Ninja Mission: Solve the Missing Cattle Mystery. -
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Ninja Mission: Solve the Missing Cattle Mystery.

Ninja arrived in Houston, Texas to meet up with his informer. He was given a secret mission. To disguise himself as a cowboy and to uncover the mystery of the disappearing cattle in the state. His informer's information took him out to the western countryside of Texas to investigate under his new identity.

He wandering among the locals and visited some ranchers during the day, gathering clues. He wasn't thrilled with his get-up and being sent out here to play detective but the US needed him so the Swiss sent him. As he was moving about, he noticed an cowboy following him around. He was bald and word about town was he went by the name Andre. As Ninja was leaving an ranch after learning some important information about the disappearing cattle. Andre stop him and challenged him to a fight. Ninja didn’t want to hurt an local but he noticed that this cowboy wasn’t what he appeared. Andre drew out his claymore and the duel began. The battle was intense and lasted to nearly dusk with the two trading cuts before finally calling it quits. Ninja learned that Andre himself was after the cattle too. Was he sent to kill Ninja? It was an questioned the haunted Ninja’s mind as he went back into town.

Back in town, Ninja found a note on his motel room door. He followed its request and went out back to meet up with its author. Nalbandian the headhunter was his title. He was sent to kill Ninja and stop him from prying about the missing cattle. They fought, and Ninja was taken about by the warrior’s speed but slowed him down with an smoke bomb in the eyes. Nablandian was yelping in pain from it and rubbing his eyes, Ninja was kind enough to put him out of his misery but cutting his throat cleanly. Ninja went back to his motel and slept surprising well.

The next morning he sent out to find out some more clues. This time he went to the mayor of this country town. Mattress Mac is what they called him. He was a big city boy who had taken a love to the countryside. He told Ninja nothing useful and made it seem as if cattle disappearing was no big deal at all. Any use of the mayor’s office in this investigation was off the table Ninja thought as he left the building. Ninja roamed the area some more and then spotted an cowboy off in the distance. He looked familiar, yes it was Andre the man he fought yesterday. Ninja on his horse slowly followed him. He made sure to keep his distance so Andre wouldn’t run away. Ninja had a feeling that Andre knew some things that he didn’t. Ninja was almost happy to have not killed him the other day. This was an turning point indeed.

The trail Ninja followed took him to an old farm and what seemed to be a factory of some sort right in the middle of the forest. As soon as Ninja got off of his horse, an Spanish Special Ops solider jumped from a nearby by tree on to Ninja. They rolled around on the ground a bit with Ninja blocking every blow this cheap shot artist was trying to make, finally Ninja plunged a ninja knives into his rib and the solider fell over. As Ninja looked him over he saw his dog tag with the name Ferrero on it.

Ninja was on full alert. He had to be since Andre was also here. Ninja heard sounds coming from the factory. Ninja scaled the building and from the sky window saw an young cowboy beating on the cattle. Ninja had seen enough he jumped down through the window and chopped this punk right in the back of the head with his hand. The boy stumbled and went for his shotgun. He said that his boss told him to be on the look out for you and that finally he would kill Ninja. Ninja’s cover was blown but now he was in real danger. As this boy who called himself Andy went to cock his gun. Ninja focused with all of his might and dodged every big shell that came his way and chip a few back with his blade. Andy was in a state of disbelief. Ninja casually walked up to the young boy and backhand him right across his face. The boy yelped like a little girl as he fell to the ground. Ninja began kicking him in the ribs. Finally Ninja kneeled down and as Andy was begging for mercy delivered chop after chop to his head till he was completely unconscious. Ninja then picked up his body and hung his ass on a meat hook. The tip of the hook was nearly popping out of his chest. Suddenly he heard clapping, Andre was right behind him.

I couldn’t stand that little punk was what he told Ninja. Andre then revealed what his true intentions were. Andre was an US spy sent here to uncover the cattle mystery. Ninja told him that he was uncover as a cowboy sent here to uncover the cattle mystery as well. Both wanted to take credit and accomplish their missions. Ninja was upset that US hire another person to solve this mystery. He thought his record of mission completion was great on its own terms. Bruised ego aside, Ninja was very eager to wrap this case up. Andre told him that he knew who was behind it now and he was going to end it, but first he wanted to end Ninja’s life. He drew his claymore sword and Ninja drew out his sword and they began fighting among the cattle. The battle was on and this time Ninja wasn’t being so nice. He wanted to send the US a message that when you hire me, you hire only me. Don’t insult me but hiring backup. Ninja took advantage of Andre’s slow swings and kicked him in the gut. Andre backed off groaning in pain and as he did, he slipped on some cattle crap. Once he was on the ground Andre knew he was an dead man. Ninja took a swipe at the man’s bald head and as the blood was rushing down over his face. Ninja demanded to know who was behind the capturing of the cattle. Andre was more than happy to spill his guts. Ninja walked away, and for once let someone live. Could he be warm blooded after all?

Mayor Mattress Mac was celebrating as his home in front of all of his friends and all of the townspeople. Mac was hamming it up and the life of the party. He told his wife that he need to make an phone call. He went to the kitchen and made his call. Damn it where is he Mac muttered to himself. Then he went into the bathroom.

As he was sitting down revealing himself from all of the chili dogs he had eaten at the party, he heard the door open. He didn’t hear any boots hit the floor. He asked if anyone was there. He saw what appeared to be black socks but his toilet door. The man simply knocked on his door. Hold on a minute, can’t you see I am busy here was his reply to the man. The man knocked yet again and this time Mac was mad. He pulled up his pants and swung open the door and as he did, Ninja was there and he grabbed him by the collar and tossed him right into the bathroom mirror. Mac was cut and bleeding and groggy from what just happened to him. Ninja picked him up and round house kicked him in the head to take him down again. Mac was nearly out cold, but Ninja picked him up and pulled down his mask as to show Mac who he was. Mac’s eyes were suddenly full of fear as he knew that he was caught. Ninja told him that the Feds were on their way to the cattle and to finding his dead body. Mac begged for his life but to no avail. Ninja pulled out a knife and cut his throat and quietly ended his life of crime.

Ninja walked out to the party and the people were silent and stunned. He told them the truth about Mattress Mac and the missing cattle. Mac was planning on selling the cattle to an drug lord friend in Mexico who was looking to leave the business and live a clean life. Ninja told them where the cattle was and that they were all safe. The townspeople and partygoers followed Ninja to the door and yelled out their praise and gratitude as he slowly walked off in the sunset.

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Re: Ninja Mission: Solve the Missing Cattle Mystery.

Hmmm Dirk
You must have watched to many bloody westerns

You gust give a wrong attitude towards Rogers character as he never would harm anybody only outplaying them on the tenniscourts..
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I know Ninja is an sick puppy. Oh and what is tennis?? Ninja doesn't know what that is.
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Re: Ninja Mission: Solve the Missing Cattle Mystery.

Charming. Don't take it too seriously, will you?

The Wit and Wisdom of the Tennis Journalist, Indian Wells 2004

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I remember this one time when I went on a vacation on the Maldives. That was in the year 2001, I think. I went to this spa. I went to walk around with my girlfriend. I walk in, and we want to book a spa. This guy goes, "AHH, I remember you. You beat Sampras. I saw you on TV." That was like, really, how can you remember me? This guy has probably never been off his island and still knows me. I was a little bit shocked. Then I went to play tennis with him because he was actually the tennis teacher. It was nice.

Q. Were you naked at the time in the spa?

ROGER FEDERER: No. It was at the front desk. I didn't walk in naked.
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Just creative fun that is all. People shouldn't take it seriously.
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