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The moon was out lighting up the Swiss sky, Ninja was getting a good night’s sleep which had been coming in a long time, but underneath the lunar light of the moon; an evil was lurking in the shadows. Ninja was sound asleep when suddenly he awoke. There was a noise; somebody was in Ninja’s dojo. Ninja slept with his blade so he pulled it out and was ready to kill who ever was invading his home. He heard another noise and then glass breaking. Ninja ran out and flipped the light switch. He saw an argentine man holding the trophy that Ninja obtained in Milan upon completing his first mission. The man began to fire gunshots at Ninja and managed to hit him in the arm as our hero was taking cover. The man then ran to the window and threw the trophy down to another man waiting for him. Just then Ninja’s sword went through the gunman’s back. He fell down and bled all over Ninja’s beautiful cream-colored carpet. Ninja went to the window and stared down the man who caught his prized trophy. The man ran away. Ninja went to his fallen foe. He was dead. Ninja was pissed his dojo had been discovered and invaded. Ninja knew he had to get to the bottom of this and identifying this man was the first and foremost priority.

Ninja waked into the Swiss Spy Agency headquarters, which is publicly named Peace Corp to hide its true identity. He was in civilian clothes and holding a plastic bag. He went to meet the director who had to come in during the middle of the night to investigate this breach in nation security. The director asked if Ninja was able to get the man’s wallet. “No wallet but I took this”. Ninja pulled out the left hand of the gunman. The director was in disbelief. “I cut if off then cleaned my scared sword, called you, and then changed since I couldn’t come down here nude”. The director took the hand and went down to the lab to have them scan the fingers for a fingerprint ID. The man’s name was Gaston Gaudio. He was a henchman under Coria. Coria is Argentina’s top spy and assassin. Ninja and the director talked about why would they target Switzerland and Ninja himself. Just then a call came in, Coria was spotted by the airport in Basel. Ninja went to the locker room of the agency and changed into his dark purple outfit. He wanted to wear purple since Ninja was on a mission to counter their attack in his homeland. Purple is a regal color and Ninja needed to preserve his country’s intelligence agency. Ninja felt this was his most personal mission.

When he arrived at the airport, he met with the security officials and they said they were unable to nab Coria but did spot him around here and search all the planes. Ninja decided to snoop around on his own to look for clues. He was watching the guards near the cargo plane and noticed them behaving rather fishy; he went over for a closer look. He snuck up behind the one crate and saw a man slipping one of the guards some cash. Ninja got angry by the sight of a security Switzerland guard on the take. After the guard was left alone, Ninja snuck up behind him and cut his throw with his sword. Ninja then dragged his body behind some crates to cover his tracks. Ninja then saw some other men enter the cargo plane. One was Gonzo and Nick Lapentti. They were subordinates of Coria; Ninja had a feeling he would later meet up with them.

The plane began to start; it was about to leave the country. Ninja knew this was his only chance to reclaim his trophy. He hid on a palate in between barrels and waited for the forklift to carry it along with him inside the plane. Soon the plane was in the air, Ninja was in the storage level of the plane and Gonzo and Lapentti were on patrol. As Lapentti walked passed his palate, Ninja stood up and chopped him in the back of his head and caught him as he was falling down. Ninja then put his hand over Nick’s mouth to muff any sounds and slit his throat. Gonzo was curiously looking around, wondering where he partner went. Ninja appeared before him and the two went at it. Gonzo was pouncing Ninja was body blows and kicks. Soon though, Ninja had enough. He began to counter attack and soon the giant Gonzo was on the floor groaning in pain. Before he had a chance to beg for his life, Ninja stomped on his head and Gonzo was out cold. Before Ninja could go any further, another man appeared from a palate. His name was Carlo Moya, a fellow ninja but was working for Spain. Moya too had one of his trophies stolen. Usually Ninja never ever works with another assassin from another country but this was a mission of pride for both. Moya recommended opening up the hatch and dumping the two bodies before anyone would notice.

After the bodies took a skydive only with no parachute the two Ninjas began to converse. Moya told Ninja that his trophy from his Rome mission was stolen shortly after getting back home. Ninja informed him that he too suffered the same fate. Moya’s was taken by the evil imp Hewitt who he said was on this plane and working for Coria; Ninja wasn’t sure who took his but knew that following Coria was his only choice. The two decided to split up and cover the next level of the plane.

The plane was now over Germany, Ninja couldn’t figure out why it was headed there but that didn’t slow him down one bit. Ninja was the first to run into trouble on the main floor of the plane. He ran into that evil imp Hewitt. Hewitt was holding the Rome trophy he stole from Moya in his hands. Ninja ran up and jumped kicked Hewitt and caught the trophy as it was coming down from the air. Hewitt got up and ran at Ninja but he was side stepped and had his legs swept out from under him courtesy of a leg swept tackle. Ninja then pulled out a ninja knife and plunged it into his heart. The evil imp Hewitt melted away to hell. Moya then ran into Ninja and was very happy to get his trophy back. Moya said he found some parachutes in the one storage room. He was glad he got his trophy and now was ready to leave. He wished Ninja well and hoped that he reclaimed his trophy.

Ninja then made his way to the cockpit. He found none other than Coria sitting there holding his trophy and holding the pilots are gunpoint. Coria placed the trophy on his seat and challenged Ninja to a duel of fists. They went at it. They were both very quick and unpredictable in their martial arts style. Coria was faking Ninja out and pounding him early on. Ninja was slow to recover from the pummeling but managed to land some chops to Coria body, which began to slow him down. From there it was some kicks to Coria’s shins and Ninja finally knocked him down with a brutal chop to the head. After Coria had fallen Ninja went in the cockpit to check up on the pilots. They were ok and were headed for the airport in Hamburg now. Coria’s little game of disgracing Ninja was over. Well not quite. Coria came to and pulled out his gun and went to fire at Ninja only to have a ninja star planted into his hand. Coria’s shot misfire and hit the roof of the plane. The plane started to shake and lose altitude. Pilots couldn’t control it and Ninja was on the floor and crawling on the floor to find his trophy. The pilots were begging him to forget it and get to the storage room quick. Ninja finally found it. He was very happy to reclaim his first mission trophy. As he was making his way to the storage room, Coria got up for one last go. Ninja ran up and jump kicked him before he could pose a threat. The pilots then helped Ninja with his parachute and they all jumped out of the plane together. They landed safely although the one pilot got stuck in a tree.

The next night Ninja made his way back to his apartment after long briefings from several governments. He placed his trophy in its spot and strangely never slept so well as he did that night.

Hope you all enjoyed the Hamburg Mission. Wimbledon will be up later this week.

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Evil imp Hewitt?? lol
Good one Dirk

"I think that now and until the end of my career, I can really play with my mind at peace, and no longer hear that I've never won Roland Garros." - Roger Federer
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interesting read
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Dirk ! ! ! I love your story !

I also draw new comics too ! ! GO TO TAKE A LOOK ! !
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Dirk, a script like that would have made Quentin Tarantino very proud MORE MORE MORE!!!
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