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Re: Roger news and articles

Originally Posted by Bonnie the Cat View Post
The Revenge of Fedal is among us.

New Siggie - Nice Quotes Immediately Incorporated.

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Re: Roger news and articles

Originally Posted by yanchr View Post
I wonder why he needs those deals just recently...

Also, is Credit Suisse doing well now? They were going through some very hard times just earlier this year...Maybe they should hire back more people...
Credit Suisse has been rather ok (relatively speaking)... I think you confuse it with UBS... UBS has been in big trouble, though they seem to get their act back on track...
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Re: Roger news and articles

thankyou so much
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Re: Roger news and articles

Roger Federer


J. DEL POTRO/R. Federer
6-2, 6-7, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You've experienced many strange things in your varied career, but being two points from going out and a round robin qualification decided by one game, how curious is that in terms of curiosity?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, obviously the focus is completely on my own qualification. I knew I wasn't looking very good at whatever, 6-2, 4-All, let's say. Still trying to find my game and everything. It reminded me a lot like the first couple matches I played in the round robin. I just started slow. Never really found my game.
Also had a tough start to the breaker. Just tried to hang in there. I mean, he served a great serve at 5-4, then missed that forehand. I knew I couldn't lose in two sets because I knew that was going to knock me out. That's why I was very excited having won the second set.
It was disappointing to lose at the end, you know, against Juan Martin, who I already lost against at the US Open. Had chances, you know, at 3-All. Had a couple of break points. Had him on the down the line backhand and stuff, so it was unfortunate.
I thought he played a really good match. I thought he was able to lift his game after the first two matches where I just thought he looked a bit weary.
So for me it's a tough loss. But, sure, I'm happy I'm through. That he got so close with the other two guys, it's quite incredible. I am - how do you say - in a way surprised myself it came down to a couple games.

Q. Are you aware during a match like that of all the mathematical probabilities and possibilities that are going on or do you just play the match without knowing or taking that onboard at all?
ROGER FEDERER: The only thing that was important to me was the set I needed to win, trying to win the match. The rest you block out and you concentrate on the match because I don't want to lose against fellow rivals. It's not something I enjoy doing, to be quite honest. A lot of money, a lot of points on the line. So it would have been nice to go through. It was a clean sheet to the semis. I missed that. But it was against a good player today.

Q. I'd like to know, after winning the second set, you had the knowledge that by winning one game in the third you were qualified for the semifinal?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I didn't know that.

Q. You didn't?
ROGER FEDERER: No. Otherwise I would have been gone on the ground and celebrated it, right (smiling)? I didn't do that.

Q. The end of the match was quite confusing. Juan Martin was left on the court for some time.
ROGER FEDERER: I didn't see that.

Q. Waiting to find out who he'd qualified.

Q. Obviously you didn't know about that.
ROGER FEDERER: I didn't see that, no. I was doing something else.

Q. What do you think about the qualification system in general? It's obviously been very confusing tonight for at least one of the players. Andy Murray also tweeted that he was confused waiting for the result to come through.
ROGER FEDERER: I think I answered the question before. I mean, it's - how do you say - there are certain rules and these are the rules. Sometimes unfortunate, sometimes fortunate, you know. These times are very hard for Murray, who didn't get through. But he got so close.
How can we imagine that we all play three sets and it comes down to a couple of games. He had it maybe on his racquet when he served against him at 5-1 down in the third. You have to go back there, that maybe if he held that game, all of a sudden he gets through. That's not the way you can think.
I definitely tried to push myself to close out matches as quickly as I can against fellow rivals because you never know when you might need those games. They might come back in the match and turn the match around completely. It happened to me once this year against Tsonga. I was up 5-1 in the third and I ended up losing. You always have to push yourself. The system is the way it is.

Q. Through to the semis, do you prefer one of the three guys that you can face?
ROGER FEDERER: I don't know, again, the scenarios on the other side. I think there, it's a bit more straightforward. I hope anyway (laughter). No, I mean, preference? Not really. I think whoever I play probably is in good shape, you know. The guy who I play also has probably won two matches, I'm sure, so he's on a roll, as well, same as Del Potro and myself.
Yeah, I'm excited to be through. But I wished I could have won today. That would have given me extra confidence. Now it's the way it is. But I got a day to rest, which is probably a little advantage.

Q. You said you know Del Potro could raise his game. To which level? Are you surprised how good he could play? Do you think he could be better, something more?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, time will tell. It's not disrespectful at all, but I think he's done incredibly well the last six months, let's say 18 months. I think he's really, really improved a lot. I didn't think he was going to become that good, to be quite honest. I played him a few times before, that's why I have a very good record against him still, because back then, he was playing very strangely, I thought. With his size, he was playing more like a guy who is like a little guy . Today he's finally using his size to his advantage.
It's going to be interesting to see how he progressing. I was already wrong once. So I don't know where it's going to take him. Seems like the sky's the limit for him at the moment. He seems very consistent, very tough mentally, too. Those are definitely good attributes to have for the future.

Q. You had those three break points at 3-All. At the start of the following game, he had the lucky net cord that put you down Love-15. Did you have a bit of a mental letdown after having missed those three break points and then the net cord?
ROGER FEDERER: No, not really. I mean, I thought I actually played -- I remember especially one breakpoint - I remember both actually. I thought I was unlucky on the first one, too, hit the net, gave him the advantage in the rally. The second breakpoint, I thought I played it very well. I had a down-the-line. Hit the net there, didn't go over.
Sure, it was unlucky. But sometimes, you know, games go very quickly. You seem unbreakable for a long time, and then you just need, you know, one sort of unlucky spell or one bad couple of serves in the first two points and then you're down Love-30. That's what happened to me. I don't think I should have missed the overhead either. I underestimated that it was going to go longer than I thought it was. That would have been a 15-All game then instead of being a Love-30 game. Then I needed to push it and force the issue. I couldn't do it.
It was a bit of a pity because I thought I was starting to figure him out actually. So, yeah, he caught me on the finish line, I thought.

Q. Do you feel sorry for the spectators who didn't know at the end of the game who had qualified? There must have been thousands of people who didn't know Murray was out, that Del Potro was through? Maybe some of them didn't know you were through. Do you feel sorry for the spectators who paid money to watch you tonight?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I didn't see what happened after the match. Like I said, I had other things to do, like a doping test and showering, stretching and stuff, getting ready for Saturday, when I heard I was through.
Sure it's confusing. It's hard for Murray. Yeah, I mean, I asked Juan Martin myself at the net, Did you make it or not? He said, I don't think so. So that's the story I got. Of course, you got to feel sorry for the guy who didn't make it, you know.
At the same time, Del Potro beat the No. 1 player in the world, in the group, and I guess also deserves to go through. There's only two places, and that's the way it is. It happens very, very rarely. But I still think there were a lot of Federer fans there, a lot of Del Potro fans there, who were there just to enjoy a match and didn't really care who is going to make the semis. Then, of course, the ones who also really care about who is going to make it there. For those, it definitely was quite a rollercoaster match then, too, the ones who were there with the calculators. I wasn't one of them (smiling).


Rogelio no complain he good boy no?

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Re: Roger news and articles

GOD Please Bless Roger play his Best tennis semi final!!!!!!!

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Re: Roger news and articles

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Re: Roger news and articles

I translated an interview with Heinz GŁnthardt from a Swiss newspaper:

ĄMaybe Federer is going to play until 2025ď

Interview by Andreas W. Schmid and Oliver Gut

Heinz GŁnthardt about the perfect tennisplayer, Swiss worldstars and Andre Agassi

Heinz GŁnthardt (50) is one of the most popular sportcommentators of Swiss television. In this interview he explains what makes Roger Federer the best player of all time.

BaZ: Heinz GŁnthardt, the success of Roger Federer is also a lucky chance for you as a commentator.

Heinz GŁnthardt: No question. With him everything is much more exciting.

Whatís the most impressive of him?

His records. The 15 Grand Slam titles, 22 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals or that he has already been 21 times into a Grand Slam final. As he is already around for some years you donít really realize all this. When you look into the mirror every day you donít see the changes as well. But all those records of Roger are just incredible.

You talk like a Federer fan.

Of course.

You are working for Swiss television not because you are a fan, but as you are a commentator. Howís the criticial journalistic distance?

Fortunately everything is really easy with Federer. There are rarely moments where he loses the control and you get into the fix because of his behaviour. Nearly everything is just about tennis with him.

Is Federer the best player of all time?

You canít compare certain generations as tennis has changed tremendously. He is for sure the best player I have ever seen playing.

What does he better than the other players?

There are players who could do certain things better than Federer. BjŲrn Borg was more faster, Sampras was serving better. But Federer has the best whole package and is the most constant player on all different surfaces.

And Nadal?

On clay I would have prefered to play against Federer then him. What Nadal showed last year in the Paris final against Federer was the best what I have ever seen from a player on clay. He is also much better on the other surfaces as many people think. Nadal still gets underestimated. He is for sure weaker on serve as Federer. Nadal has to play a lot more tennis because of this and has to move much more. When he canít do it that good like now he is less dangerous.

Who would you have prefered to play in Wimbledon against Ė Federer or Sampras?

Maybe the chances for a victory in Wimbledon against Federer would be a bit better than against Sampras in his best time. But thatís just speculation. How nice that such a discussion about the best player have been caused by a Swiss.

Do you find Federerís success even more impressive because he is Swiss?

Absolutely. We donít have any worldstars in Swiss sport apart from him.

Whatís with Stťphane Lambiel?

Lambiel a worldstar? No way! Thatís exactly what people in Switzerland donít realize: There are worlds between Federer and Lambiel. But it is obvious why Swiss donít see this: There hasnít been something like this so far.

How long is Federer going to play? At first one thought he would play until 2012, but now he said he can imagine to play as long as Agassi. That would be until 2017.

Maybe Federer is going to play until 2025. Jimmy Connors also played when he was 44 years old. But he has to be fortunate enough to stay healthy to be able to play as long as he wants to.

Assumed he is staying healthy, do you really think he is going to play 16 more years?

I canít imagine that he can do anything better than to play tennis. Itís a lot of fun to be able to do something that good. But there are people who would regret it if he would lose more then before. Thatís nonsense in my opinion because one should concede a player like Federer that he is going to play as long as he wants.

Most people take it for granted that Federer is going to win in Basel for the 4th time. How about you?

Even for Federer it wonít be easy to win in Basel. But it will be a bit more easy for him than for any other player (laughs). He is the favourite in every match. But itís not a matter of course that he is going to win.

We would like to ask you to build the perfect tennisplayer.

For serve itís Ivo Karlovic for sure, for best offensive Federer, for best defensive Nadal. At the net the former players were better, especially Edberg. Federer has the best forehand, Borg was the most fast one. The best backhand have Nalbandian and Nadal.

And what could Heinz GŁnthardt contribute to the perfect player?

My reflexes werenít that bad, one could use them.

Has it never been a topic that you would become Federerís coach?

No, never. But it would really be exciting.

The pressure would be very high.

I canít imagine that the pressure would be bigger as of the time when I worked with Steffi Graf.

What more can one teach a player like Federer?

Itís the point to keep the variation as balanced as possible with these topplayers. Of course you can give them tactical advices. I would have told Federer this year at the French Open to use more drop shots Ė something which he has done in the end anyway. You donít have to change that much at a player on this kind of level, itís only about shades.

When did you have the last contact with Steffi Graf?

3 weeks ago.

That was before Agassis doping confessions have been made public. What was your first thought when you heard about it?

I donít understand his motives to publish something like this.

Maybe he just wanted to promote the publication of his book.

I canít imagine this. He might sell a few books more now, but at the same time he has damaged the name Agassi. He is going to lose money in the end. I donít know what to say about it, but Iím not the only one who feels this way. I havenít read something yet about the topic which was helpful. Everyone is upset as Agassi wasnít only just standing for great tennis. No, he has the image of a family guy, who is very religious and who collected over 100 million $ for children. His world seemed to be perfect, but apparently only in our ideas.

Compared with the other tennisjournalists you have a big advantage: You have been once a topplayer.

I donít know if this is an advantage. As more as I accompany the tennis the less I understand it. I always have to smile amusedly about all those who believe they know everything. Tennis is so complex that even after 4 decades I still donít know how this sport works. I would say: Everyone are experts, but no one is a real expert.

Which has been your biggest misjudge?

It has been when I was a player. I once played a doubles match and on the other side was a player named Broderick Dyke. We were surprised that he was playing on the professional tour because he wasnít able to hit a ball properly. But what happened a few weeks later? He won in the 1st round of the Rothenbaum tournament in Hamburg against Boris Becker. I had to confess for the first time that I didnít knew if someone would made it or not.

Did you knew it of Federer?

I saw him for the first time when he was 17 years old and won the juniors title in Wimbledon. You could see his enormous potential. His play was already back then exceptional, just like his personality, a mixture of ease and self-confidence. I said to Urs Leuters, the sports boss of Swiss television, that something big could arise and it would be a pity to miss it.

Source: BaZ, 05.11.2009
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Re: Roger news and articles

Originally Posted by Eden View Post
What more can one teach a player like Federer?

Itís the point to keep the variation as balanced as possible with these topplayers. Of course you can give them tactical advices. I would have told Federer this year at the French Open to use more drop shots Ė something which he has done in the end anyway. You donít have to change that much at a player on this kind of level, itís only about shades.
Absolutely. Heinz seems excited at the prospect of coaching Fed. It would be great if Fed reciprocates.

Need ideas for a new signature...
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Re: Roger news and articles

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Re: Roger news and articles

Roger is going to practice in Dubai with Stefan Koubek, who will fly over there on December 14th.
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Re: Roger news and articles

Roger's 2010 schedule I assume he'll still be playing Doha before the AO as well since he's on the entry lists. But only 2 '500' tournaments and according to that schedule he'll be heading into the RG with only Rome and Estoril as preparation which doesn't seem like a lot

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Re: Roger news and articles

Roger's schedules never surprise me anymore

he'll play where he is offered 3,000,000 app fee or is only a drive from one of his homes
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Re: Roger news and articles

What about Madrid? He's defending champ...

"If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy, I could have won."
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Re: Roger news and articles

I'm hoping they've just forgotten to add Madrid, surely he's planning on defending his Madrid title and the MS1000 are mandatory events
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