lose to him again. So I think he's a very good player, and I think we should also respect his game a little more. Because everybody's talking about me having a break, of being ready and missing too many shots, and I think that's not what we should be talking about. I hope, you know, I'm ready for the French Open and for Hamburg next week, that I'll play better. I cannot change anything. For me, it's not a disaster, because I knew how tough the clay court season is for me. And that's it, there's no more to say about this subject really.

Q. This morning in Athens, several bombs went off. Let me ask you something. You and the others who are going to the Olympics, the athletes going there, are you worried about the security problem?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, the security is as tough as never before, right, so... I also hope the stadium will be there in time so that there is an Olympics. But, obviously, that's something not very good. I hope they can control it a little better. But what can I say? It's not good news.

Q. You're not questioning whether it's safe for you to participate at the moment? Is that too premature?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, he just told me what happened. So, I mean, obviously , it's not a good thing and I don't know what to really think about it because I don't know how bad it is. We have a lot of problems in the world right now, so it's not the only one. Yeah, I mean, obviously makes you consider it a little bit more, yeah.

Q. A few years ago Sampras lost here and the crowd was whistling him because they thought he wasn't trying. Today, you had also some whistles. What is your reaction when something like that happens? Do you think it's unfair? Do you think they don't understand?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, for me, it's no respect, because I try to run after every ball for over two hours, and I'm disappointed in myself that I lost. You know, I don't get any applause, nothing. When I maybe leave the court, there is some whistles. That is not, you know, very funny. But, you know, the people, they think what is right, you know, but I know it's wrong so... All I can say is I try every time 100 percent, and it's a pity to see such reactions.

End of FastScripts….
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Re: Roger news and articles

Thanks moonlight

WyverN, I'm not so convince though by just practicing himself is effecive enough comparing to real match experience. Nevertheless, we'll see how it goes in hamburg. Does anybody have any idea how did he go with the doubles in rome?
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Re: Roger news and articles

I also noticed Mirka's ring -- never saw it before but it doesn't look like an engagement ring if that's what you're wondering.

I also agree that Rogi needs REAL matchplay but I don't think he s enter St Poelten cos that w upset his sched of leaving one week open before each slam, as he did last yr.

He knows what he has to do and will do his best in Hamburg I'm sure... he must also learn to cope w wet weather tho... it bothered him yesterday and ruined his first rd match vs. Arazi in RG02...

Looks like Rogi has already started to think more positively now... good boy, Rogi!!

Rogi definitely does NOT have the RG title on his agenda but if he HAPPENS to get a favourable draw, pretty good weather and be in the zone, despite all those strong players on clay, of which there are many and many of whom beat Rogi, even on a faster surface, then sure, why not him? I believe Rogi can win RG one day. It's just not a priority for him this year. I think he is more concerned about defending Wimby first, which is the right decision.

If he can't win Hamburg again, then he can always shoot for his Gstaad on clay. And he will of course aim to win BASEL this year, THE home tourney he cherishes the most!



Glad to see Moya and Safin won today... VAMOS TOMMY R!!! Pls stop la pioggia... managgia!!

Hopp Rogi! Go Gonzo! Allez Gasquet!

Más vale maña que fuerza -- proverbio español
"Pero, con todos mis respetos para Rafa, Federer tiene más talento." - Marat Safin
"Pero para mí el mejor es Roger Federer. / For me, the best is Roger Federer." - D. Nalbandian
"He's the best sportsman, I think, in the world. He has a lot of humble." - Rafael Nadal
"He's so charismatic." - Marcos Baghdatis
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Re: Roger news and articles

From TennisWeek:

Tennis Week: Do you see Andre playing another year or two? Or given the fact he hasn't won a title in a year if he didn't win one this year do you think this could be it for him? He still seems to give so much.

Nick Bollettieri: You know and I know that Andre is such a role model that as long as Andre thinks he can keep on winning, then Andre will continue playing. I think what happens today, to win a Grand Slam today, you have to get some free points from your serve. And if you don't get some free points against Federer and guys like that, then it's awful tough to win a Grand Slam no matter how dedicated and how physically fit Andre Agassi is. He wins most of these matches because of his return of serve and because of his physical fitness. And of course, he knows how to win. But when you get to these young, top guys, who perhaps win a lot of free points off their serve and you're giving up 10 to 12 years, then it makes it a little tough for Andre. But nobody competes better and if anybody can do it at 34 years old it would be Agassi.

Tennis Week: Do you see anyone out there now who can challenge Federer long-term for No. 1? Or do you think Federer will reign at No. 1 for as long as he wants to be there?

Nick Bollettieri: I believe that Federer can reign a long time. The problem with being No. 1 is that you can't slip up for a minute just like he slipped up at Nasdaq. He was fortunate to get through the first round before losing to Nadal at Nasdaq. But when you're No. 1 and you have to stay there for 100 weeks or 200 weeks that means you have to compete against yourself like Pete Sampras did. And only a few people can compete against themselves each and every day to remain No. 1. No one knows (if Federer can do that), but the thing about Federer is that there's a lot of other damn good tennis players out there as well. I mean, the men's tour is very, very deep. So the pressure on Federer is he can't let up for one second. Now, the ladies tour now that's become a little weak again. Remember, last year, the year before, you had 10, 12, 15, 20 ladies (who were competitive). But right now, you've got 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 men who can be competitive. So by God, to be No. 1 you gotta bust your ass every single day. So you can't let up for one second. That's the penalty of being the best in the world. I think Andre said it well about Federer. He said: "The guy does everything well." He glides well, he moves well, he serves well. You know he just has no weakness and he's beginning to volley more. But the big problem you have of being No. 1 is you can't let up for one second because every player out there wants to say: "I beat the No. 1 man in the world." It's like Tommy Haas this weekend beating Roddick. You know, you get extra adrenaline when you play the best guy! You know Tiger Woods made everybody play the best golf. So he created Mickelson to be the best No. 2 in the world. Look what Venus and Serena did. They forced Justine Henin-Hardenne and Clijsters to go to the damn gym to get better, right?
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Re: Roger news and articles

He wasn't feeling well at Miami so it's understandable he had to struggle in his first match and then stumble to Nadal in the next round.

Anyway, thanks LCeh for the article.

Maybe Sampras took over from me and now Federer will take over from Sampras - Edberg

ROGI BOLEH!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Roger news and articles


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Re: Roger news and articles

I live in the Us and just noticed that also. I don't know if i should stay up till 3 or wake up to watch it. But would it have killed ESPN or ESPN2 to show this during the morning when they are showing all those repeat of Sportscenter? I mean they show the same version of sportscenter from 6:00am to 12 noon. one hour of tennis won't hurt anyone.
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Re: Roger news and articles

Its. 3:30 am. Correction.
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Re: Roger news and articles

Home > Sports > Tennis > Reuters > Report

Federer eyes another Halle-Wimbledon double

June 07, 2004 21:18 IST

World number one Roger Federer said he hoped to use this week's Halle Open as a springboard to capturing a second straight Wimbledon crown.
Federer, 22, who begins his Halle title defence on Tuesday, went on to win a first Wimbledon championship after defeating Germany's Nicolas Kiefer in straight sets in the final of the German grasscourt tournament last year.

"It will be one of the biggest challenges of my career to stay unbeaten again in both grass tournaments," the Basel-born Swiss said at a news conference. "But I think it's possible."

Federer's Halle victory in 2003 helped him recover from defeat in the first round of the French Open and paved the way for his ascent of the world rankings as he chalked up victories at Wimbledon and in the Australian Open.

"I discovered energy and a new level of concentration here last year," the Swiss said. "I really had to fight in the first few rounds but it was vital for me to know that I could still win important matches."

Federer said local favourite Tim Henman would pose one of his biggest threats at the two-week Wimbledon championships, which start on June 21.

Grass specialist Henman surprised at Roland Garros this year by reaching the semi-finals after Federer lost in straight sets in the third round to Brazil's Gustavo Kuerten.

At this year's Halle event, which has total prize money of 791,750 euros ($975,300), Kiefer and Dutchman Martin Verkerk would be his main rivals, Federer predicted.

The Swiss is seeded number one and will play Sweden's Thomas Johansson in the first round on Tuesday. Federer has beaten Johansson, 87th in the ATP world rankings, four times out of four although they have not played on grass.

Germany's Rainer Schuettler is seeded two with Verkerk at four and Russia's Marat Safin at five.
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Re: Roger news and articles

Thanks for posting the article Dirk!

Originally Posted by Rogi
"It will be one of the biggest challenges of my career to stay unbeaten again in both grass tournaments," the Basel-born Swiss said at a news conference. "But I think it's possible."
That's what I like to hear. He didn't have this confidence on clay, glad to see that he thinks he can be unbeaten again this year!
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Re: Roger news and articles

Sometimes I wonder if this recent spate of over-praise from Andy and Roger might be just a ploy to put Tim under even more enormous pressure and expectations at Wimbledon this year. After all, Tim's the only one who can take them both out. So sly!

Federer hails Henman

Roger Federer insists Tim Henman is one of the main threats in the draw ahead of his defence of the Wimbledon title.

"With a new coach and new ideas and a new game plan Henman definitely has a chance," Federer told BBC Sport.

"I think he's a great player with an unbelievable knowledge about the game and I believe he can win.

"He's the best volley player in the game right now and maybe of all-time. I never played Stefan Edberg or Pat Rafter enough but he's right up there."

Henman has been playing some of the best tennis of his career in the last six months and has benefited from teaming up with Paul Annacone, former coach to seven-time Wimbledon champion Pete Sampras.

But Federer, who is playing without the support of a coach since splitting with Sweden's Peter Lundgren in December, is in no mood to relinquish his Wimbledon crown.

The Swiss player has stated his ambition for the year is to retain top spot in the rankings and his Wimbledon title after enjoying a "complete season" in 2003.

"It was a consistent, solid season with points spread out all over the year," he added.

"There was one bad tournament, the French Open, and other than that I basically won a tournament every three or four weeks or so which was incredible.

"Hopefully I can stick where I am right now, but to be number one I have to play well again at Wimbledon and I'm ready for that."

Congrats to Andy Roddick, 2017 Hall of Fame!

"I beat him the last time. He's lucky I retired." — Andy Roddick on RF

Mugs Tennis Forums
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Re: Roger news and articles

Whats Roger talking about. He played Rafter atleast a couple of times! I certainly dont think Henmans the best volleyer ALL TIME, but is the best right now, which is'nt saying much.

"I think that now and until the end of my career, I can really play with my mind at peace, and no longer hear that I've never won Roland Garros." - Roger Federer
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Re: Roger news and articles

i think he is just being diplomatic, being in england it is smart of him to praise tim and get the crowd on his side

tim is far below edberg in terms of volleying
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Re: Roger news and articles

Originally Posted by WyveN
i think he is just being diplomatic, being in england it is smart of him to praise tim and get the crowd on his side

Yeah, I think Roger is just trying to be nice overall, and lay off some of his pressure as the favorite. But Tim really doesn't have the best volleys. Maybe next he would say Andy has the best serve of all time.

Last edited by LCeh; 06-12-2004 at 03:31 AM.
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Re: Roger news and articles

Roger related article:

Becker: Henman's Hopes For Wimbledon Win Are Slim

British bookmaker Ladbrokes rates Tim Henman as a 5/1 shot to win Wimbledon.
Three-time Wimbledon winner Boris Becker says don't bet on it.

The seven-time Wimbledon finalist said on Henman's "very, very best day" the final four will be his final stop. From his position in the BBC broadcast booth, Becker has watched Henman advance to the All England Club's final four on four occasions. But Becker believes Britain's best hope to claim the country's first men's singles title since Fred Perry captured his third consecutive crown in 1936 has overachieved at the grass-court Grand Slam.

"He’s not number one player in the world, but he plays above his level every year when Wimbledon comes," Becker told a group of students at Oxford Union. "On his very very best day, he’s going to reach the semifinal."

The semifinal statement seem to contradict a comment Becker made last December.

"Of course (Henman) can win a Grand Slam," Becker said at a December press conference to promote the Honda Challenge senior event staged in London's Royal Albert Hall.

Henman's inspired run to the Roland Garros semifinals where he held a one-set, 4-2 lead over third-seeded Guillermo Coria raised hopes Henman can break through to his first Wimbledon final. The fact that Henman has beaten defending champion Roger Federer in six of their eight meetings, including a four-set quarterfinal conquest of the world No. 1 in their lone grass-court clash at Wimbledon in 2001, provides his supporters with cause for optimism.

U.S. Davis Cup captain Patrick McEnroe was highly impressed with Henman's Roland Garros run and McEnroe told Tennis Week he believes a Henman can win Wimbledon — provided he doesn't have to face Federer during the fortnight.

"Henman can win Wimbledon. I think it's possible, but I do not think it's likely if Federer gets into the semis and Henman has to play him," McEnroe said. "Yes, he has a winning record against Federer, but he got drilled by Federer the last time they played (Federer scored a 6-3, 6-3 victory in the Indian Wells final in March). I definitely think Federer is the favorite and I think it's less likely Federer's going to get upset early as he did against Guga in the French Open. I said in Paris if Federer made it through the first week, he'd win it. To me, as he gets deeper in the draw, Federer is even more confident and more dangerous." has installed the Swiss stylist as a 6/5 favorite to raise his third career Grand Slam trophy followed by 2003 semifinalist Andy Roddick at 4/1, Henman at 5/1 and 2002 champion Lleyton Hewitt at 10/1. McEnroe said the odds makers offer an even-handed assessment of the outcome.

"Henman's going in as the third favorite and I think that's totally accurate," McEnroe said. "I do think Andy has a better chance because he can serve so big and hold serve comfortably. If Roddick is in the zone on his serve he can beat anyone on grass. The key for Henman is he's got more pop on his serve than he did a year ago. He's got a little more strength now and he's confident, but I don't see him beating Federer at Wimbledon."

The 29-year-old Henman's grass-court game is rooted in his backyard. The competitive clashes Henman had with his older brothers, Michael and Richard, on the court built in his family's backyard shaped his style of play while he was growing up. Though Henman grew up on grass, he has never won a grass-court title, but he has proven his grass-court prowess by reaching the Queen's Club final three times in addition to registering a 36-10 record at Wimbledon.

In the past, Henman has been criticized in the British press as lacking the killer instinct necessary to prevail beneath the pressure of Grand Slam play. Dismissing the depiction of Henman as too soft to win a Grand Slam, Becker believes Henman is under appreciated in his home country.

"I believe Tim is one of the greatest sportsman Britain has ever produced — especially in tennis," Becker said. "I hope he gets the respect he deserves when he retires. He has achieved great things every year, with his four Wimbledon semifinals and winning a Masters Series title. He has two or three years to win a Grand Slam. People in Britain should appreciate that because there is not much young talent coming up behind him."
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