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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

Some comments from Peter after Roger's victory in Paris:

Lundgren, of course, was Roger Federer’s coach when he ascended to the top of the tennis world — a journey you can follow in the revised version of Chris Bowers’ excellent biography of Federer called a Spirit of a Champion. And, as a Swede, he had followed the sudden explosion in Robin Soderling’s fortunes in Paris with interest and no small measure of surprise.

"Yes, I must admit I was surprised at Soderling reaching the final," said Lundgren. "He’d never passed the third round of a Slam before and to beat Nadal was just something I never expected. But he hit the ball hard and there is no question that, despite the weaknesses in his game, he has the weapons. Whether he can kick on from there is open to debate. If people in Sweden think he is going to reach the final at Wimbledon I think they will be disappointed."

Lundgren, however, has no doubt about what a terrific effect Soderling’s success will have on Swedish tennis.

"As soon as he beat Nadal, tickets for the ATP tournament in Bastad in July started selling like crazy," Lundgren said. "People see it on TV and the kids get excited and everyone wants to go to the tennis again. But Soderling alone is not going to save Swedish tennis. At the moment the coaching simply isn’t good enough. There are too many 18-year-olds who didn’t make it as players teaching at clubs and they don’t have enough experience. And the incentives are not big enough. Life is too easy. It’s no co-incidence that so many players are coming out of Eastern Europe. They want to achieve, they want to make something of themselves. They put in the work and find good coaches."

Federer put in the work and Lundgren, by his side through his late teens when he was struggling to produce the results that people expected of him, never lost faith in Roger’s potential.

"I texted him after he won in Paris and said, ‘I always told you could do it,’ and he texted back saying that he remembered how I was always telling him he could achieve anything."

Lundgren laughed delightedly. Few people know Federer as intimately and he can track the important moments of his career better than most.

"The real turning point came at that first Tennis Masters Cup in Houston in 2003 when he beat the three players he always had the most trouble with — Andre Agassi, Juan Carlos Ferrero and David Nalbandian," Lundgren recalled. "He actually beat Agassi twice — in the round robin and then again in straight sets in the final. That was the breakthrough. After that there was no stopping him."

And even from a distance, Lundgren is still able to predict important moments. He was watching Federer’s first doubles match in Beijing when he set off on a path that would bring him and Stan Warwinka Switzerland’s first gold medal.

"I was interested to see how he would approach it and what sort of form he was in," Lundgren remembered. "The match was on TV at home and he won his first service game to love. ‘That’s it,’ I said to my wife. ‘They’ll win now.’ She didn’t understand how I could be so sure but I just knew. And I knew it would give him a huge lift for the US Open which he won a few weeks later. Winning with Stan made it all the more special for him because he’s such an emotional guy as people have come to realize. He felt he’d done something great for his partner and his country and that carried over into the US Open."

Lundgren was not surprised to hear that Soderling had admitted after losing to Federer in the Roland Garros final that he felt the Swiss had not allowed him to play.

"I can play against Nadal but Federer doesn’t let me play," Soderling had admitted.

"I can see that," said Lundgren. "Roger has all the shots; he got Soderling out of his hitting zone because he plays fast but changes pace and uses the court so differently to all the other players. I know from just practicing with him through all those years that it is impossible to find your rhythm. He has you all over the place."

It comes as no surprise to hear Lundgren wax lyrical about the young man he is now coaching. And he is to be taken seriously when he says he thinks Dimitrov has even more potential now than Federer did at the same age.

"He’s just a better player — especially mentally — than Roger was at this stage," he said. "He has better volleys and his game has everything. There is something special about him. He is not cocky but very self assured and open — similarities with Roger in that respect."
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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

Nice interview. Lundgren is a superb coach and if Grigor stays healthy then Peter's palmarès will be astonishing.
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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

There was an interview with Peter Lundgren in Swiss media and I thought it was worth to translate it

“It is only over when he retires”

By René Stauffer

48 years old tennis coach Peter Lundgren talks about Roger Federer with whom he won Wimbledon 10 years ago.

10 years ago Peter Lundgren was the coach of Roger Federer when he won the Wimbledon trophy for the first time. This year the 48 years old Svede saw the early loss of the title defender against Sergiy Stakhovsky as coach of American Michael Russell. The former tennis professional worked with Federer since August 1997 and led him to #2 in the ranking before they split at the end of 2003. He was also the coach of Marcelo Rios, Thomas Enqvist, Marat Safin and in 2010/11 Stanislas Wawrinka.
Meanwhile he works in Houston, Texas as a club coach.

Have you thought a lot in Wimbledon about the year 2003?

It is quite astonishing: Already 10 years… Can you believe how time flies?

Did many emotions come up?

Always when I’m in Wimbledon. This title, his first Grand Slam victory, is the biggest memory which I have with him. I’m a bit proud that I was present with him that time.

Which is the most defining memory you have of that?

Before the QF against Sjeng Schalken he had heavy back pain. Suddenly it started to rain and it kept raining. That was his chance to recover and to get fit again. That was important. Otherwise it would have become difficult for him to win that year.

You once said that with Federer the Ketchup-effect could occur: First nothing happens and then suddenly all. You were right with that. But could you imagine that he would win 7 Wimbledon titles?

The first big title is always important. People often asked me: Why doesn’t he win a Grand Slam tournament? I said: He is not ready for it. Everything takes it time. Just look at the players from today: They are 25 or 28 years old when they become really good. Wimbledon was always special for him. He had his breakthrough here in 2001 with the victory against Pete Sampras which made him famous. In the next year he lost in a brutal way against Ancic but one year later he got the title.

How do you rate the loss against Stakhovsky?

I haven’t seen everything, only parts of the match. Michael Russell, who I’m working with, practiced with Stakhovsky and I noticed that he was in a very good form. Of course in a normal case he shouldn’t win against Federer. He needed one of those days in which Roger doesn’t bring 100% of his performance. It is an incredible record that he reached 36 consecutive times the QF of a major tournament. It’s a pity for the tournament that he and Nadal are not there anymore. The tableau opened up in an astonishing way.

How do you rate Federer’s performance?

I don’t think he played that bad. He didn’t have his best day but Stakhovsky had great winners when he needed them. He had nothing to lose. He played against the best player of all time, just went out there on the court and played his match. It was the same with Dustin Brown who beat Lleyton Hewitt or with Steve Darcis who probably played the match of his life against Nadal.

What do you expect from Federer in the future?

I’m sure he will bounce back without any problems. Many people said to me in previous times: Now it is over with him. But it will only be over for him when he ends his career. Not before. As long as he plays the game he will always have chances to win a Grand Slam.

How long will he continue to play?

I hope for him and tennis for a very long time. He loves the game and I think he still feels fresh. He doesn’t play too much and looks fit. It only depends on him whether he still has the fire. When it goes out he should stop. But I think he still has a lot of tennis in him. He just won in Halle his 77th title. Together with Wawrinka he has the best fitness coach in the world in Pierre Paganini.

How has your relationship to him developed? Do you often have contact?

Yes. I met him in Wimbledon on the training grounds. He appears not so often these days, and it is difficult to meet him. But when we see each other everything is as it used to be. It is a wonderful feeling. He is still the same and I really like that. It has been a long time since we were working together. We are still good friends.

Did you talked with him about what happened 10 years ago?

No, not this time. We talked about the children, he asked about my ones and me about his ones. But I don’t want to take too much of his time as there are always many people around him who want something of him.

Can Federer get back to #1 again?

He surely tries to be ranked as good as possible. But when you drop behind it gets more and more difficult and you also get worse seedings. I think he will concentrate on the tournaments he wants to win but will also have a look at the rankings.

Do you travel as coach of Russell on the tennistour more regularly now?

No, no, that is over. I did it for many years. I help him sometimes because he is a nice guy, hard worker and practices in my club.

How does your new everyday life in Texas looks like?

I teach 5, 6 hours a day, work with good juniors, elderly people and members of the club. It is something different but a lot of fun. It is plesant to have your own basis and to sleep in your own bed. I also like the climate. Now it’s nearly 40 degrees. But there was enough coldness in my life. In two weeks my son Lukas is coming over. He is 15, wants to be a tennis professional and hopes to find a college team.

Original source:
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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

would be nice if Peter would coach Roger again;at least he'd get his return of serve back
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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

Fed's return doesn't have anything with who is coaching him. Fed declined on return due to his age. He was never aggressive returner but at his pick he was able to chip almost everything back, today at this age his reactions are a step slower and that's why he struggles a lot on return, he isn't one of those guys who would pick side on blind so to make return has to react very fast and with getting older that's more and more harder
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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

At this point Fed has to try and hit over as many BH returns as possible to give himself a good position to start rallies. When he chips/slices the returns too much his opponent can dictate right away.

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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
Fed's return doesn't have anything with who is coaching him. Fed declined on return due to his age. He was never aggressive returner but at his pick he was able to chip almost everything back, today at this age his reactions are a step slower and that's why he struggles a lot on return, he isn't one of those guys who would pick side on blind so to make return has to react very fast and with getting older that's more and more harder
with all due respect but I respectfully disagree about the whole age thing.Currently Haas is returning a LOT better than Roger and he is older and has gone through several surgeries and he is moving a lot better than Roger.
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Federer should bring back Lundgren

They were great together, Roger became a tennis king with Peter, they had good chemistry, always smiling and having fun, maybe this is what Roger needs...

One writers thinks so. I think it's a good idea.
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Re: Federer should bring back Lundgren

or Larri Passos or Michael S.
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Re: Federer should bring back Lundgren

He should bring back Higueras

Federer, Haas, Brian Baker.

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Re: Federer should bring back Lundgren

Originally Posted by timafi View Post
or Larri Passos or Michael S.
Larri Passos... I like him, he could be a good coach for Roger...
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Re: Federer should bring back Lundgren

Stefan Edberg.

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Re: Roger & Peter Lundgren

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