Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004 -
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Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

I'm in the middle of piles of boring work and I'm starved for Rogi stuff, so this will give you sth to think about...

[sorry, no time to post mine quite yet! ]

Hopp Rogi! Go Gonzo! Allez Gasquet!

Más vale maña que fuerza -- proverbio español
"Pero, con todos mis respetos para Rafa, Federer tiene más talento." - Marat Safin
"Pero para mí el mejor es Roger Federer. / For me, the best is Roger Federer." - D. Nalbandian
"He's the best sportsman, I think, in the world. He has a lot of humble." - Rafael Nadal
"He's so charismatic." - Marcos Baghdatis
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

getting No. 1
Indian Wells

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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

The best moment for me was probably when Rogi won Wimbledon. We knew he would be no. 1 sooner or later at the beginning of the year, but to be able to win Wimbledon back to back really told others that he is no fluke. I remember seeing a quote that goes "You are only a champion once you have defended a grand slam"

Obviously other grand slams were also good in their unique ways. AO really gave Roger an extremely good start, paying back Lleyton and David, beating #3 seed Ferrero and then beats the talented Russian.

USO was the icing on the cake, putting his name in record books and a huge gap between him and umm.... everybody else.
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

1. Wimbledon.

2. AO. Nice start, winning first tournament w/o a coach on a relatively difficult surface for him.

3. USO. Brushed aside all the talks about him burning out, beat Agassi, wind and NY crowd.

4 getting to No1

5 Masters. Confirmation of his greatness.

6. Hamburg. He had a horrible draw but managed to beat great players on the slowest red clay possible.

7 Winning 3 conseq tournaments on 3 different surfaces

8. Toronto. He did not play his best but still won

9. Indian Wells. Finally beat Henman.

10 All matches with Hewiit

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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

Let's see. I missed pretty much the first half of the tennis season, as I spent half a year in Africa, so my choices are mostly post Roland Garros.

1) Double bageling Hewitt to win the USO
2) Beating Roddick for his second Wimbledon crown
3) Beating Agassi in USO SF. His toughest victory of the year.
4) Winning the AO and taking the world no 1 ranking
5) Cruising to his second consecutive Masters Cup title
6) Going on a 25(?) game winning streak
7) Winning on clay in Gstaad after his Wimbledon triumph

That's most impressive achievements I can think of for now.

17 (yes, yes, yes!) Slams! And counting....
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

1. When Roger won the AO in 2004

~~~Roger Federer (18 GS): Wimbledon 2003, AO 2004, Wimbledon 2004, US Open 2004, Wimbledon 2005, US Open 2005, AO 2006, Wimbledon 2006, US Open 2006, AO 2007, Wimbledon 2007, US Open 2007, US Open 2008, Roland Garros 2009, Wimbledon 2009, AO 2010, Wimbledon 2012, AO 2017 ~~~

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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

here's mine :

1 Beating Hewitt in AO and finally got his No.1 beating Ferrero
Coming back from one set down with similar atmosphere as last year DC. Seeing how happy he was after serving for the match vs Hewitt when I'm sure most of Aussie fans was still very hopeful he will fail was very satisfying. Not to mention of course finally he is the no.1

2 Winning Hamburg title
Having the most brutal draw after rather disappointing performance in Rome and beating Coria by ending one of the longest winning streak on clay

3 Defending Wimby with a roller coaster final
Very emotional coz he was playing great prior to the final, and most didn't expect such a tough start at the begining, and the way he hung on there and found a way to win was very special.

4 Finally winning one of the tournament back home in Gstaad
He could have just shown up and lost earlier for a longer holiday break, but he tried his best even playing 2 matches a day for rain delay to win from grass to clay showed his great attitude

5 His frustrations in the earlier matches and beating Andy rather convincingly in Toronto final
His performance in earlier rounds at times were painful to watch, and I thought he looked the most frustrated in this tournament than I ever watched in others, that clip of him biting his wristband so hard was very funny really. But when we thought it's likely he will lose in final vs Andy who was playing much better prior, he went on to play amazingly and beat Andy without much problem.

6 Revealing that new hairtsyles after winning Toronto
Before that we were all talking about the greasy hair and what was wrong with him and those hair pins then.....finally the mystery was solved and he looked great

7 Carrying the Swiss flag in Olympic games
He just looked so happy, proud and relax. Those images of him there were rather special

8 Winning USO especially vs Andre and Hewitt
I couldn't forget the game which he lost serves when the wind was so strong he could hardly stand, let alone serve. But still he found a way to win vs Andre. Beating Hewitt who was crushing his opponents easily all along, and everybody thinks it's impossible to bagel him in the final, and yet he went on for a double bagel. That performance was astonishing. Also great coz once again he shut the critics out. I find it especially funny to read those tune changed from the media.

9 New hair in Houston
I couldn't even recognise him at first but he looked great, and was just really refreshing to watch

10 Showing everything vs Safin in Houston
Keeping his cool at the first bad call on match point, but more so few points later when the umpire overruled a close call (when he didn't on previous bad call) against him on match point, the way he just brushed if off was amazing. Then on the set point of Safin later, he was under so much pressures and looked to lose that point and set but he hit a terrific backhand dtl with change of direction and let out the loudest roar I had heard from him. That was simply great to watch.


that's it...that was long but I couldn't stop when comes to those memories he had brought to me this year

Many talked about getting boring to watch Rogi win so many times, but there were lots of surprises among many of those, some simply the way he did it. I know many were anticipating what he can bring next year, but personally he had shown me everything this year. Not just the tennis he played, but also his character and attitude (esp those mentioned above). I didn't follow his career very long, but to just withness the transformation he had for the past 2 years was amazing enough.

So my only wish is for him to stay healthy, motivated and continue to enjoy playing tennis like he has. I'm just happy that I get to follow his career
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

it's mine

getting No. 1
Indian Wells
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

1. Winning against Hewitt at the AO on Australia Day
2. Becoming No1
3. Winning Hamburg where he played great, particularly against Hewitt
4. Winning Halle after overcoming the Roland Garros disappointment
5. Winning Wimbledon
6. Winning the first home tourney in Gstaad on clay
7. Carrying the flag in Athens
8. Loosing against Berdych in Athens ( It may sound odd to put this defeat here, but I consider it an important moment in 2004)
9. Winning the wind lottery against Agassi at US Open
10. Crowning the year with the Masters's Cup
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

My choices:
1.Defending his Wimby crown after an amazing comeback in the final and showing his faith in becoming one of the greats in tennis history
2.Winning vs Agassi in 5 sets in such a horrible wind! It's obviously an important breakthrough in his young carrer, just like their last meeting in the first round game in 03 Masther's Cup. It is also the key for him to win the USO.
3.Taking revenge on Hewitt at AO on Australia Day and giving him 5 bagels in 4 straight matchs
4.Finally beating his last enemy Tim Henman at India wells and capturing the title
5.Catching 3 titles in a row in 4 weeks and finally winning a tournament in his homeland
6.Winning his second Master's Cup crown to confirm his greatness, conquering all difficulties including the epic tiebreak vs Safin
7.Carrying the Swiss flag at the opening ceremony in Athens
8.Taking a sucessful challenge on clay in Hamburg and showing his abilities to win at FO
9.Capping one of the most dominant seasons in the open era
10. Every moment when he plays his fabulous and artful tennis
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

1. Winning first set 6-0 against Hewitt in the final of U.S. Open ... simply amazing!!!!
2. Winning against Moyà in round robin action at Tennis Master Cup ... great match Carlos!!! ... only player to take a set off Master Roger.
3. Winning longest final tie-break against Safin at Tennis Master Cup ... a bullfight play!!!


Roger Federer
Guga Kuerten
Marat "españolito" Safin
Tommy Haas
La Armada Española
Los Latinoamericanos
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

Isy and others covered it for me in the I'll move to the micro&general...
1. each backhand, prep and execution
2. each forehand, acute angles
3. each serve, elegant lines of his body
4. each volley, half or full
5. in between points intensity, can almost see into the thought process
6. all wins and there were so many
7. all photos
8. all interviews
9. Hoping the other guy played well enough to make Roger show his stuff
10. every time pmac said of a great shot, "That's sick!"
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

Here's mine [well, my first 10 anyway]:

1. Starting off 2004 with a bang by winning the Australian Open.
2. Becoming and ending the year as the number 1 player in the world!
3. Defending Wimbledon, Rogi’s first and most cherished slam.
4. Finally winning a tournament at home, Gstaad.
5. Winning TMS Toronto – thanks, Rogi, for winning in my country!
6. Defending TMC Houston, against the Roddick hype, Mattress Mac and the lovely weather.
7. Doing his own “mini-slam” by grabbing three out of four majors: Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open.
8. Repeating his conquest of all surfaces, once again winning titles on hardcourt, clay, grass and indoor.
9. Proving that he is the best player by continually beating top players, winning titles even without playing his very best tennis but also displaying his high-art tennis.
10. Being just the most captivating man off the court, patiently doing interview after interview all over the world, adding his own unique sense of humour to delight us all!

Hopp Rogi! Go Gonzo! Allez Gasquet!

Más vale maña que fuerza -- proverbio español
"Pero, con todos mis respetos para Rafa, Federer tiene más talento." - Marat Safin
"Pero para mí el mejor es Roger Federer. / For me, the best is Roger Federer." - D. Nalbandian
"He's the best sportsman, I think, in the world. He has a lot of humble." - Rafael Nadal
"He's so charismatic." - Marcos Baghdatis
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

Now, that I´ve read the listes you made I can´t deside any more.

The most impressive thing for me might have been the way he managed to handle all the pressure ( all thoses records on the line and never flinshing) - how he was able to put the loses behind him and come back even stronger and better.
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Re: Your top 10 Rogi moments of 2004

If I tried to list my 10 best moments I would simply end up listing 10 of Federer's 11 titles, so I'll mention the 10 best match wins instead:

1. Hewitt and Nalbandian at the AO - I'll put these together because I thought he was going to lose both of these for sure. When I first saw the draw I could not believe they were in his quarter, with Henman thrown in for good measure, just like Nalbandian had been in his section at last year's USO. His draw in the first few rounds was so easy, especially the drubbing of the tired Toddy Reid in the third round, that I thought he wouldn't be ready for the step-up in quality that Hewitt represented and in hindsight I was right with the way he started that match, playing so poorly at first.
I've said this before in this forum, but when I woke up in the morning to check the scores of these two matches I was convinced he had already lost both times, and was overjoyed to see the results. I was especially surprised at the bagel of Hewitt, but then I wouldn't have guessed that was going to become a regularity this year. I was worried that he couldn't solve the Nalbandian equation, bearing in mind that his only win at the TMC was just an awful performance by Big Dave, but he saved his best serves for crucial points and was more patient from the back of the court this time round.

2. Agassi at the USO - at last, a five-set win! I'd been thinking this year that Federer hadn't had to go the distance at either the AO or Wimbledon, and was well aware that he had lost his last three five-set matches including the last final he lost, to Novak in Gstaad. So I didn't know how he would do when pushed into a deciding set, especially with the conditions being so awful; as the commentators pointed out, it was the kind of day where you had to win ugly, which was hardly Federer's forte but he hung on and closed it out. I'd been anticipating this match right from the moment I saw the draw, but because of the rain I ended up watching Henman v Hrbaty on a Grandstand court with about 10 people on it while the Federer-Agassi encounter was taking place on Ashe, so I was agonising over two matches at the same time; in fact, the only set I ended up seeing live was the final one.

3. Safin at the TMC - an absolutely brilliant start, unplayable for the first few games, and then the match became tight. Wasting chances at the start of the second set, he was soon down a break, almost lost the set 6-1 and to be honest was let back in by nervous errors from Safin. But then came the tiebreak, possibly the most gut-wrenching, nerve-racking moment in all of Federer's matches this year. When the ball wasn't called out on his matchpoint I had visions of the headlines about Federer losing from matchpoint up, how a bad call had wrecked his unbeaten record against Top 10 players. But he shrugged it off and carried on and just as I said to myself that the set was over when Safin came in on a deep approach, he made that incredible backhand pass that Isy mentioned above. This match really emphasised how superb Federer's defence is - even on the final point, you could hear his feet skidding on the hardcourt as he just managed to retrieve Safin's shots and force him into an error that ended the match.

4. Hewitt at the USO - to be honest I could mention every single one of Federer's wins over Hewitt this year, so satisfying were they all, but for sheer brilliance this one was hard to top. The crucial thing was that not only was he completely dominant for two sets, but he also weathered the storm late in the second when Hewitt came back, saved setpoints and took it to the tiebreak. Hewitt hadn't dropped a set en route to the final, he'd only dropped his serve 4 times (in comparison to almost a dozen breaks of the Federer serve), and then within the space of two minutes Federer was completely dictating play, moving the ball around beautifully and accelerating the pace to a level Hewitt couldn't handle. It was very telling that on the matchpoint, Hewitt actually didn't bother running to Federer's last shot, knowing that he had been soundly beaten. When Dick Enberg interviewed Federer and praised his play on the serve, from the baseline and at the net, he asked "What else are you going to show us in future?", to which he gave the perfect, deadpan reply after such an utter demolition job: "Well, that's all I got."

5. Roddick at Wimbledon and Toronto - another cheat, I suppose, but they were both important wins because of all the prematch hyping about this being the rivalry of the future. hitchhiker was posting crap about how Roddick was going to destroy Federer, saying that all the finesse in the world can't beat 150mph serving, and for a set or so it looked as though he was right; Roddick was completely fearless, hitting the hell out of the ball, while Federer looked passive and paralysed by nerves. I simply couldn't believe that he managed to throw away a double-break 4-0 lead in the second set but then through a slice of luck grabbed it 7-5. He was behind again during the rain delay, and only when the sun had come out did the energy and purpose return to his game and he began to take the attack forward. Then he came up with a couple of clutch backhand passes in the tiebreak, the second one to win it, and I'll never forget the way his body shook as he roared towards his camp: there was the emotion that people think he doesn't have. He just managed to escape from all those breakpoints against him in the fourth set, took advantage of Roddick's mental collapse and finished the match perfectly with an ace into the corner. The reaction was special, and you can tell in hindsight that Wimbledon still meant the most to him of all his wins this year.
In Toronto the hype was there again because Federer and Roddick had been the only two top players to make it through the early rounds, they'd been head and shoulders above everyone else, and yet Roddick was playing so much better than Federer, who was doing just enough to win and had been sloppy against Johansson in the semis. Combine that with the fact that this was a North American hardcourt, and that Roddick's one victory over Federer had come at the same event in Canada the year before, and many thought he was going to win this time. But when Federer stood at 4-4, 0-40 on his serve, he promptly delivered three straight aces, and you could see how much that deflated Roddick, who in fact was aced on every breakpoint he had. Federer then came up with a brilliant series of passing shots, especially at the end of the second set, when he was pushed into his backhand corner and flicked a cross-court pass right onto the opposite sideline. When, off-balance, he managed to turn and hit another pass cross-court to get the break, he yelled "Yes!" and my commentator instantly replied, in disbelief, "No!" He then added, "I think that's the best game I've ever witnessed!"

6. Coria in Hamburg - this tournament and the AO were Federer's two best tournament wins this year for me, because of the breakthrough at another Slam in Australia and the quality of opposition he had to beat in Hamburg. After the tricky test of Gaudio in the opening round he'd handled the likes of Gonzalez, Moya and Hewitt so well, the first few games against Hewitt especially were some of the best he played all year. All the talk was of the 31-match winning streak on clay for Coria, and I'd watched that week as lower-ranked players had come so close to beating him but they hadn't been able to punch big enough holes in his defences or lacked the nerve to take their chances when on offer. Federer started out so poorly, mishits everywhere and poor serving, and I doubted he had enough good tennis to win three sets against Coria on clay, but he played an inspirational game to break and win the second set and this really seemed to crack the match open. The serve improved and he was able to stop Coria getting into too many long rallies, playing the match on his terms instead.

7. Henman at Indian Wells - I was really torn by this match, liking both players. I didn't want Henman to lose two finals in three years at this event after being drubbed by Hewitt in 2002, but at the same time I wanted Federer to finally win another TMS event, and on US hardcourt. I was actually expecting it to be a tight match, but he had made the right adjustments to Henman's game and although the slow surface always favoured his style, he still played very intelligently by rolling in high, kicking first serves that kept Henman stuck on the baseline. He also came up with another couple of extraordinary passes, including one where Henman hit a perfect short drop volley and Federer raced all the way up the court to the ball and slotted it cross-court onto the sideline, showing a degree of speed that I never knew he had.

The last three:
8. Moya at the TMC - a tight match, Federer not playing particularly well and Moya had more than enough chances to win, but Federer serve-volleyed to keep the points short and managed to save a number of breakpoints in the final set to hang on for the win.
9. Santoro at the US Open - not a massively significant win, not a hugely competitive match, but the tennis that these two produce is always entertaining and Santoro tested Federer's patience to its limits in the last couple of sets after being blown away in the first. I lost count of the number of times he ended up shouting to himself in disbelief at the quality of Federer's shots as he tried desperately to run them down, and the matchpoint summed it up: a long rally with two netcords, on the second of which Federer came into the net on a slice approach and Santoro just missed the backhand pass wide and collapsed onto his back, as if to say "What more could I have done?"
10. Agassi at Indian Wells - another tight contest with Agassi where Federer was playing poorly early on, making a lot of backhand errors, but managed to turn things around. In the final set he was down 3-4, 30-40 on his serve and they had a marathon rally, both men trying to avoid making a mistake, before Federer hit a huge forehand down the line to save the breakpoint and gave a massive roar. The pass he made on the full stretch in the next game completely threw Agassi, and he rattled off 8 straight points to claim the match.

The Wit and Wisdom of the Tennis Journalist, Indian Wells 2004

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I remember this one time when I went on a vacation on the Maldives. That was in the year 2001, I think. I went to this spa. I went to walk around with my girlfriend. I walk in, and we want to book a spa. This guy goes, "AHH, I remember you. You beat Sampras. I saw you on TV." That was like, really, how can you remember me? This guy has probably never been off his island and still knows me. I was a little bit shocked. Then I went to play tennis with him because he was actually the tennis teacher. It was nice.

Q. Were you naked at the time in the spa?

ROGER FEDERER: No. It was at the front desk. I didn't walk in naked.
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