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Re: Masters Cup update

Isn't Moya a sure bet? I don't really know when it is exactly that you qualify. Is it when you get a certain amount of points or when there is to big a distance between you and the other guys?

So imho Moya and either Nalbandian (injured right now), Phipou (lost 2nd round Madrid) or Seb/Paradorn (still in the game at Madrid) will be placed to go to Houston. It's going to be hard but it can be done, like in 2001. That was a lot of fun, remember? Either way, Seb has a great chance of being 1st substitute.


Allez to the French gents and a big up to Tim! Further shouts out to Goran, Mr. Sampras and my two favourite former-players-turned-commentators: Johnny Mac and Boris!
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