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Re: *** Miami Masters 2012 *** : Lost R3 to Roddick:sad:, But never mind Roger!

Originally Posted by Rita View Post
Damn it Rog!

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
what to be Disgusted even more ??

Roddick just lost to Monaco 5-7 0-6, hows that.
I didn't see the match. Just the score.Andy
Roger so many points lost. Why why why did this have to be a 3rd round match!?!?
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Re: *** Miami Masters 2012 *** : Lost R3 to Roddick:sad:, But never mind Roger!

Originally Posted by Minnie View Post
Nope ... never woke up disgusted, disgruntled or dis anything else. In fact I was over that loss within seconds of it happening .. prob because as soon as the break came in the 3rd set, I knew it was signed, sealed, delivered. A-Rod played like a man possessed - resulting in a total mental letdown today against Monaco

Fed played like I feared he might before he reached the s/f - like a player who was beginning to get mentally tired - hardly surprising for a 30 year old who has played more matches than anyone else already this year.

I don't get emotional over his losses anymore ... they are what they are. I never expected to see again the Roger of his prime years - but that's what I've seen mostly in the last 5/6 months and I'm grateful for it. I hope we'll see more of it when he returns but if not, it is what it is (as Roger is so fond of saying). I don't expect, demand anything more of him than what he has already accomplished - if there is more then that's a bonus as far as I'm concerned.
This, I expected this to be honest, after his awesome run of late and the fever he had, it was expected he would be lethargic at some point. I am glad it happened and he can get some much needed rest

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Re: *** Miami Masters 2012 *** : Lost R3 to Roddick:sad:, But never mind Roger!

Originally Posted by shanks View Post
The worst match I have even seen Roger play was against Berdych in Miami 2010. I almost broke my TV that day. It was one of the worst matches any Top 10 player can play. I remember even Becker was looking in shock that day from the VIP lounge. It was almost as if Federer lost on purpose.
Fortunately I wasn't follow twnnis at that time. But did you destroy your TV becasue angry of Roger's play? Never heard about a similar thing - I've destroyed many things but non a tv yet.

To be honest Roger played some bad matches last year - but when I see him playng badly or losing I go away. At the semi in the us open after the 2ond or 3d game of the 3d set I went to another room and stupidly continued seen the live score.
A week or 2 after I wathed the 3ed, 4th and 5th set and I bitterly regret. Dureing the semi in AO I had a tennis practice and when I came back Rafa was serving for the match Roger made some terrible UE and lost. My mum told me he did too many UEs and he played one point well one badly... After the mp I d'nt remember nothing - not theyr faces, not how they gave each othe the hand - I erased all. I was so angry that day becase he played the best tennis of without losing a set and gave up mentally with. I really wanted him to be close to me to beat him in any way I was able, slap him and kicking him.
All the time I was on the court I was checking the livescore on the phone. I remember that day I played horribly when he wasn't win and well when he was conducting. A day to forget. After 2 or 3 weeks I deleted the match and never watched it.
Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
anyone else wake up disgusted today?

HATE it when Fed does this to us
Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
what to be Disgusted even more ??

Roddick just lost to Monaco 5-7 0-6, hows that.
Originally Posted by Rita View Post
Damn it Rog!
I want to hate him or to be angry but I can't - maybe because I didn't watch the match live.
But today if I think of his points I'm so sad.
Yesterday I wrote that he lost here 250 points thinking for the 4th round but he lost on the 3rd so he gets 45 and loses 315 +180 of MC is a total of 495 points.
So winning IW and losing here he earned only 145 points

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
he was making bad UEs in the first set, hitting his forehand way out. He looked annoyed at times, but maybe because he didn't fall behind until the tiebreak, he didn't get more angry. Second set no problems. But in the 3rd set he complained to the umpire about something; don't know if it was Roddick's grunting or crowd noise or a late call. But by then Roddick was just playing better and Roger was focused on trying to do what he needed to do.
Ok - I get. When he is nervous with the umpire he loses at 99%
Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
It's an interesting idea you had about him playing Munich instead of MC. Although it's the BMW open and they give you a car, and Roger is sponsored by Mercedes. Maybe he's not allowed
You can be right - I didn't pay attention of the sponsor
Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
When I woke up, I was thinking "when is Roger's match?" And then I remembered he lost ... and then I didn't quite believe it for a second; I wondered if it was a bad dream! I had to laugh at myself.
I know it happend but I don't want to believe it. And Roddick that loses 6-0 the 2ond set to Monaco - Roger would beat him in 2 fast sets

I continue to be angry because I sow the lady beated me passed the round after - it's yet another confirmation thet there are peoplae I can fight but I never meet them - This time I'm really angry and disgusted...
Now I stop and don't play until the start of may, there is one tournament at the half of april but I don't like it so I jump it...

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Re: *** Miami Masters 2012 *** : Lost R3 to Roddick:sad:, But never mind Roger!

Originally Posted by mlrf11 View Post
At least he can play the Munich clay 250 to prepare at his best
That won't happen unfortunately. Roger only played this tournament once in his career - in 2003.

Originally Posted by nobama View Post
I'd rather have him lose early here than at RG or Wimbledon.
This one goes without saying.

Originally Posted by Sophocles View Post
This is no big deal. I really can't get upset about a loss to Roddick. I mean, Roddick's lost so many matches to Roger he's due the odd one here & there.

I mean we are always frustrated that Rafa prevented Roger of winning more but what should Andy or his fans say?

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
to be fair to Rog he has spoiled us rotten lately and well.... for the last 10 years

as usual, i can only be mad at him for a day
Quoted for later use in case you plan to delete your words Mikey

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
what about v Montanes in Estoril ? Gulbis in Roma or Melzer last year.... Benneteau in 2009 Paris, Volandri 2007 Roma, Fish 2008 Indian Wells
Unforgettable matches indeed

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
its a blow to his rankings coz basically he's gonna be losing mega points to Nadal and Nole who will no doubt make the final, but oh well, screw rankings... just gonna need to win a slam the harder way
Whilst I think Roger would prefer it of course to win a Grand Slam he really seems to want to have the #1 record.

It's really a pity that he wasn't able to get it 2 years ago when he had the chance as now it will be more difficult to achieve.

Originally Posted by Minnie View Post
I don't get emotional over his losses anymore ... they are what they are.
It depends on the circumstances. Losing in a GS for example after being up 2 sets or even more after having MPs is tough to take but to lose against Andy Roddick in a Masters tournament is surely nothing to spoil my day.

Originally Posted by Minnie View Post
I don't expect, demand anything more of him than what he has already accomplished - if there is more then that's a bonus as far as I'm concerned.
Couldn't agree more
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Re: *** Miami Masters 2012 *** : Lost R3 to Roddick:sad:, But never mind Roger!

A. RODDICK/R. Federer

7 6, 1 6, 6 4

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you feel like you play bad service games today?

ROGER FEDERER: Bad service games?

Q. Yes.

ROGER FEDERER: Um, maybe one.

Q. The crucial one.

ROGER FEDERER: Well, in hindsight, yes.

Q. Do you think that maybe you played, um, in terms of, um, having um taking advantage of the break points that you had? You broke three times in the second set, but early on in the third you had four chances to break and you failed to do that.

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, you said it. I had my chances. I thought Andy did well to get the first, and then to put me in the situation I guess in the third. You know, could have been up a break early in the third, but he did well also to fight off those break points. Served really well.
I think he had a good overhead. You know, he played aggressive and clutch served when he had to. It was his credit. For me, it was obviously a tough loss. The one service game where I got broken he really goes for it and it all works out.
So credit to him to hang in there and give himself that chance in the beginning of the third.

Q. You've played him more than anybody. Can you talk about how his game tonight was different? Looked more like the Andy Roddick of ten years ago instead of the last five in terms of how aggressive he was off the ground.

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, he was aggressive in one particular game. That stands out obviously because it also paid off. But, you know, he's still very good. I hope you guys give him more credit than he's getting at the moment.
I'm happy to see him play really well, you know. He's a great champion, and, yeah, enjoy him while you have him. It was a great night for him and America's tennis, I guess.
For me it was tough, but I thought he had some very good moments, Andy had some really good moments, and it was a close match. It was just, didn't go my way today.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

ROGER FEDERER: Seven games in a row?

Q. He won seven games in a row.

ROGER FEDERER: No, I mean, Love 40 I had my chances. I don't think I saw a second serve. Maybe I did. I'm not sure.
He did well, but obviously at that point I felt I was being the better man. I had my regrets in the first set. I didn't come out with a lot of energy. I was pretty flat today. I just felt tired, I guess.
I have been playing so much. It was more mental than physical thing. I tried to push myself and gave myself a fighting chance, and then when things were under control, sort of you know, he fought off those break point chances and had the perfect game after that.
So it was a big turn of events there in five minutes, and that's how tennis goes sometimes. But like I said, give Andy a lot of credit to put me in that situation at 1 All, I guess, in the third set, because it could have been very different out there tonight.

Q. Can you talk about the speed of the court and how that affected your game maybe?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, regular hard court. Pretty slow conditions. You know, you saw where Andy was returning, so, yeah, I mean, overall it's a slow hard court, I guess.

Q. How do you feel like the Penn balls played in these conditions for you tonight?

ROGER FEDERER: Um, same as last week. We played the same ball over there; played some night session matches.

Q. As for the fatigue, would you give it an origin or source?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah. Maybe 30 matches for the season. Just feeling like it's taken its toll a bit, which is normal.
But I've played more tired in the past, so this was not the most tired I have ever been, but you just start to feel it a bit. I didn't just get the lucky break today that I got in Indian Wells.
And, yeah, I mean, I regret missing those opportunities and giving myself maybe a chance for tomorrow. Then you never know how things all of a sudden turn out in the tournament.
Yeah, it is what it is tonight, and I'll deal with it the way I always have.

Q. Do you think the result from the exhibition match at The Garden can ever play into the next match on tour? Can an exhibition ever be a predictor of anything like that?

ROGER FEDERER: No. For me, it has nothing to do with one another.

Q. You have won the last 77 games against players out of the top 10. Top 20, I'm sorry, not top 10. Losing against Andy, does that feel like you are losing against not a top player?

ROGER FEDERER: No. I feel like I lost against a former No. 1. That's how it felt, not that I lost against a guy ranked 30 in the world. That ranking is not real, so it was a tough second round. I knew that in the start, and particularly here in Miami where I lost against him in the past. So I was aware of that, and I didn't underestimate Andy at all.
But that streak, I mean, it was a nice one to have, but not more than that.

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Re: *** Miami Masters 2012 *** : Lets do the Double Roger!!

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
but you are right about Miami, i can hardly think of 1 match Fed has played great here ... last year v Rochus maybe
He played an absolute blinder against an in-form Agassi in the semis in 2005, & I think there might have been a great match against Haas the following year. But by & large, you're right, it's never been a happy hunting ground.

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Re: *** Miami Masters 2012 *** : Lost R3 to Roddick:sad:, But never mind Roger!

There's no shame losing to Roddick in such a way, as Djokovic said himself. The third set reminded me a lot of the end of the match between Nadal and Roddick in Miami 2010. I only regret the first set and the first break point opportunities : Fed said he felt flat, Samanosuke that he didn't look anxious enough in that first set, whatever.

Besides, as Eden said, people exaggerate the idea that Fed had it so easy against Roddick in the past : in his 21 wins against him, he won 12 tie-breaks to 1 (and often tight ones), which explains a lot ; in his 3 losses each time he lost a tie-break. Roddick has now won at least 3 matches against each of the top-4 players, he's the only one in that case.

Anyway, I mostly felt sad about the draw : it would have been better for Fed drawing Roddick in Indian Wells and Raonic in Miami than the opposite For a few years now, he has been unlucky with the draws, whereas Murray has been the most favourized (still this time the draw looked tough for him in the beginning but it opened miraculously ), ahead of Nadal in a lesser extent.

But well now we know that Monaco could have been a very tough match next day in night session on this slow surface. And Djokovic looked great yesterday. And Fed was a little bit tired and doesn't like Miami.

It seems to bury some incredible hopes of Fed getting to number 2 seed in Roland-Garros or even to world number 1 by Wimbledon (both are still possible), but it also gets back to more reasonable hopes of good rest and slam wins and a number 1 goal "in the long term" (that is after the US Open or Shanghai) as Fed said himself.

Now we are entering a quite "dead" period for Fedfans where we will look at the other top-players, with maybe some hopes for Fed in the background (personally I would like Nadal to lose his invincibility on clay and Murray to keep on improving, I have no bad wishes at all for Djokovic, who played great yesterday, I wish him to win Roland-Garros if it's not for Fed ).

Anyway the key-period of the year, as ever but even more than ever, will be the period between Roland-Garros and the US Open, and freshness will be a key, especially for Federer it seems when you look at his last year. It was impossible to keep on the same run Fed was until then, playing Monte-Carlo and so on, there had to be a break anyway, and I personally think this break was absolutely necessary and a key to the future. Hope he will be in full health during that time.
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