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haha dooooo tell about your remi experiences!!!!! back in washington i got the feeling that he perhaps did this routinely (welcome to the world of the men's tour: different city every week, perhaps a different girl too), vs. mario, who insisted i know that he didnt do that....that he didnt find a different girl every week (he's 19....trying to figure out if he was reallllly naive because he was so young, or because he was at that testosterone-pumping age where he's even worse than remi )...i got my pictures back this morning and will go about trying to scan them (not easy....i m studying at a castle in the middle of NOWHERE in england but im gonna try and get to a library in a local town with a paaatient please )

bye for now! hope everyone is enjoying the madrid tourney.....arnaud and yevgeny (kafelnikov, after last weeks meeting, is my new favorite player!!! sooooooo nice!) lost first round tho
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