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Ninja descended upon the land of OZ pursuing the great Cryptic Cup. As he was resting in his hotel room and about to set out on his adventure he brought up the memories which led him to this point. Walking into the Prime Minster’s office he felt an assignment of great importance was about to be assigned to him. The Minster of Switzerland wanted Ninja to steal the ancient Cryptic Cup of Oz during their National Holiday. The Minster felt this was the best time because the Aussies would be too punch drunk and happy-go-lucky to properly protect the cup during this time. With the security lax this is the perfect time for Ninja to bring yet another goodie to the National Treasury of Switzerland. As Ninja began changing into his gear for the mission he decided this time to picture the future of Switzerland. A future of growing glory, courtesy of himself of course. This was yet another mission in the grand scheme of his life. A life of consistency bringing glory to his homeland.

Ninja went down to the lobby of the hotel hoping to sneak out of a back door when he noticed something strange. He felt the hotel had become a ghost town all of a sudden. He ventured in the lobby only to find not a single soul. He then heard some annoying laughing. A boy stood up from his chair in the corner. Alex was his name. Ninja was in no mood for punk pranksters so he inquired about the annoying laugh and what Alex thought was so funny. Alex pulled out his bat and swung at Ninja. Ninja caught the bat then kicked Alex in the stomach to bring him to his knees. Ninja then swung around behind Alex and put a knife to his throat. “Tell me who sent you, your nothing but an amateur; who else is here with you?” was the question posed to this two-bit punk. “ I wouldn’t do anything foolish because Andre and Andy are here too” utter Alex. Ninja of course doesn’t fear anyone and sadly for Alex never makes a mistake so with a big yank Ninja according to the world of Alex made a foolish move. After wiping his bloody black boot on hotel’s very expensive rug Ninja causally walked to the outside. He noticed a van with the engine running but with the lights out. The man in the van was staring at him. Ninja saw him pull something out from the back of the van. It was a grenade launcher. The man got out of the van and yelled “I know you got Alex but you won’t get away from me” as he was about to pull the trigger Ninja beamed a ninja knife right into the man’s left eye. He dropped to the ground. Ninja checked his wallet and found yet another American mercenary, Jeff Morrison. He knew from that moment, he was detected and he was in for yet another long, dangerous, and bloody mission.

The moon light was shining beautifully on Melbourne Park; Ninja swiftly made his way through the park to the stadium where the Cryptic Cup was located. As Ninja was moving he could feel someone was around him. He stopped and at that moment he was slashed in his lower back. Ninja quickly regained his wits and looked around to see an imp was standing before him. Ninja recognized him immediately, he was Todd Reid. Like Alex the young American mercenary before him, Todd had of the most annoying voices Ninja ever heard. Ninja with great rage walked over to Todd and before Todd could swing his saber again, Ninja palmed Todd’s head and pushed his thumb deep into Todd’s left eye socket and didn’t stop pushing until the evil screams of pain from this evil imp disappeared into the silence that death brought. Ninja was now fuming with anger. He was not happy that he was detected by both America and Australia. He also knew that Todd was Hewitt’s right hand imp and therefore he would not be far from a meeting with this evil imp. Ninja began to move but yet felt the sharp pain from the cut of the saber of the imp whom he just killed. Ninja arrived at the entrance to the site where the treasure was. He was happy that his mission was coming to an end but also felt so weary and weak. He slowly started to fall to the ground.

Upon waking up, Ninja heard the voice of a familiar ally and once he saw her face, his eyes lit up. She was Martina Hingis the top assassin and jewel thief of Switzerland before Ninja. “Don’t move too much, this cut needs to be clean and wrapped before you can continue with your mission”. “You know of it” Ninja replied. She spoke with a huge smile on her face “I was sent after we found out that America and Australia was on to you”. Ninja got up. He let her know that he felt better and thanked her for saving his life, but the sooner he gets that cup the sooner he can leave in one piece. Just then evil imp Hewitt came running from around the corner. He was salivating at the prospect of killing both the two top assassins and treasure hunters of Switzerland. Ninja stepped up to guard Martina and drew his sword while Hewitt pulled out his mini mace. They dueled for minutes but it seemed like an eternity to the young heroine forced to watch. Ninja eventually won after Hewitt was slowed down by slash after slash from Ninja’s blade. The evil imp’s bloody carcass dropped to the ground and Martina breathed a sign of relief. Ninja looked over to her and hinted that he needed a little more of her nursing before continuing with his mission.
Making his ways through the grounds of the stadium getting closer and closer to the National Treasure Ninja heard the fireworks going off and the cheering from the masses. He felt that while this mission did provide its difficulties in some ways it was like taking candy from a baby. This brief moment of peace was interrupted by yet another foe. David Nalbandian from Argentina was one of the most ruthless criminals in the entire world and often beating Ninja to the treasure of several of his missions. This time Ninja would not allow David to leave here alive let alone with the treasure he was sent to take. Ninja with a great glare in his eye withdrew his blade once more and the two fought it out. David immediately had Ninja on the defensive but with one quick spin to go behind David; Ninja had taken advantage and swiped the right part of David’s head from behind him. David screamed in pain and in even more pain after Ninja finished him off by impaling him from the back. Ninja could feel the end drawing near and rushed to make it to the cryptic cup before anyone else could dare to stop him.

Finally he was there at the doorway to the arena where the cup rested. This arena had seen many battered bodies, bodies which were there for the same reason that Ninja was now there for….to steal the Cryptic Cup of Oz. Before he could enter the arena a man came from behind one of the pillars. Ferrero from Spain. He was another treasure hunter and was the most famous one in Spain. His specialty was stealing treasure from the deserts of the world and he was the most wanted man in the Middle East due to his grave robbing of wealthy families. Ninja knew he was pretty wimpy as he never had a reputation for being fearsome. Ferrero gave Ninja a long look, seeing a man covered in blood all for the sake of stealing treasure freak Ferrero out. As he backed away Ninja pulled out a ninja star and flung it into Ferrero’s stomach. The Spaniard was too busy trying to pull it out to notice Ninja approaching him and by the time he did it was too late for Ninja kicked him right in the forehead and grabbed him as he was falling to the ground; stepping around him to deliver to fatal blow Ninja could hear Ferrero briefly beg for his life, but to no avail Ninja snapped his neck and made his way into the arena.

The place seemed very quiet. The only noise he heard were that of his own footsteps. He slowly walked to the alter where the cryptic cup rested and as he got closer saw a gravely site. Three men were lying dead on the ground before the treasure. Ninja took a closer look and saw that two of the men were in fact his two enemies Andre and Andy from America. Rarely does he smiled but this sight brought out one in Ninja. The third man was a Russian count named Marat Safin. Ninja had a feeling if he stayed here for too long he would end up like them. Stepping upon the alter Ninja finally claimed his prize. He lifted up the Cryptic Cup of Oz. Just then he heard moaning from one of the men. He turned around and it was the Russian Count Marat. Curious as to what happened Ninja decided against better judgment and used his holy powers he received last year from the Holyland after obtaining the golden trophy of the gods. Ninja summoned those gods to bring Marat to full health and so it was done. In an arena that had seen so much death finally it saw the rebirth of a man’s life. Marat came too and thanked Ninja for what he just did for him. He also explained what happened. Marat had come here to view the Cryptic Cup in person and to form a plan to steal it later on in the year but as he was taking the sights of the arena in he was attacked by both Andre and Andy. He fought them both off fist to fist but in doing so was poisoned by one of Andre’s daggers. Before he could safely escape he dropped to the ground and was very near death till this moment. Marat congratulated Ninja on taking the cup before him and promised him that he would not try anything as Ninja was taking his leave.

So as the sun was rising and the holiday was ending so too was yet another mission for the Ninja of Switzerland.
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man, that was awesome.
I could recommend this to my literature instructor.
It was a brilliat job!!!!!!!!!!!!
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