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Re: beat this!.....1002 ways we love andy!

179. People are so afraid of
his increasing success, they regress into dull, infantile behaviour.

180. Andy's not playing
his best yet but is #2 already.

181. Reaches #1 at 21 years old - among top 5 youngest ever

182. Haters hoped that Andy won because he got's a mystery that he won 19 straight matches

183. Andy's opponent didn't lose a match because
the crowd yelled at every error & jeered during matchpoint while the umpire ignored it

184. Andy
didn't take an "injury" time out to distract his opponent at 3-5 in the 3rd set

185. Andy didn't copy Ljubicic's bitter words like Ivan's
fans do

186. Andy's fans don't form a hate group
like other fan bases

187. Andy's fans aren't sore losers who post
lies after their faves lose

188. Andy's fans don't
share the same favorite players as haters do...haters can't stand that

189. Many Andy's fans know exactly
what haters think

190. Sad haters wait constantly for Andy's losses to make a big deal! Then, their faves lose soon after! lol!
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