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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

Originally Posted by ProdigyEng View Post
It is set to private . I bet you're surprised to see me here.
lol not that much, if you like this sport you have to love/admire Roger a bit so... it's normal =)
Federer = tennis.

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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

I like reading Viruzz account of his experience
so much passion
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

Some pics from the Fed/Del Po second match:

Roger Federer * Greatest Of All Time
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

Originally Posted by mlrf11 View Post

Gosh, her excellency is also a Fedtard?
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

viruzzz, thanks for sharing the photos

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
Gosh, her excellency is also a Fedtard?
yeah and also Gisela Dulko too
Y cumplir uno de mis sueños !!!! FelizzzzzzZzzzzzz!

"Thank you Argentina! Just leaving your beautiful country now. I can't thank you enough for making my stay so memorable. The atmosphere out on court was one of the best of my entire career.....muchas gracias!!!!"

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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
Ok. Here we go.
Hello friends of the Fedforum.
I feel this place as my specific piece of heaven in MTF. We don't trashtalk about players as in GM, we just spread our love for Federer, and that's what i'm going to do today.

First of all, I know so many people here watched Fed live before, so you'll be like "This guy is a little annoying about this", and yes, you'd probably consider this text boring, but I won't stop writing what I feel about Roger and what he means in my life, these are my words and this is my first (and hopefully not last) time watching him. Watching my tennis god, and one of the biggest parts of my life, this is my report about Roger Federer in Argentina, and yes, it's long as shit, longer than the perimeter of the world, but who cares? If you love Federer as I do, you'll read it. BRING IT ON.

As you know, I went to the first exho here in Argentina, yesterday 12/12/12, Federer played in my country for the first time.

You know me from MTF, you know which players I like, you know which specific tennis style I like and you know how I feel about Federer, his legend is something bigger than my thoughts about it, and believe me, I think of Federer so much time.

Federer played in the city of Tigre, Buenos Aires. In a new stadium made only for this exhos, the "Estadio Pipa Tigre".

20.600 people were there yesterday to watch the first of two exhibition matches Federer played with Del Potro.
You should also take note of Delpo playing here. Del Potro is one of the biggest sportmen of Argentina, but he rarely plays in Buenos Aires. You all know his story with Davis Cup, as he plays "Sometimes" and some people are very agressive with him about that, he also don't plays the Buenos Aires ATP since 2005.
So, so many people didn't saw our best player, he was chosen to play Federer and I should agree it was a good desition. I'm not a big fan of Delpo, but I respect him.

Federer's visit was a big event here. All the newspapers and TV-news programs were talking about it. Federer is one of the most loved tennis players here. Even more than some locals, people cheered for Roger today.
One of the most important tennis magazines here the "GRIP magazine", titled their monthly magazine "Illustrious visitor". (And that's pretty important because this month happened the Davis Cup Final and the WTF).
Here, check the cover:

As you can see, the whole tennis people in the country was expecting this so bad.

Well... The evening started with another exhibition match with our 2 best hystorical players, José Luis Clerc and the living legend Guillermo Vilas.
It was a pretty beautiful match to watch. The old folks can still hit the ball, I must confess Clerc is a lot more prepared than Vilas to play tennis, but talent never dies, and Willy made some beautiful shots, specially with his backhand.
Clerc won the match 6-2 6-1.

Then, the stadium had some weird problems. Remember they made it only for this match. And let me tell you something, i'm pretty sure they oversold the event. I'm pretty sure there were more than the 20.600 people they say.
And these problems peaked when part of the stands fell off. Fortunately, nobody fell and there were no injured people, but 150 people had to be "Moved".
And with "moved", I mean, put them in the corridors of the stadium. Sitting there and in the space between the first row and the railing (I hope you understood me).

Okay, time for the truth.
I bought some old-magazines to read during the week, "Australian Open 2010, Wimbledon 2006 and US Open 2008".
After a tango exhibition and a real bad version of our national anthem, it was time for the moment of our lives.

20.600 people (Probably more, as I said before), including so many famous personalities of Argentina were expecting that moment.

"World number two, 17 grand slams titles, the record man, one of the best 5 sportsmen in the world and the best tennis player in history: ROGEEEEEEEEER FEDEREEEEEEEEEEER".
Yes, they announced him like that. And when he came out, to the stadium, I was so excited and emotional I must confess you all, Fedforum, I spread some tears.
Yes, I cried, once again, for my tennis god, only this time with a smile on my face I couldn't move.
Seriously, my muscles were jammed, I couldn't do anything more than smile and clap and cheer "Olé, olé, olé, olé, Roger, Roger".

He was there, my idol, the tennis legend. Oh my god, I still can't believe it. I had a really good seat, 2nd row of the lowest stand (I found a new job just to save money and buy it). And there he was. Damnit.

I took a lot of pictures (I think they were more than 50, I'm thinking of uploading them tomorrow, I can't now).

Okay, time for what you want to read and not that excited emotional faggot when he saw his little player, time for tennis and talk about the match.

Federer started the match playing in JesusFed form, hiting backhands like a boss and no shanks. His forehand was in his amazing level we know. I was really excited and happy, and I thought "If Federer plays like this set in the AO, he has a very nice chance for the title".
Amazing level, great shots. Today I'm a witness of magic. I know, I saw that on TV a lot of times, but that was magic. Return winners, slicing the ball like a boss and agressive strokes we all love to watch.

The 2nd and 3rd set was Relaxerer on the house. Literally. I'm pretty sure the matches were rigged (Come on, they're exhos, I'll confirm my theory if Roger wins tomorrow in 3 sets).
Federer was pretty relaxed, entertaining the crowd and he seemed so happy during the whole match.
Making people happy, showing his talent and why he's the best.

Delpo won the match, 3-6 6-3 6-4. Was it fair? Maybe. I still think this was an exho and both will win one match.
Do I care? No. I watched my tennis god. I saw him smile and having a great time with us.

I saw him making return winners, a nice tweener, and a "Drop shot return winner". Of course, his massive forehands were always there, and amazing backand winners in the first set.
Yes, there were some shanks and it was good to watch, this is our Feddy and we know shanks are part of him.
Moments of JesusFed, moments of Shankerer, Relaxerer. We had it all, people cheering for him all the time. He entreteining the crowd by showing his amazing skills (Making passing lobs to the ball-kids, always landed on their hands, without them moving). Gifting some balls to the crowd, smiling, enjoying the crowd and the chants.

Delpo said something pretty interesting after the match:
"- How do you feel?
- Really happy, playing Roger, even when I lose is amazing. The best sensation tennis can give you.
- You won today. Will you let him win tomorrow?
- (Laughs), of course not! Look at me, i'm all sweaty, I gave my best, I changed my shirt 5 times! He only changed it once, he just doesn't sweat, he's not human".

Even in those little facts you can see his legend.

Federer also said the argentinian crowd seemed to be a football crowd, and he always had dreams of becoming a football player, so he enjoyed the chants and it was like "Making that little dream true".
I know, those things people say for the crowd, but still... Can you blame me for beeing happy?

I have no words for describe what I feel about Federer, watching him live was one of my biggest dreams of my life coming truth.
I don't know if this was the best day of my life, maybe it was, maybe not. I'd probably answer that when I can digest it well, time will tell.

I'm a happy person today. Roger: It's not the first time you made me happy, but it is the first time I could look to your real eyes, and now I can say again: "This man made me cry, this man made me a happy person".

Roger Federer in Argentina. I was there. I still can't believe it.

I'm sorry Fedforum for this long post. But I can't deny my feelings. I prefer for you, my MTFriends to read it and, at least, feel a little like I do. I'm telling you the truth here, this is how I feel.

I hope it's not the last time, but if it is, i'll be okay.

When I die... I will say I had some great days and moments, this one was one of them, one of the best. Thank you Roger. Thank you for coming, I hope you can feel welcomed here.

You are tennis.
What a lovely read! So nice to see you got such a great time!
Del Potro is such a lovely, huggable fellow.

I will say it once again: South America truly DERSERVES a masters tournament!!!

"It's getting colder, I'm getting colder, older, it's getting colder...

Am I still here? As one, with The Fear?
Am I still alive? I'm still f*cking ... Here...!"

"The Storm Before The Calm"


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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

I totally agree: South America deserves a Masters Tournament. I heard that Rio de Janeiro started negotiations to bring an ATP Tournament to there but I don´t know how it is going.
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

Thank you all Fedforum for your nice words. Really, they mean the world for me

And yes, it was a pretty good seat, as I said, I found a new "part-time" job just for this event, to buy a great seat without asking a cent to my family.
I was pretty happy with the result .

Again, thank you all, really, I still think the FedForum is "my particular heaven in MTF", I love MTF, I love to chat in Non-tennis and to discuss in GM, with no problems in beeing agressive
But here, it's all nice and amazing. FedForum FTW

Karin, your words are always really appreciated, as I said once, you were like my guide here in MTF when I started
I think you're the first one who sent me a PM, you're a lot of my "MTF-life", and I wanted to thank you for that.

I actually think Bernard Tomic will easily win career-year mixed doubles slam in 2020.

Jealous? Yeah, you are, you dirty hater.
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

Wanted to add my appreciation for your report viruzzz - it so clearly came from the heart and no doubt reminded many here of exactly how we felt when we first saw Roger play live. My first time still stays the clearest in my mind because of all the emotions I was feeling. So reading your post brought back a lot of memories and emotions, but most of all, I'm very happy for you.
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us viruzz How could such an emotional report be boring?
It's always wonderful to read from other fans about their experiences and it is even more special when a fan got the opportunity to see Roger for the first time
Your lines are speaking for itself and I'm really happy for you that your dream came true and you saw Roger so close

I knew about DelPo and the Argentinian Davis Cup team but didn't knew about the "problem" with Buenos Aires.

I'm pretty sure that you will never forget this special day in your life.

I was able to see Roger a few times meanwhile but I still remember when I saw him for the first time ever in Hamburg 2007. He played against Juan Monaco and it was a 3 setter. I was so nervous that Roger could lose this match and that I would bring bad luck to him...

At least you didn't had this kind of "pressure" as it was an exho

I have to confess that I was not really that delighted in the first place about the idea of Roger playing that many showmatches during his off-season but all the pictures and reports from South America only prove that he did the right thing

He promotes tennis and gives people a chance to see him for the first time ever and maybe for the only time in their lives.

All the encounters with the fans over there also make Roger obviously really happy and what more can you ask for?

Thanks again for your wonderful report viruzz and maybe we will read something similiar from Alfonsojose who gets to see Roger in Colombia today.
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

great report Juan !

Vegan Runner
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

30 mins until the last match with Jo-W, peeps.
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

Roger on court!

watch here:
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Re: Gillette Federer Tour 2012 ♥ South America

omg the crowd is insaaaaaaaaane. awesome entrance/welcome
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